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The CFL Gets a New Look

Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge says the league's logo is getting a makeover.  Here is the new one.

Do you like it?

Meanwhile, more on the logo and Orridge's state of the league address today can be found in the following story from Canadian Press.

Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge continues to put his stamp on the CFL.
Orridge unveiled a new logo, slogan and marketing campaign for the league Friday at his first Grey Cup state-of-the-league address. The new logo consists of the block letters "CFL" over a small maple leaf on a silver, football-shaped background with its new slogan, "What we're made of."
Orridge's presentation also included a 90-second video that will run during the television broadcast of Sunday's game between the Ottawa Redblacks and the Edmonton Eskimos at Investors Group Field. The move is aimed at attracting a younger demographic.
"Our great fans will be the first to tell you: we need more fans and in particular, we need to attract the next generation of fans so this league is strong for years to come," Orridge told reporters. "The time has come to update and transform how we present ourselves.
"We're not asking our new fans or casual fans to join our already avid fans in the stands just because somehow it's their duty as Canadians. We're inviting them to join us because the product and the experience are fun, exciting, accessible and authentic. We are showcasing who and what we are today and we're looking to build for the future."
Since being hired in March, Orridge has said attracting younger fans is a top priority. In May, the CFL partnered with Whistle Sports, a multi-channel digital network with millions of subscribers on various platforms including YouTube and Facebook.
These days, the CFL is on solid economic footing, thanks in large part to a lucrative, long-term TV deal with TSN. But attracting the next generation of fans remains very important. Orridge said league attendance remained stagnant this year with reports TV ratings dipped 15 per cent.
"While the league has come a long way . . . it would be foolish and even irresponsible for us to ignore these rapidly changing landscapes and challenges," Orridge said. "We also have a lot of momentum with new stadiums in place and more on the way, some great, new young stars on the field, emerging technologies and the social dynamic that allows us to reach new fans in new ways and we need to capitalize on that."
One team that struggled at the turnstiles this season was the Toronto Argonauts, who played four scheduled home games outside the GTA due to the Pan Am Games and scheduling issues at Rogers Centre. But next season, the Argos — who posted a 10-8 record to make the East Division playoffs —will be under new ownership (MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum and Bell) and play at a refurbished BMO Field.
"We can't assume these two things will automatically ensure the Argos, who've been strong for years now on the field, will be just as strong in business," Orridge said. "However there is tremendous potential for a new era for the Argos, and a new era we plan to mark with a tremendous Grey Cup in 2016 in Toronto."
The CFL also adopted several significant rule changes this season, including pushing converts back 20 yards and moving up two-point attempts two yards. Another major move was preventing defensive backs from contacting receivers more than five yards downfield, giving pass-catchers a less obstructed path to the football.
The changes helped create an eight per cent boost in scoring (44.5 points per game this year compared to 37.7 in 2014) while shaving three minutes off the average length of games (two hours, 52 minutes).
One-point converts dipped to 85.5 per cent from 99.5 per cent while two-point attempts were successful 65.9 per cent of the time. But there was also a nine per cent spike in penalties that resulted in continued criticism of CFL officials, which Orridge felt was wrong.
"I wish everyone who watches our game was just as quick to acknowledge when a good call is made and when a good game is officiated," he said. "Overall our officials do a really difficult job very very well but I say to them . . . our best can always get better and we'll always work to get better."
Orridge said the league is always looking at improving itself and left the door open to the possibility of hiring American officials.
The CFL's most pressing issue was the health of its starting quarterbacks as seven-of-nine teams lost their starter and/or backup for significant portions of the season. Ottawa's Henry Burris, the league's outstanding player and oldest quarterback at age 40, was the only one to start all 18 regular-season games although Calgary's Bo Levi Mitchell made 17 straight starts before being rested in the Stampeders' regular-season finale.
"Injuries are part of any sport," Orridge said. "But the truth is this affected teams' ability to perform at their best and so it did affect our product.
"I plan to sit down with our teams, our football leaders, in the off-season and really examine this issue."

This and That

--It is Friday meaning its time for the weekly set of thoughts from my muddled mind, and as always, they come in no particular order.

