Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Defensive Honors For Foley

Saskatchewan Roughrider defensive end Ricky Foley has been named a CFL Player of the Week.

The 32-year-old picked up Defensive Player of the Week following an impressive outing in the Riders 35-30 Labour Day Classic victory on Sunday. The Ontario native led the Green and White defence with three defensive tackles, two quarterback sacks and one forced fumble.

Through nine games, Foley has registered 28 defensive tackles, seven quarterback sacks and one forced fumble. It is his third Player of the Week recognition for the 2014 season.   

This is the third time Foley has been named Defensive Player of the Week while adding four Canadian Player of the Week honours through his nine year CFL career. 

It is the ninth time this season a Rider has earned Player of the Week honours after John Chick (three), Ricky Foley (three), Sam Hurl, Rob Bagg and Jerome Messam have all been recognized.     

NFL Season Two Sleeps Away

The 2014 NFL season begins Thursday night at Century Link Field as the Seattle Seahawks meet the Green Bay Packers. That will be followed by the first full Sunday of NFL action with a doubleheader on Monday night. Click here for a complete capsule of Week 1

Monday, September 1, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

(photo courtesy Canadian Press)

I think its so nice to see Winnipeggers make the trek to Regina every year. They stay in our hotels, they visit our restaurants, they check out our bars and then they put on their jerseys, go to Mosaic Stadium and watch their team lose. That was the case for the 10th straight year as the Riders pulled out a hard-fought 35-30 win in front of a sold out crowd. Just some thoughts...

  --While I mock the fan base of our closest team to the East, I do acknowledge that they make this game what it is. Driving to the game Sunday, I got to the post office when I started seeing them in their Bomber jerseys whether it be a Stegall, a Willy, a Pierce, a Roberts, a Wild or a Feoli-Gudino (yes someone had that one), the Winnipeggers make this game fun. You don't see a lot of red when Calgary comes to town or orange when BC is here. The Bombers always bring people here for this game and it makes for a great atmosphere inside and outside the stadium. Well done of these years you will go home happy, but not this year.

  --It can be said of Darian Durant by this blogger many, many times, but the guy is just a winner. He didn't have flashy stats on Sunday, but when he was needed, he came through on that final drive with a couple of big runs. The guy doesn't get the job done all the time, but he does more oft than not. Despite that, he still has his detractors. In the end, all the good ones have had their detractors in Riderville so it shouldn't surprise me, but it does.

  --Jerome Messam is a beast! How did he not stick with other CFL teams? Please credit his arrival here to one Mr. Brendan Taman!

  --While it worked once, put me down as someone not in favour of Josh Bartel running before kicking. I don't care who you are or what team you play for...catch the ball and kick it unless doing a fake!

 --Drew Willy is one tough SOB. I didn't think he was coming back after getting hurt. That looked ugly and felt painful.

 --What a novel concept seeing both teams score 30 points in a CFL game. Lets hope that trend continues in the second half of the season!

  --The crowd was amazing. I haven't heard it that loud in there in a couple of years for a non Grey Cup game.

  --Do I even want to start with Andre Proulx and company?

  --The CFL must eradicate the challenging pass interference rule. Either that or penalize teams 10 yards if they challenge a pass interference rule and it isn't overturned. What a waste of time!

  --After the game, head coach Corey Chamblin said he's enjoying this season. How could be not enjoy it when they are 7-2??? He also admitted he didn't think they'd be 7-2 at the halfway point of the season and its been great seeing the guys develop into the players they are.

  --The Macho Harris kid correspondent interview was great. Speaking of great, did you see the TSN feature on John Chick. It was outstanding! If you missed it, you can watch it right here

Other items to weigh in on....

 --It was great to get up Saturday morning, turn on the TV and watch ESPN's College Gameday. Let's just put it this way. FOOTBALL SEASON IS TRULY HERE!!!

  --The SGI family fun day was another roaring success. It looked like rain might throw a monkeywrench into the day's activity, but fans got a chance to meet their favourite Rider and get their autograph. If Darian, Dressler, Brackenridge or Chick come down with carpal tunnel syndrome, you can blame yourselves Rider Nation!! For those who were there, I ask you this.....more people at SGI Day or an Argos home game. It had to be close!

 --While waiting for SGI Fun Day activities to get going, I was speaking with WOLF 104.9 personality Michael Ball and the Riders outstanding VP of Marketing and Business Development Gregg Sauter and last year's Grey Cup came up. Ballsy asked Sauter in the wake of Chris Jones and the Eskimos being fined for pre-game shenanigans if the Riders ever get fined by the CFL for coming out as one at GC 101. No one knows! I know the league and TSN weren't happy with the move, but did they ever get fined? Realistically, they should have but if they did, no one knows and no one knows how much.

 --The story of the woman trying to make headlines at the expense of the Ragged Ass Barber because they won't give her a haircut because its a mens only place is ridiculous. Hey lady, FIND A SALON!!! Someone has an axe to grind for whatever reason. I don't know anyone at the said shop, but I applaud them for sticking to their guns. I also know where I will be getting my next haircut.

