Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogging on a Holiday Monday

A lone goose swims on Wascana Lake with the city's downtown behind it. A lot of people were in the park last night and for good reason. A) Wascana Park at this time of year is a great place to be and B) it was a perfect place to be on what was a gorgeous Sunday night knowing they didn't have to get ready for work this morning.

While Wascana was the place to be for many Reginans this weekend, Staples Center in Los Angeles was the mecca of sports activity as the Kings, Lakers and Clippers were all at home providing logistic nightmares for everyone concerned. Sadly for the supporters of those three teams, it was a bad weekend as the only team to win on their home floor were the Lakers on Friday night. L-A then gassed a late lead for the 2nd time in their series against Oklahoma City to go down 3-1 setting the stage for Kobe Bryant to whine again. I literally can't stand this guy----I never have liked him. Saturday was just another example. Bryant is an all-world basketball player and is one of the best to have ever played the game, but at some point the guy has to learn some humility. He was mad after the Lakers lost Game 2 of the series and he didn't get a chance to take the last shot criticizing some but taking no blame himself for three plays that cost his squad the game. Fast forward to Saturday night after it was over and he was doing the same thing even though he got the last shot and clanked one off the rim making him a glorious 1 for 8 in playoff last shots. He has no problems throwing others under the bus, but he won't man up and say he is part of the problem. I couldn't stand playing with this guy. As good as he is. he will never be in that Jordan. Bird, Magic echelon.
The L-A Kings are human. I thought it was game, set and match for Phoenix in Game 4 of the West final but Mike Smith got the Coyotes one last home game. You have to think the Kings are still going to the finals, but you just never ever know these days.

Am I the only one getting sick of people talking about the Kings as a number 8 seed? This was a team that won 40 games in the regular season and had 95 points. Its not like they had a terrible season and were many points behind the teams they have beaten in these playoffs. If they had their act together in the last weekend of the regular season, they would have knocked San Jose out of the playoffs and maybe would have captured the Pacific Division title and the number 3 seed. This number 8 seed is wayyyyyy better than the Oilers who advanced to the Cup as the eight seed many years ago.

I'm also getting sick of all these people who are now whining about blocked shots taking away from the game. I remember at one time when everyone would praise about how brave players were to get down in front of a piece of frozen rubber hurtling their way. Some still get that, but now people talk about how it takes away from the game. Why can't people just leave the game alone? Its fine!

I believe the votes are in for NHL regular season awards, but Henrik Lundqvist proved why he is worthy of being named the NHL's MVP Saturday afternoon. There is no way the Rangers should have won Game 3 of the East Conference final against New Jersey. but they did and they can thank Lundavist for it. I still think that series is going 7.

We are a long ways away from talking about who will and who won't make Canada's roster for the 2014 Olympics, but one name you might want to think about is Dan Girardi. The Rangers blueliner isn't flash and dash, but all teams need one of those grit guys who will sacrifice himself for the better good and Girardi just keeps doing that for the Rangers. I have been extremely impressed with his play in these playoffs. The guy will need a month of sitting in a cold tub just to recovver from the beating he has taken.

As I see the Memorial Cup in Shawnigan. I wonder if a rink that size can hold the CHL championship that Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw should be able too as well. Is it safe to say a bid will come from the Warriors and the city to host the event in 2016. I would think its worth a shot.

I ran into legendary scout and all-around good guy Graham Tuer on Friday. Any conversation with Graham is a good conversation as far as I'm concerned. He is one of the good ones.

I have been long overdue in doing it, but there is no better feeling than pushing that start button on the barbecue and having it light up immediately.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood called it a career on Friday afternoon and he went out in a manner that left many at Wrigley Field and someone at Casa de Blair with a lump in their throat. Wood was perhaps my favourite major-leaguer. I knew the kid was going to be awesome when they drafted him and his 20 strikeout game in 1996 may be the best game I have ever seen someone pitch. If you are going to go out, there aren't many better ways than this to do it.....

I had the opportunity to see Wood pitch once and that was in Toronto a few years ago when the Cubs paid a visit. It looked for a while as if I might not have the opportunity as he didn't pitch in the Friday or Saturday games, but he came in to mop it up in the 9th. Knowing he was going to pitch, I went down to the seats overlooking the Cubs bullpen to see him get ready and then saw the bottom of nine. It might have only been about a dozen pitches, but that was OK.

Sunday's Family Guy was just outright hilarious. I don't know if I will ever be able to hear Toto's "Africa" without laughing again and the latest fight between Peter and the chicken was without a doubt the best ever.

John Lauranaitis beats John Cena at WWE's Over the Limit thanks to outside interference. Gee, what knowledgable WWE fan didn't see that coming? I was actually thinking of getting that PPV or going to the Galaxy Cinema to watch it, but I knew it wouldn't be worth my time. I was right. By the way, how much does it cost to go to one of those at the Galaxy. Speaking of wrestling, High Impact Wrestling's ring announcer (and former performer) Thrillin Dylan Robson has written a tremendous piece on what its like being a wrestler on an independent circuit far away from the big lights of the WWE. Check this out.

Madden 13 is going to feature "Tebowing" and NHL 13 is revolutionizing the game by doing something with the skating feature. Like they really needed to sell me on getting these games.

Former Jays closer (and I use that term lightly) Frank Francisco was back at Rogers Centre this weekend as the Mets paid a visit. Francisco came in in the bottom of the 9th on Sunday with his team holding a one run lead. He promptly allowed the first two men on base making me think we were going to see vintage Francisco. He then inexplicably struck out the side to do something he rarely did in Toronto---record the save.

41 thousand people were at Rogers Centre for the Mets-Jays game on Sunday. Have Toronto baseball fans finally clued in?

If you want to see what Toronto catcher JP Arencibia goes home to every night, check out Monday's Sunshine girl. Good job JP.

I have no problem looking at the American League East standings and seeing Boston and the Yankees below the other three teams. That is refreshing and like it or not, its good for baseball.

Graham DeLaet earned another 22 grand on the PGA Tour this weekend as he inches closer to keeping his card. It wasn't the finish he was hoping for, but he made the cut and made some money and that is what is key. One more top 20 showing and he should get it done.

Enjoy the Monday. Get outside and do something if you can.


Anonymous said...

If Shawnigan can host a Mem Cup, so can Moose Jaw. If the Warriors think they will have a team capable of hosting such an event in '16, go for it.


Anonymous said...

Being the number 8 seed in a pro league is very over-rated these days. The parity in both the NHL and NBA doesn't leave the gap between top and bottom that it used to. As the saying goes, "all you have to do is get in" definitly applies to LA.

Anonymous said...

The WHL has too many big rinks (Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver) for the event to be staged in a place like Moose Jaw. $$$$$$ mean a lot in the WHL.

Anonymous said...

Tebowing in Madden 13. YES!!!!!

Good job JP Arencibia!

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to see a Memorial Cup played in Moose Jaw, I have to agree with the above poster about $$$$$. The only way MJ gets a Mem Cup is if none of the other big places apply. I'm guessing the league would much rather go into a bigger market than a smaller one.

Anonymous said...

I was in Toronto for Sunday's game Mitch. It was a great day, the roof was open and there was a real festival type atmosphere outside the ballpark. I think Toronto might be catching on to what is happening at the ballpark. It helps when the Leafs and Raptors are done, but they might be getting the message.