--The time has come. Grey Cup 103 is upon us with the Edmonton Eskimos battling the Ottawa REDBLACKS.  I don't think when teams got together for training camp in June that anyone had this matchup happening on Sunday. The Eskimos were in the equation for sure, but how could have anyone seen what was going to happen in Ottawa.  Their rise to prominence in year 2 of existence is the story of the year in what has been a bad year for the CFL on a variety of levels.  While I do believe the Eskimos are the better team, I think Ottawa gets it done.  I don't know why and I have no rhyme or reason when making this pick, but I think they somehow get it done even though they are outmatched just about everywhere except one thing. They have the experience on their side as guys like Henry Burris, Greg Ellingson, Keith Shologan and Zack Evans have been to the big game while the Eskimos feature a roster of players that mainly haven't been on this stage.  I don't know how the REDBLACKS do it, but I say they do and I will say they do it by a score of 29-21 with Burris being named the MOP, Would that be enough for Burris to call it a career?  I can't see that happening. If he does, there is a spot at TSN waiting for him.

--There is a lot of talk about Greg Ellingson's TD on 2nd and 25 to win the Eastern final and how it is a play that will go down as one of the greatest in CFL history. Whoa, whoa, whoa!  As great a play as that was by both Ellingson and Burris, if Edmonton wins it all Sunday night, that play means as much as Jose Bautista's homer against Texas in the deciding game of the American League Divisional Series and that is nothing. All it did was get you a little more time. Take nothing away from the play because it was fantastic and it was perhaps the biggest play in the short history of the REDBLACKS, but it doesn't mean a lot if Ottawa doesn't win, It gives you something to talk about, but it didn't get you what you wanted.

--If the CFL is going to refer to non-imports as "nationals" now, don't you think it is dumb to still have a Top Canadian award, Why not call it the Top National? Here's a better idea, just go back to calling players who aren't imports either non-imports or Canadians.

--Congrats to Henry Burris on being named the M-O-P. Some can argue the award would have gone to Zach Collaros had he not gotten hurt, but there is no denying the numbers the 40 year old put up. He deserves it.

--Was it really just two years ago we were still celebrating the Riders win over Hamilton in the 2013 Grey Cup. The L-P's Rob Vanstone wrote a column this week asking if the cost was worth it after what was experienced in Riderville this season, I say absolutely. I also say this season would have seen the team make the playoffs if Darian Durant and Shea Emry do not get hurt in the opening half of the season. Would they have been playing on Sunday? NO! Would Corey Chamblin and Brendan Taman still have their jobs. YES!!---at least for now. Championships are special and they don't come easy. When that chance is there, you have to take it and hope everything falls into place. The euphoria of that night for Rider Nation is one I don't think many would give up if someone was to tell them what would happen two years later.

--Who exactly is Brock Sunderland? His name is getting more and more press over the last few days regarding the much sought after GM vacancy here. I will be honest when I say I had not heard of him until the Gary Lawless report last weekend. Talk about flying under the radar.

--I don't know what the bottom line was for the Grey Cup in Vancouver last year, but I do know Regina's 2013 Grey Cup meant over nine million dollars for the football club. It is safe to say the Bombers will turn a tidy profit, but is it a franchise-saving profit. I can't see the Bombers being in need of money because of the TSN deal and the benefits they are getting from Investors Group Field, but the product on the field has been sub-standard and that must be having some kind of impact on their bank account.

--Johnny Manziel = Idiot. He got help and he still doesn't want to let go of his party-boy image even though it is costing him his NFL football career. The Cleveland Browns make Manziel their starter and this is how he thanks them.  Johnny Football has probably played his last snap in the NFL for quite a while and he may have played his last snap period. A couple of weeks ago, NFL Radio was talking about him and wondering if he would be a quarterback who could end up in the CFL. I think Manziel could be outstanding north of the border if he could understand the game. The problem is I don't think he is mature enough at this time to even give it a shot. Then again, maybe he would be a perfect fit for the Cowboys and they have an opening at QB now.

--I can't decide if the Eagles or Cowboys had a worse Thanksgiving. Both were absolutely brutal.

--The Brett Favre/Bart Starr moment was just powerful! Starr is to Green Bay what Ron Lancaster is to Saskatchewan. Legend doesn't even start to describe it.

