Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't Blame The Regime

Once Maurice Lloyd and Anton McKenzie had signed with the Eskimos and the Lions, the swords started coming out within some factions of the Rider Nation. Fans blaming the legal problems of Eric Tillman and the "inexperience" of Ken Miller and Jim Hopson in this area as to why two of the top linebackers in the CFL will play for another team next year. C'mon people!!! Had Tillman been pulling the strings the same thing would have happened. Lloyd and McKenzie are playing with other teams for one reason and one reason only. That reason......$$$$$$. The combination of the almighty dollar and lack of loyalty are why these guys aren't playing elsewhere.

Lloyd was apparently offered 135-thousand dollars a season by the Riders. It wasn't enough in his mind so he went somewhere where he could get more. The Eskimos even apparently threw in a 100-thousand dollar signing bonus. I'm guessing McKenzie also got a better monetary offer than what the Riders were willing to give and he took it. Lets go one step further. Glenn January got a six figure salary from the Bombers. Do you think the Riders were going to give January six figures. No way!!! The guys that left yesterday left because there someone offered them more green not to wear green and white. Its as simple as that. Trying to make the current situation in Riderville as the reason as to why this happened is just grasping at straws. Don't make the brass the scapegoat here.

While still on the topic of football, I hope my beloved Seahawks take a good hard look at trying to gain the services of running back Fred Taylor. He was let go by the Jaguars yesterday but I think he still has a year or two in his tank. The free agent acquisition of Julius Jones didn't exactly go the way Seattle planned and maybe a combination of Jones and Taylor can help spark some life back into a team that was one or two levels below dismal in 08.

Where has this been all season??? That's what Ottawa Senators have to be asking themselves. The Senators making it 5 straight wins with a 2-0 win in Nashville last night. I don't think this win streak will be enough to get Ottawa back into the playoff race but you do have to ask if perhaps finally the right buttons have been pushed courtesy of new head coach Cory Clouston.

Alex Rodriguez will speak to reporters today at Yankees camp. What a gong show that will be!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Sens just needed that kick in the keester. Not enough for the playoffs though, I fear.