--Congrats to the University of Regina Rams for their 12 point win over Alberta Friday night. They will open the season at Mosaic this coming Friday night at Mosaic against UBC. It will be BMIB---BIG MEN IN BOOTH as Gary "Chop" Bresch and myself will call the game live for you on Access Communications. Eat your heart out Buck and Aikman!!!

--For those interested, a new season of Locker Talk on Access begins September 9. I know you've missed seeing the lovable mugs of myself and Pete Paczko this summer. Don't lie! OK, lie just a little so as not to leave a huge bruise on my ego.

--Why do I keep thinking the Oilers are going to make a major trade before training camp starts.

--If you are sitting on the fence humming and hawwing about Regina Pats games this year and whether or not you should plunk some money down, I have just two words for you....SAM STEEL!  This kid is unreal. He will be worth the price of admission.

 --I  hope there is a special spot in hell for those who know full well they have too many items in their grocery cart yet go through the express lane. A very special spot! JACKWAGONS!

  --Speaking of Jackwagons, I had a chance to speak with the man who coined that term after the game as Premier Wall was in attendance. Moments after our conversation started, we were interrupted by Tom Shepherd who let myself and the Premier know he had a dream about Wall winning in the Friends of the Riders Lottery. I have no idea if the MLA for Swift Current walked out of the Harvard green and white lounge 100 dollars poorer with ticket in hand, but I'm thinking he is. Tom never says he has a dream about me winning, but I know I have nightmares about dropping 100 and never seeing anything come back. I haven't even won a Riders prize pack in the last decade. SIGHHHH!!!

  --Class act by the Jays giving Derek Jeter a trip to Banff. Other teams have given Jeter many things during his farewell tour, but Toronto gave him a chance to see a part of the world he has likely never seen. He'll love it!

  --Should I be surprised Michael Sam got cut by the St. Louis Rams after a pre-season that saw him register 11 tackles and 3 sacks. The NFL is a long ways from adopting someone with Sam's lifestyle into their fraternity. This has been proven by what has happened. Its only exasperated when no other team picks him up. His 15 minutes of fame could very well be over.

 --A bunch of kids were playing street hockey in Montreal this past week when the police came along and told them to pack up because its apparently against the law to do that there. ??????? Are you kidding me? Street hockey is seemingly a lost thing these days as kids would rather stay inside and play video games or do something else. If they are out there, they are staying fit and they aren't doing anything they shouldn't be by playing a little hockey. Perhaps they should just perform from vandalism or something. What a ridiculous bylaw. Someone should be ashamed!

  --Enjoy your Labour Day and do something with your kid if you get the chance today. After all, it is the last day of their summer holiday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

This And That

--The usual weekly assortment of thoughts running through my brain in no particular order

   --I will tell you the truth. This picture does sadden me somewhat because as much as a fan as I am of Weston Dressler, I was looking forward to watching him on Sundays and doing his thing with the Kansas City Chiefs. However that didn't happen which just tells you how hard it is to crack an NFL roster and it shows me again that players going down south--at least most of them---don't get the shot I think they are deserved. Weston certainly showed he can play the NFL game at mini-camps and training camp so why didn't Andy Reid give him a chance to show his stuff in the first pre-season game. I think Reid doesn't even realize how good of a player he let get away. From the time he left until the announcement by Sportscage Insider Arash Madani on Thursday morning, I wasn't in a panic. I KNEW Weston was coming back and I knew he would come back if it didn't work out the day he left. When Weston talked about wearing #13 in KC as a tribute to the Rider Nation. He meant that! He was sincere with that. Yes, he might like a little more privacy (as would many players I'm guessing), but he knew where he wanted to be if it didn't work out and I had full confidence there would be money in the bank account for him. Yeah, its only a one year deal, but I think Rider fans can rest easy knowing #7 will be here for the rest of his pro football career. Welcome home Weston!!

     --Upon finding out Weston had signed, I wanted to find Rod Pedersen's call of Weston's touchdown in the 4th quarter of GC 101. It could have been the last pass he caught as a Rider. Seeing the play just gave me goosebumps. Those are memories you just don't forget.

    --If Tad Kornegay is retiring as a Rider (which I have no problem with), its time for Lance Frazier to do the same thing.
   --What's your favourite LDC memory? Its gotta be Kerry Joseph's TD run for the win late in the 07 game. I think that play was the one that had people this team could win it all this year. They did!

    --The Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Tim Hortons Field situation has just become an embarrassment.  You would think Hamilton would have learned from the Winnipeg situation but they didn't. I am confident the Riders will do it the right way when it comes time to make the move from Mosaic 1 to Mosaic 2.

   --Until a couple of weeks ago, I thought the ice bucket challenge was the adventure you took at the hotel in first A) finding the bucket in your room and B) finding the ice machine!  

   --School starts next Tuesday! How do ya feel about that Mom and Dad!