--I wonder how Bill Belichick would respond if someone asked him the question of players having sex before the game that is asked at Grey Cup every year. I'd love to see it happen. I am thinking Pete Carroll would love the question. Most coaches are so stone-faced these days and many give cookie-cutter answers. This isn't a question where a cookie cutter answer is given.

--Week 12 NFL Lock of the Week -- Cardinals over 49ers (yeah, going out on a limb there)
   Week 12 NFL Upset of the Week -- Broncos over Patriots

--The David Price rumours are flying, One day it is said he wants to come back to Toronto, the next day you hear he is too expensive for them. It is the same with many other players and teams. I don't know what the Blue Jays can give Price for a maximum deal in their budget, but I would consider it because of the talent that team will possess in 2016.

--I am guessing it isn't easy being Todd McLellan these days. If it is frustrating to watch the Oilers play, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be coaching them, I think Todd knew going in that he had a major job in front of him, and I think he sees they are close and will be better when Connor McDavid gets back, but the amount of one goal games they are losing is maddening. Of course with the effort they gave in Carolina, the Edmonton Oil Kings might have beaten them, The trade spotlight is now apparently on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. I'd be OK with that.

--Still with the Oilers, I was shocked to hear an assist by Nail Yakupov on Wednesday night was his 100th career point and that he is the leading scorer amongst players taken in the 2012 draft.  I had to go back to see who went in the first round that year and it was the year of the defenceman as guys like Morgan Reilly, Griffin Reinhart, Olli Maatta and Derrick Pouliot were taken in the first round as were Filip Forsberg, Tomas Hertl and Teuvo Teravainen.

--Its great to see the NBA coming to Regina with its all-star tour to promote the game that will be in Toronto. There are other leagues and events that could take note of what the "Association" is doing to help grow the game in this country. The event will be here December 3-6 at various spots across the city with some clinics and a lot of other things being held.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend! Enjoy the game!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

This Week In Cougar Athletics

At Home – ThursdayMen’s Hockey vs. Manitoba, 7:00 p.m. (The Co-operators Centre)
At Home – FridayWomen’s Volleyball vs. Manitoba, 6:00 p.m. (CKHS)
Men’s Hockey vs. Manitoba, 7:00 p.m. (The Co-operators Centre)
Men’s Volleyball vs. Manitoba, 7:30 p.m. (CKHS)

At Home – SaturdayTrack & Field at Intrasquad Meet, 9 a.m. (CKHS)
Track & Field at Intrasquad Meet, 2 p.m. (Regina Fieldhouse)
Women’s Volleyball vs. Manitoba, 5:00 p.m. (CKHS)
Men’s Volleyball vs. Manitoba, 6:30 p.m. (CKHS)

On the Road – FridaySwimming at Canada West Championships, 4:00 p.m. PST (Vancouver, B.C.) – Day 1
Women’s Basketball at Alberta, 6:00 p.m. MST (Edmonton, Alta.)
Women’s Hockey at Manitoba, 7:00 p.m. (Winnipeg, Man.)
Men’s Basketball at Alberta, 8:00 p.m. MST (Edmonton, Alta.)

On the Road – SaturdaySwimming at Canada West Championships, 10:00 a.m. PST (Vancouver, B.C.) – Day 2
Women’s Hockey at Manitoba, 4:00 p.m. (Winnipeg, Man.)
Women’s Basketball at Alberta, 5:00 p.m. MST (Edmonton, Alta.)
Men’s Basketball at Alberta, 7:00 p.m. MST (Edmonton, Alta.)
On the Road – SundaySwimming at Canada West Championships, 9:00 a.m. PST (Vancouver, B.C.) – Day 3

Swimming – The Cougars will send their largest contingent of swimmers to the Canada West meet in recent memory this weekend, with eight to represent the men’s team and four on the women’s side. Noah Choboter, Daniel Gomez, Mitchell Hebert, Brent Hill, Marcell Madar, Chris Myers, Oscar Vila, and Noah Wasyliw will wear U of R caps on the men’s side, while Ophelie Coughlan, Jacee Kaczmar, Lexy King, and Eva Madar will make up the women’s team. The three-day meet is hosted by UBC and runs from Friday to Sunday.

