Friday, October 11, 2019

This And That

Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order

--"Its in front of us, its right there, we just got to go get it". Those were the words Riders HC Craig Dickenson told his team after last week's win over Winnipeg.  If the Saskatchewan Roughriders want to host the Western Final which I think they want to do, then they can go out and get it tonight at MacMahon Stadium.

Knocking off the Stampeders in their yard won't be easy, but it can be done and those wearing red and white know it.  They have no desire in playing the Riders at any time and you know they certainly don't want to come to Mosaic Stadium for the Western Final.  It will be a ring-a-ding-dong dandy tonight and chances are it won't be the last time these two teams see one another this year.

--Do we have to watch the REDBLACKS/Toronto game tonight? Can TSN just provide us with some extra episodes of CFL Wired.  Can''t wait to see the numbers for that one. It might be right up there with the Home Shopping Channel.

--If the Lions beat the Eskimos this weekend, BC can still make the playoffs. That is hard to believe, but its true.  The Leos finish with games against Saskatchewan and Calgary.  It isn't going to happen, but one can dream.

--Zach Collaros may be a Winnipeg Blue Bomber, but does anyone think he will see the field?  The Bombers obviously don't have faith in Chris Streveler so they went out and got another quarterback, but is Collaros really the answer? James Franklin would have been a better option in my opinion.   Collaros  hasn't played all year because of that concussion suffered in Week 1. If he does get on the field, what happens when he gets hit and he will.   Its somewhat sad that damaged goods are being traded, but what can you do.  Even if Collaros does get on the field, I can't see him having much of an impact.  It will be a job for whoever is in charge next year.  I don't see Kyle Walters and Mike O'Shea being back.  In fact, I see O'Shea somehow landing in Toronto.  Remember, he is only under contract until the end of the season.  The same can be said for former Bombers QB Khari Jones in Montreal.  Hmmmmmm!

--Has the CFL seen the last of Jim Popp after he was fired as GM of the Argos.  One would have to think so, but this is the CFL right?

--Behind closed doors, Oilers GM Ken Holland must have the biggest ear-to-ear grin going.  Everyone thought he robbed Brad Treliving when the James Neal-Milan Lucic trade was made and while it is early, the returns would suggest it was a robbery of epic proportions.  Neal's four goals against the Islanders giving Edmonton a 3-0 record has many wondering about this team.  It is still wayyyyyyy too early to start talking playoffs, but a good start is a great start for a team trying to find its way back to the Stanley Cup hunt where once you have arrived, anything can happen.

--The Calgary Flames have had David Rittich play every second of every game.  Why hasn't Cam Talbot been assigned to guard the goal.  Yeah, you don't need to answer that.

--The Los Angeles Dodgers won 106 games in the regular season.  What did they get for that? Playoff elimination at the hands of the Washington Nationals.  The former Expos are moving on. Yes, the Expos, a team whose fanbase is convinced their team was robbed of a World Series when the strike hit in 1994.  It once again shows there are no guarantees that the best team wins and there was no guarantee in 1994 that the Expos were going to win the World Series much less be there.  The 2019 Dodgers are the latest example of that,

--The Stanley Cup is apparently on its way to Regina. A little birdie has told me it will be here for the NHL's Heritage Classic.  That really shouldn't come as a surprise. Its hard to believe that event is just two weeks away.  Its going to be a great weekend.

--Week 6 NFL Lock Of The Week --- Baltimore over Cincinnati
   Week 6 NFL Upset Of The Week --- Texans over Chiefs

--The Seahawks will be in Cleveland this weekend to take on a Browns team that has been disappointing considering all the off-season hype.  If the 2-3 Browns don't make the playoffs, some believe head coach Freddie Kitchens could be "one and done".  If that happens, could a certain coach that was loved in Saskatchewan come back north of the border? WELLLLL!!!!  Someone said Chris Jones ran past the Monday Night Football crew before the game in San Francisco.  Did he? If so, I never saw the video or pics of it.

--Having watched him play at Washington State, I can't believe I didn't pick up until last week that Jags QB Gardner Minshew is a dead ringer for White Goodman (Ben Stiller) of Dodgeball fame.

--Just two more weeks until we go to the polls meaning an end will come to all the idiocy we have seen over the past few months. However we all know that once the ballots are counted and either JT stays or Andy takes over that the idiocy will continue only it will take a different flavour.  YAYYYY!!!

That's all I got.  Have yourselves a great weekend! Don't eat too much turkey. Yeah OK go ahead, you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

Scruffy wins the lock of week Baltimore this time. Seahawks will pound that hapless Cleveland overhyped team. Oilers Neal Lucic trade is looking like steal of the decade for Edmonton. Go Riders. Oh ya, voting after work so I won't have to give a rat's #ss about this election stuff anymore.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a good feeling about tonight. I see Calgary winning by 12.

Anonymous for a reason

Anonymous said...

You described Chris Jones as "coach that was loved in Saskatchewan". That might be true for some, but certainly not all. Chris Jones' antics snuffed 'Rider Pride' and that's why we no longer have sell-outs. The team has a different vibe this year and O'Day/Dickenson are slowly bringing back the Pride.


Anonymous said...

I would rather watch darts than Argos-Ottawa

Anonymous said...

Chances are the Stanley Cup will be in downtown Regina as the Sticks hockey tournament is returning. That's what a little birdie has told me Scruffdog!

Anonymous said...


Chris Jones planted the foundation for where this team is at right now. What don't you understand about that?

Anonymous said...

Who knew Chris Jones would be the 6th poster?

Anonymous said...

It's a little higher-up as to why there are hardly any sellouts anymore.

If Evraz keeps charging what they are and Reynolds allows it, its on them.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

All I know is this team is a lot more fun to follow now than it ever was in the Jones era.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones comes back to CFL, takes over Ottawa and makes them a winner within 3 years.


Anonymous said...

He won ONE playoff game in THREE years with the Riders.