Monday, November 4, 2013

Something to "Mitch" About

Its over! The regular season has come to an end and it didn't end well for the Riders as they gassed it in the last minute thanks to a special teams breakdown. There was not panic in the streets. I could tell the moment I parked the car to make the walk into Mosaic that there was no pre-game buzz, no pre-game electricity. Everyone knew the game didn't mean anything, and Coach Chamblin admitted after the game that it was hard keeping his guys hungry knowing what was ahead. I think the same could be said in just about every game this weekend.

Just some thoughts

 --Drew Willy played well, but I thought the best quarterback on the day was Tino Sunseri. He didn't look rattled at all to be in there and does he throw a nice ball. One person said after the game, he looked like another "5" that used to throw the ball in Riderville with great success. As another person said after the game, perhaps Willy won't be the quarterback we lose to Ottawa if indeed we lose one.

 --Kerry Joseph walked off Mosaic Stadium in tears. He proclaimed in the dressing room that he won the last game he played in. Deep down, I think Joseph realized he had taken his last meaningful snap in the CFL. He is hoping someone will give him an opportunity to continue his career, but I think he realistically knows that may not happen.  I asked him about 2007 and his memories and he says he thinks it about all the time when he is in Mosaic and how it even hit him flying into Regina this time. When his scrum was over, I shook his hand and thanked him for 07 as that week was a very memorable one thanks to him as was that whole season. He is apparently coming back to Regina. I think wherever he goes the Rider Nation will thank him for his exploits here. As Kerry was walking off the field, there was a great shot for a picture. I was just about to snap the picture of him walking slowly off the field into the tunnel when he started to run.  DOHHHH!!! That's alright, my stupid cellphone would have likely screwed up in some manner.

--Corey Chamblin said after the game, it might be tough to get Chris Garrett and Kory Sheets on the 46 man roster for Sunday's West semi against BC. I say you gotta find a way. Garrett and Sheets will provide a nice 1-2 punch.

--Someone at the end of the season will have to inform me why this team spent the money it did on Geroy Simon if they weren't going to use him. I don't know how many times he was open on Saturday yet he didn't see the ball. I just don't understand it. Being the class guy he is, I don't think Simon will ever tell us his true feelings either.

--Mike McCullough just keeps making plays.

--Alex Hall showed why the Riders got him. He was in the Edmonton backfield many times.

--Darian Durant was smiling after the game. He is generally the first guy the media goes to, but that wasn't the case Saturday (although inexplicably some still asked him for interviews). As I went to go interview Sunseri, I said "get out of the way rook, no one needs you today" to which he laughed and said that was fine with him. While Darian is a competitor, I truly do believe he gets tired of answering the same old questions game after game after game. I think that could be said of a lot of players, but they don't get the attention Darian gets.

--Kavis Reed could be done as Eskimos coach by the time you read this. It won't take long for Edmonton to make the move. As Kavis leaves though, you have to think his replacement will be walking into a nice situation. There are some parts there to work with. Mike Reilly, Nate Coehoorn and Rennie Curran are three pretty good football players.

-- A request for those who control the Kisscam segment during the Rider games.  Get Gainer close enough to either A) Jim Hopson or B) Michael Ball and then get the camera on them. That would be great!

--This is great to see

Looks like Lansdowne Park is getting ready and looking good for the arrival of the Redblacks.  I wonder how things are going in Hamilton with Tim Hortons Field.

--Who gets canned first Reed or Tim Burke in Winnipeg? One CFL person told me about a month ago he had never seen a team as bad as the Bombers during his time connected with this league. How can one disagree?

--There are 15,000 seats unsold for the Western semi-final. Really? Mosaic will be loud on Sunday, but the more people the better. Cmon Rider Nation, this is when the 13th man is needed!

--I am not participating in Movember. As you know, I already have enough facial hair on top of my upper lip. Mrs. Scruffy would like a full-time beard to go with what I have, but A) a full-time beard would drive me absolutely nuts and B) if the truth be known I would love to be clean-shaven, but an experiment many years ago in which I grew a goatee had Mrs. Scruffy to the mode (one she continues to have today) that I can't shave it off.  Little Scruffette now also moans if Daddy wants to clean things up on his chin. SIGHHHHHH!!!!