Men's Hockey – The Cougars (4-10-0) will close out their 2015 schedule with a rare Thursday/Friday series at The Co-operators Centre with the Manitoba Bisons in town. The team is coming off a road sweep over the Lethbridge Pronghorns, winning 7-4 on Friday and 8-4 on Saturday. Ian McNulty had a hat trick on Friday and J.J. Coleshaw followed it up with one of his own on Saturday to bump the Cougars' win streak to three games. Both Thursday’s and Friday’s games have 7 p.m. scheduled starts.
Men’s Volleyball – Coming off their bye week, the Cougars (1-9) return to the court this weekend with a pair of home matches against a University of Manitoba team that comes in with an 8-2 Canada West record and the No. 3 ranking in the CIS. The Cougars and the Bisons will start following the conclusion of the women’s match on both nights, with a scheduled start time of 7:30 p.m. on Friday and 6:30 p .m. on Saturday.

Women’s Volleyball – After numerous lineup changes over the past few matches due to a spate of injuries, last weekend’s bye probably couldn’t have come at a better time for the Cougars. And they’re back in action this weekend at the Centre for Kinesiology, Health & Sport as they’ll look to get one in the win column against Manitoba (1-9). Match time is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Friday and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Track & Field – The Cougars have their first meet of the 2015-16 season this Saturday, as they’ll compete in the Intrasquad Meet split between the CKHS and the Regina Fieldhouse. Events start at 9 a.m. upstairs at the CKHS and continue at the Regina Fieldhouse starting at 2 p.m.
Women’s Basketball (CIS Ranking: No. 5) – The Cougars (4-0) moved up one spot in the CIS Top Ten after a pair of convincing wins over Lethbridge, defeating the Pronghorns by scores of 86-44 and 74-54 at the CKHS. They’re one of three undefeated teams remaining in Canada West’s Pioneer Division, and this weekend they’ll go head-to-head with another team that has yet to lose in Canada West play – the Cougars and No. 10-ranked Alberta (6-0) will play on Friday and Saturday night at the Saville Centre on the U of A campus.

Men’s Basketball – The Cougars suffered their first Canada West loss of the season last Friday after an 83-76 setback to Lethbridge, but smoked the Pronghorns by a 90-66 count on Saturday to finish with a weekend split. Now 3-1 on the season, the Cougars are tied for third place in the Pioneer Division and continue conference play this weekend with two road games at Alberta (2-4).

Women's Hockey – The Cougars (5-5-3-1) hit the road this weekend for the last time in 2015 to take on the Manitoba Bisons. Kylie Gavelin is fresh off a Canada West Second Star of the Week nod after notching five points in the team’s 3-0 and 3-2 wins over Lethbridge last weekend. Gavelin is riding a seven-game point streak that has seen her score six goals and add nine assists over that span. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Friday and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Wrestling (Men’s CIS Ranking: No. 5 / Women’s CIS Ranking: No. 5) – The Cougars hosted their only home event of the year on the weekend, and Waylon Decoteau placed first in the men's 100-kilogram event. Seven other Cougars wrestled their way to a podium finish, while the men's team placed second in the team standings and the women's team finished third. The teams will now take a month-long break from competition until the Golden Bears Invitational in early January.

Week 12 NFL Capsules

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Happy American Thanksgiving! It means a tripleheader of NFL action today starting with the Eagles taking on the Lions. For a look at that game, the other two games today and the usual weekend action for Week 12 of the season, just click here

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Tidbits from Grey Cup 103

With the Ottawa Redblacks and Edmonton Eskimos settled into their hotels and bags unpacked, Wednesday marked the official beginning to what will surely be a rowdy week in Winnipeg as the city prepares to host the 103rd Grey Cup on Sunday.

Texting fail
It’s the kind of relationship Eskimos head coach Chris Jones isn’t looking to lose anytime soon. Jones, who finished the season 14-4 in just his second year with Edmonton, took a moment to expand on his relationship with NFL Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells.

"About once a month or so I'll text him," said Jones during a Q & A this morning that also included Redblacks coach Rick Campbell. "I give him a hard time about not being able to return a text, but he gives me, you know, when I have questions, I know it's somebody that I can bounce ideas off of."

