Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Agency Update

Not much to report. The biggest fish in the free agent pool is now an Argonaut though. Rob Murphy is leaving the Lions for the Argonauts. Winnipeg has taken another Rider o-lineman as Steve Morley joins Glenn January(Could Mike Abou-Mechrek be next??). There are also rumours floating around Edmonton this afternoon that Rider free agent linebacker Mike McCullough might be ready to sign a new deal with the Eskimos. I would think McCullough would have a chance at being the starting middle linebacker here if Mo Lloyd heads elsewhere but lets wait until that has happened if it indeed does before pondering what the Riders gameplan for that position is.

I see Pierre McGuire is ready to unveil his 2010 Olympic team tonight. I have mine all ready to go...I will have to try and get it on here before Pierre does and then compare.

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