--30 centimeters of snow in Saskatoon. No offence guys, but you can have it. We don't want it until at least November 25....ok November 26. Ok, not at all!

--It was great being back behind the mike as the p-a announcer at Cougars basketball Friday night. I have the best seat in the house to watch one of the best teams in the country and to see a team that I think is ready to make some noise in Canada West. I was extremely happy to see Steve Burrows get his first coach as Cougar mens coach. Its the first of many methinks!

--Tyler Seguin has more points than anyone on the Boston Bruins. I'm just sayin'

--Did anyone see the outfit Pavel Bure's wife was wearing at his sweater retirement? It gave me another connotation of the "Russian Rocket". YOWZA!!!

--The Oilers may be worse now than they were a couple of years ago. What a disaster they are. Watching their game against Detroit was purely nauseating.

--A buddy of mine who is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan e-mailed when the winless Bucs were up 21-0 on my Seahawks just to make sure I was watching. Oh I was alright. I saw him on Sunday much to his chagrin as Seattle came back to win in overtime. Taking the Bucs to overtime before winning is not the way I had that one drawn up--especially in Seattle. Oh well, a win is a win is a win and I'm taking it.

--Who had Nick Foles throwing for 7 TD's. Who? I'm guessing the most passionate of Eagles fans wouldn't have called for that!

--What a frightening scene in Houston with Texans coach Gary Kubiak. I know how much time CFL coaches spend at the office, but I'm guessing Corey Chamblin has never stayed the night on his couch (unless ordered so by Mrs. Chamblin which is none of our business) as some NFL head coaches have been known to do. The stress those individuals must be under is something I can't even imagine.

--Imagine this for just one second  ---- Senator Rob Ford!

--That's enough for now. Get out there and enjoy the week and maybe buy a couple of tickets for Sunday's game if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

A crowd of less than 40000 for the Riders and less than 6 for the Thunder would be unacceptable. CMON REGINA!!!

Anonymous said...

Really liked what I saw from Tino.

Nothing with Khari, but I would take KJ back in a heartbeat as a QBs coach and Darian would love him.

The Oilers are beyond atrocious.


Anonymous said...

Imagine you own a restaurant and have Mike Duffy and Rob Ford wander in together for the buffet!

Anonymous said...

The lead article in Friday's Globe and Mail Sports Section was about the design of the stadium in Seattle. It explained the way it is built to funnel the noise down to the playing field. I hope that the brain trust involved with the new stadium in Regina is going to adopt a similar approach.

75flyersbestteamever said...

Hey MB - Re: Oilers
-is there big time interference from Lowe? - that ego from last year's press conference still rings in peoples ears regarding
"half of the league would love our roster" (tied for 28th in league with Philly) I guess we should've asked Which League?
-- head coach seems like a decent guy in an awful setting.
---People, in addition to wearing a Poppy to honour our Vets we should also have a blue & orange ribbon to show our compassion to the fans of Oilernation --they deserve much better. (I just threw up in my mouth admitting that!!)

Anonymous said...

That dress Pavel's wife was wearing should have been third star. WOWZA is right!

Anonymous said...

Check out Pedersons blog to see all the whining on the seats left unsold for Sunday. Once again, too funny!

Anonymous said...

I agree anon 1


Anonymous said...

I agree with the under- utilization of Geroy Simon. He was wide open for a touchdown in the end zone yet Willy threw to the player who was covered. QBs need to have the ability to see who is open and who isn't and react appropriately. Throwing to a receiver simply cause that was the play called - get off the field.

Anonymous said...

15000 seats? That's embarassing for a fan base who believes they are the best.


Anonymous said...

I for one will not be spending anymore of my hard earned money watching the Riders this year. Grey Cup year and they sh*t the bed when they should of had a bye to the finals