The friendship began thanks to a mutual friend in Paul Jones, the Eskimos executive director of player personnel. Now, the two talk whenever Jones feels the need for advice from the two-time Super Bowl winner, both of which came as coach of the New York Giants. He got some words of encouragement following last week’s 45-31 win over the Calgary Stampeders in the West Final but any encouragement heading in to Sunday’s Grey Cup will just have to wait.

"I left a message for him but I've not gotten a return call yet," said Jones.

Dimming the bright lights
There will be plenty to do in the days leading up to Sunday’s game with events happening at every corner of the city. With the bright lights constantly acting as a potential distraction, how does each coach plan to keep their players on the straight and narrow heading into the biggest game of the season?

"If you win the Grey Cup, you're a Grey Cup champion forever and you'll remember it forever," said Campbell, who led the Redblacks to a 14-4 record, tops in the East. "So that's where you want the focus to be, is that you're here first as a football player.

"We're not going to discourage our guys from interacting with some fans some and enjoying the process, but it's got to be about football. And we still have adequate time for meetings and practice and to do all the things we need to do. And to beat anybody, especially Edmonton, which is a top rate team in this league is we're going to have to be fully prepared, and our guys have been good so far and understanding that there's a big difference between winning and losing the Grey Cup, and so you want to be able to put your best foot forward."

For Jones, the message was to take nothing for granted mixed in with a threat of being sent home.

"We actually flew in a couple of hours early yesterday just so the guys could go out, get a bite to eat at a regular hour and not be rushed around like normally you are at most of these events," he said. "I told them, I said, you assume when you're young that a lot of things are going to happen over and over and over. There's no guarantee that you'll ever be back at this moment, so enjoy the moment.

"But with that being said, I told the coaches to make sure that their, PR guys and whoever it may be that, you know, we flew in on a plane, that there's planes going out. So if you act the wrong way, we'd fly you home."

To sex or not to sex
Known as the Jim Hunt Memorial Question, it's become a tradition to ask each head coach their philosophy on whether their players should have sex during Grey Cup week. Given a slight heads up the question was coming, here's what Campbell had to say about the topic:

"Well, it's my job to put guys in the best position to have success, whether that's on or off the field," started Campbell. "So I guess I'm going to give advice more than a policy. And this would probably apply to most of our players and coaches, and it mirrors our football team this year – is that the odds aren't good, and no one gave you much of a chance, but if you pay attention to detail and you execute, and you do it with zest and enthusiasm, anything can happen."

(Winnipeg Free Press)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

John Murphy States Interest in Riders GM Job

In assessing the debris field in Regina — hypothetically, naturally — John Murphy doesn’t consider the clean-up to be as extensive as people might believe.

“I don’t think it’s a ‘project’,” replied the Calgary Stampeders’ assistant GM/director of player personnel, “and if it was, that to me would be even more reason why people would be interested in a job like that.

“You’re interested not only for the opportunity but the chance to put your mark, your stamp — no pun intended — on the roster.

“There’s a lot of quality players there. Guys who’ve won football games. They’ve suffered through injuries just like we have and games just went a different way. It’s not like they lost 50-0 every week this year. They were in a lot of those games early, the ball and the play went a different way and if it hadn’t they’d be a lot closer to possibly even a .500 record and we probably wouldn’t be holding this scrum.

“You’re not going to walk into an (ideal) situation because no 14-4 team is looking for a general manager.”

In his eighth year with the Stampders’ organization, fifth in the dual role, Murphy is a man in demand.

GM posts don’t materialize often, there’s only nine of them in this league, and it’s best not to dawdle if one present itself. The Riders are interested in him for their vacant general manager post at a key time, trying to rebound from a lamentable 3-15 seasonal stinker.

“Myself and 250,000 other people who live out there are probably interested in that job, probably think they could do it,” he said Monday.

“You have to at least professionally take a look at it and see what they have to say, share your thoughts. The Stampeders organization has been great to me. I have no reason to want to do anything other than remain in the position I have, but they’re set pretty good in those roles.

“So from a professional standpoint, it’s just time to take a look.

“It’s a win-win, either way.”

One thing the Stamps have never been short on over the past number of years is talent. Arguably better than any other CFL franchise, they’ve been able to replenish with quality players, even when an injury plague hits.

