Thursday, October 10, 2013

This And That

Just a weekly assortment of thoughts running through the old brain. These come in no particular order

 --Talk is ramping up again about the Washington Redskins and changing their nickname. I personally don't have a problem with "Redskins", but I certainly understand where some would be. What gets me is why its the Redskins being targeted? Why doesn't anyone go after the Atlanta Braves and their "Tomahawk Chop" or the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Black Hawks with the iconic Indian head on their jersey. Closer to home, why doesn't anyone make a fuss over the Moose Jaw Warriors or the Balfour Redmen. It just seems a little hypocritical to me.

 --Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach Tim Burke came out this week and said he doesn't deserve to be fired and that he should have another chance next year.  First off, what coach will come out and say "Yeah I should be fired" and second of all he is probably right. He isn't someone like Kavis Reed who has had talent to work with this year and not been able to get it done. In the end, both guys are probably on the unemployment line, but if anyone does get a second chance its Burke.

 --Firing an NHL coach three games into a season is just dumb! There has to be more to the Peter Laviolette story.

  --Some were talking about the New York Jets being the worst team in football going into this season and some suggested Rex Ryan should be fired in the pre-season. All Rexy boy has done with a rookie quarterback is go 3-2. He has to be doing something right.

   --When Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander is on his game, there is no pitcher in the bigs right now that is better.

   --Seahawks punter and Regina boy Jon Ryan is taking a lot of needless heat this week and getting a lot of abuse thrown his way for a play in Sunday's loss to Indy.  After a Seahawks field goal was blocked, a Colts player picked it up and started heading for a touchdown. Ryan gave chase, but he couldn't make the tackle and then got smoked by a blocker as the player went into the endzone. Ryan proved he's no powderpuff punter like many others. He's not afraid to get his nose dirty and try to make the play, Shouldn't he be commended for that instead of being the object of derision. He could have been like many other kickers and punters and just watched but he didn't. I have no problem with that and I'm guessing his team and coaches don't either.

  --Week 6 NFL Lock of the Week---Philly over Tampa Bay (anyone would take Denver over Jacksonville)
  --Week 6 NFL Upset of the Week ---Ravens over Packers

 --Best team coming out of the NHL gate so far---San Jose. They are simply skating circles around everyone. Worst team coming out of the NHL gate so far---the Rangers. Is it just because they have started on the West Coast? They've given up 15 goals in their last two games and 20 in 4.

 --Who needs the roller coaster at the Queen City Ex when you can drive down Grant Drive in Regina's south end. What an up and down ride that is!

 --What is the building going up in the Southland Mall parking lot right across from where Boston Pizza is? It looks like some kind of restaurant, but what?

  --Kory Sheets is really contributing to Bonburger's bottom line by buying first for his offensive line and now the offense, but it sounds like Kory isn't getting any deals. What's with that?

  --Speaking of Sheets, why is he the MOP this year at least from the West (sorry Jon Cornish fans)...consider this as well written by's Matt Cauz.  Darian Durant is completing 62 per cent of his passes with an impressive TD/INT ratio of 28/8. However those last three games without Sheets saw Durant with as many interceptions (6) as touchdowns while completing just 56 per cent of his passes. A healthy Sheets opens up every facet of the Roughriders offence.

  --Capitals coach Adam Oates thinks Tomas Hertl was a little out of line with his between the legs goal against the Rangers and that the Sharks rookie disrespected the league. ???? You sit there and say that when you have Ovie who hotdogs goal celebrations. Cmon Adam! What would you say if Joe Thornton scored four goals in a game. For those that have no idea what I'm talking about, do a google search on Joe Thornton news. Having said that, I can only hope Joe Thornton never scores four goals in a game.

   --It hasn't been a good start to the season for the Edmonton Oilers. They have won one of four games and really if wasn't for a great third period against New Jersey they would have no wins. This team looks soft, they don't look like they have any desire to get into those spots you  have to be in to be successful and they don't seem enthused. I'm not even going to start to say the hiring of Dallas Eakins was a mistake, but lets go already!!! 

  --Steve Stamkos with his hat-trick Thursday has scored the most goals in the NHL since the start of the 09-10 season with 188. Alex Ovechkin is next at 157 and then Patrick Marleau is next at 132. Nothing against the one of many good Saskatchewan players in the NHL, but I wouldn't have thought of him when you consider some of the offensive talent in the league. I thought it would have been Corey Perry or Pavel Datsyuk.

   --Its hard to believe we are just over six weeks from the Grey Cup being played at Mosaic. I can't wait. Its going to be a week to remember.

   -- Looks like the provincial harvest is going to get completed and farmers are in for what some say is a record year. That is quite the feat considering the late spring we had.

   --Good on Viterra for stepping up and sponsoring the provincial womens curling championship. They will definitely get their investment back. Hopefully this deal is for longer than two years. It sure seems like a natural fit.

    --I will not be buying a Canadian Olympic hockey jersey unless it comes free with a 30 litre gas fillup at Petro-Canada. In fact, Petro-Canada employees could use that as a new uniform once the games are over. The logos look identical. Do the other countries have ugly jerseys as well or is it just us?

   --I will applaud the time change when it comes so hockey games and football games start later. My early evenings are too busy right now.

   --Former Riders defensive back Lance Frazier has been a solid addition to the analysts 620 CKRM has when it comes to football, but real life is calling and Lance has accepted a job south of the border. He will be back for Grey Cup, but that's it. He has been tremendous in dissecting the games and his analysis will be sorely missed. Best of luck in the next chapter Lance and thanks for the time.

  --How do people sleep with just one pillow?

  -- Have a good weekend!! GO RIDERS!!!  GO SEAHAWKS!!!




Anonymous said...

Where's Frazier going? He's a class act. I thought he was the best of the bunch RM has on the football team.

Anonymous said...

I think I heard that the restaurant in the Southalnd Mall parking lot is a Swiss Chalet.

Anonymous said...

Is a Swiss Chalet ! Hooorayyyyy !

Anonymous said...

The Redskins argument is a baseless one when other teams aren't being mentioned.

Where is Frazier going?

Anonymous said...

Ravens over Packers?? You are joking right?

Anonymous said...

No canned 110 percent, one game at a time response from Thornton. Love it!!


Anonymous said...

If the Oilers keep going the way they are, Eakins will follow Laviolet.


Anonymous said...

The Oilers might be worse than the Rangers Scruffy! No doubt SJ has started great.

Chris G

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The team Canada jerseys are red and white and have a maple leaf. Anything else would casue even more of an outrage. They're fine.

Anonymous said...

That building at Southland hasn't had any activity for at least a month. Someone said it was a Swiss Chalet, but someone told me that's what was going where the CIBC is now.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Redskins picked on with their moniker?

For 1 thing, and 1 thing only: Lots and Lots of $’s

If they win on that one, the rest crumble without a fight.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian hockey jerseys are embarassing. Where's the traditional Hockey Canada logo?

Clansman2112 said...

I have a buddy who is Native and really into Sports. I asked him one day how he felt about these teams using Native based nicknames. He said that he had no problem with it because usually they show the pride and heart of Native Americans. Braves, Indians, the Fighting Sioux, Chiefs, Blackhawks etc. are all OK...he even wears a Cleveland Indians cap with Chief Wahoo on it.

However, he does have a problem with the Redskins name. He says that he is offended by that one because like Chris Rock once said on SNL, calling the Washington team the Redskins is like calling a team the New York N*ggers (Sorry for the term but my buddy said it!!!)