 --My 11 year old recently took part in the Cougar womens basketball day camp. This could have easily resulted in the resignation of head coach Dave Taylor as I'm sure my daughter tried to set the sport back years, but it didn't which must mean something. Hopefully it trends well when she gets on the court to play and play she will unlike what was basically a wasted year of softball since RCBA knows what they are doing when it comes to equal playing time.

   --ESPN's Colin Cowherd asked a great question this week. The question was "What is the biggest athlete that is pushed onto fans as a star, but isn't."  I answered Michael Sam, Tim Tebow, Tony Romo and Johnny Manziel and that was just the NFL!

   --He's a little busy with his other job that I don't think he's giving up anytime soon, but Brad Wall would make a great replacement for Mark Cohon.

  --If the NHL puts a team in Vegas as rumoured, what would you call it?

  --As the major league baseball season starts to end, I am starting to wonder if thoughts of the Cubs competing for a pennant in 2016 should be moved up somewhat. A couple of big free agent signings may sway me. Javier Baez and Jorge Soler have fit into the lineup nicely and I can't wait to see what 3B Kris Bryant will do when he is called up. Add him to the likes of Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro and Theo Epstein's magic is starting to rub off.

  --Derek Jeter's last ever game in Toronto will be played Sunday and I hope Jays fans come out to salute the Yankees shortstop this weekend. Many teams have given Jeter interesting gifts on his farewell tour this season. I wonder what Toronto has planned.

--Is it true that all jazz musicians do is think about sax?

--Have a great Labour Day weekend. GO RIDERS!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


From Sportsnet's Arash Madani...

One of the decade’s most sought-after CFL free agents is remaining in Regina, Sportsnet has learned.
Receiver Weston Dressler, whose services set off a sweepstakes-style bidding war after being released by the Kansas City Chiefs, turned down a higher offer from Ottawa and is returning to Saskatchewan.

The one-year, pro-rated deal is worth approximately $200,000, including a small signing bonus.
The 29-year-old had previously played six seasons with the Roughriders, including the 2013 Grey Cup title run. Because Dressler knows coordinator George Cortez’s offence, and has terrific chemistry with quarterback Darian Durant, it’s believed he will play in Sunday afternoon’s Labour Day Classic against Winnipeg.

Dressler made the decision early Thursday morning, weighing not only the richer opportunity from the expansion Redblacks, but as Sportsnet first reported Wednesday evening, a sizeable offer from the Stampeders. According to sources, Calgary quietly entered the fray after Dressler became a free agent.

Ottawa had the most money and the longest term to offer Dressler, while Saskatchewan presented a one-year contract to the five-time, 1,000-yard receiver. Because the option-year clause was removed from the latest collective bargaining agreement between the players association and the league, the Riders deal still gives Dressler flexibility to explore the open market this winter, giving him another chance to cash in. It is believed the Roughriders will want to begin talks on an extension sometime this fall to avoid the two-time league all-star getting to free agency.

The Riders offence has been stagnant this season, and the organization’s hope is that adding Dressler can ignite Durant and the passing game.

Dressler signed with the Chiefs last winter, and had made a favourable impression with the NFL club during OTA’s and mini-camps. But he did not survive the first round of cuts this week when rosters had to be pared to 75 players.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Let the Dre$$ler $weep$take$ Begin!

 The CFL announced Tuesday that Dressler had cleared NFL waivers and therefore was an unrestricted free agent. The former Saskatchewan Roughriders slotback was released Monday by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Riders released Dressler, 29, in January - roughly two weeks before he was scheduled to become a free agent - so he could explore his options south of the border. Shortly after working out for the Chiefs, Dressler signed with the NFL club but donned No. 13 in honour of Saskatchewan's rabid football fans, affectionately dubbed the 13th Man.

The five-foot-eight, 179-pound native of Bismarck, N.D., spent his entire six-year CFL career with Saskatchewan, registering 442 catches for 6,531 yards and 43 TDs. He surpassed the 1,000-yard receiving plateau five times, including the last four years.

Dressler had five catches for a game-high 81 yards and a TD in Saskatchewan's 45-23 Grey Cup victory over Hamilton last November at Regina's Mosaic Stadium. A two-time all-star, Dressler was the CFL's top rookie in 2008.

Dressler appeared in three exhibition games with Kansas City, recording a 19-yard kickoff return.

Retiring As A Rider

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today that international defensive back Tad Kornegay has signed a one-day contract with the team and will subsequently retire as a Roughrider.


An eight year CFL veteran, Kornegay played five consecutive seasons (2007-2011) with the Roughriders after being acquired by the team in June, 2007 after spending two seasons with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He also played for the B.C. Lions in 2011 and Calgary Stampeders in 2012.  


In his time with the Green and White, Kornegay tallied 174 defensive tackles, 20 special teams tackles, four interceptions and two quarterback sacks in 61 regular season games. He was a member of the 2007 Grey Cup Championship team and played in the 2009 and 2010 games.


For his career, Kornegay played 116 regular season games, six playoff games and four Grey Cup games.