Which makes Murphy a sought-after commodity. His current contract with the Stampeders expires Dec. 31st.

“When the first person that offers you an opportunity is Jim Popp. Then Jim Barker and (John) Forzani, (Ted) Hellard and Huff and Lyle (Bauer). To be able to interact with those guys over an eight-year period of time, I would think that by now, ‘ready’ would be a good word for it.

“I really have a good idea of what my plan would be and how to implement it, and it comes from working with those guys.

“It’d be exciting to see how your plan would work out. And all the hard work you’ve put into it, to be the decision-maker rather than the idea-maker.”

A couple of weeks ago Saskatchewan expressed an interest in Murphy’s services through Stamps’ GM John Hufnagel. Murphy has spoken twice over the phone to the Riders, but with Calgary’s season now over, he’ll better be able to gauge the level of interest and they’ll be free to accelerate the courtship.

Right now, says Murphy, the situation is just “phone conversations, going through the process.”

“I’m not actively pursuing anything. If anyone wants to speak to me about something they’re more than welcome to contact Huff. But I would have no reason to be anything pleased with the position I have, other than the latest result.

“It (GM job) is a goal in one sense, but it’s not something I need to achieve to feel comfortable with who I am and what I do.

“I do my role and do it well and if somebody wants to take that and give me an opportunity, it shines well on everyone in this organization.”

And the hardest part of the equation if the fit seems right and the Riders deem him the man to put things right?

“Leaving the Stampeders. Period.”

(Calgary Herald)

Monday, November 23, 2015

NHL Three Stars of Week

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San Jose Sharks goaltender Martin Jones, Vancouver Canucks left wing Daniel Sedin and St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk have been named the NHL’s “Three Stars” for the week ending Nov. 22.
            Jones went 3-0-0 with a 1.63 goals-against average, .951 save percentage and one shutout during a week in which the Sharks (13-8-0, 26 points) picked up four victories to complete their season-high, six-game road trip with a perfect 6-0-0 record. In doing so, the Sharks became the sixth team in NHL history to win every game of a road trip of six or more contests – and the first to accomplish that feat since the 2010-11 Boston Bruins, who Jones made 25 saves against in a 5-4 win on Nov. 17. He followed that effort with a flawless performance (34 SV) for his 10th career shutout in a 1-0 overtime victory against the Philadelphia Flyers Nov. 19. Jones then capped the week with a season-high 38 saves in a 3-1 triumph over the Pittsburgh Penguins Nov. 21. The 25-year-old North Vancouver, B.C., native has compiled an 11-5-0 record with a 2.02 goals-against average, .929 save percentage and three shutouts in 17 appearances this season, his first campaign as an NHL starter.
            Sedin led the NHL with five goals and ranked second with seven points as the Canucks (8-8-6, 22 points) went 1-2-1 in four outings. He scored in each of the team’s first two games – a 4-3 overtime loss to the Montreal Canadiens Nov. 16 and a 4-1 defeat against the Winnipeg Jets Nov. 18. Sedin then registered 3-1—4, including his 900th NHL point, sixth career hat trick and the game-winning goal, in a 6-3 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks Nov. 21. In doing so, Sedin (337-567—904) became the second player in Canucks history to reach the 900-point milestone, following his brother Henrik (218-718—936). He finished the week with one assist in a 3-2 loss to the New Jersey Devils Nov. 22. The 35-year-old Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, native leads the Canucks with 10 goals and 23 points in 22 contests this season.
            Shattenkirk paced all defensemen and shared third in the League with 2-4—6 in four outings as the Blues (13-6-2, 28 points) earned five out of a possible eight standings points. He began the week with a pair of assists in a 3-2 triumph over the Winnipeg Jets Nov. 16. Shattenkirk then scored in each of the next two games – a 3-1 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets Nov. 17 and a 3-2 shootout win over the Buffalo Sabres Nov. 19. He rounded out the week with two assists in a 4-3 overtime loss to the Detroit Red Wings Nov. 21. The 26-year-old New Rochelle, N.Y., native has 2-6—8 in 11 appearances this season, including 2-5—7 in eight games since returning from injury Nov. 7.

(NHL Media)