Friday, October 25, 2013

This And That

Just the usual collection of Friday thoughts in no particular order from this muddled brain

--Who's kidding who, the Riders and Stampeders will be must watch TV in Saskatchewan, southern Alberta and many other parts of Canada. If this doesn't have a playoff atmosphere to it what does? Will these two teams meet again November 17. The BC Lions will decide that, but one has to think these two teams haven't seen the last of one another no matter who wins Friday.

--I may be biased. OK, I am. Kory Sheets is a better back than Jon Cornish. He is that elusive scatback that can score whenever he touches the ball. Cornish can't do that. Both guys are fantastic running backs and there is no doubt Cornish is the top Canadian in this league and should be considered for the top Canadian athlete of the year. When it comes right down to it though, I take Sheets because of his quickness.

--The Pats are having Riders night and that is great because the two teams should partner up considering they are basically neighbours with the Riders moving a little closer in a few years. Does that mean we need to see green Rider jerseys worn by the Pats? Call me a traditionalist if you like, but the Pats should wear blue jerseys or white jerseys. They can wear special jerseys for charity like their pink ones for breast cancer and I guess like most other teams a third jersey, but that's it.  That's not a slam against the Riders or the pro rodeo when the Blades wear their denim jerseys etc. etc, I just think at some times it looks hokey. Like I said though, its great the two teams are finally working together and it should be a good night at the Brandt Centre.

This is the back of  Pats captain Kyle Burroughs' jersey. I thought they might have given this one to the starting goalie because with the number he is wearing, some can then truly make it Riders night and yell for the backup to come in.  SIGHHHHH!!!!
--Tough break for the Moose Jaw Warriors in losing Morgan Rielly to the Maple Leafs for the rest of the season. This doesn't surprise me though and those who have seen Rielly shouldn't be surprised either. His absence may cost the Warriors a playoff spot this year.
--Has the buzz worn off Mosaic Place or has the Moose Jaw hockey fan got a case of the "What have you done for me lately" blues.  Watching the Edmonton-Moose Jaw game on Access the other night, there seemed to be a lot of empty seats in the new rink. I go back to the days of the Civic Centre and the place was packed no matter the record---at least it seemed that way. I was told it would be interesting to see how Moose Jaw would react when the Warriors started to slide and that the team had to find a way to keep the many more around that couldn't get into games at the archaic crushed can. I may have found the answer.  It just reinforces the best promotions are wins.

--I spent the last two nites doing play by play of the 2014 Canadian Elite Mens and Womens Boxing Championships at the Orr Centre for a group called GoFightLive TV. The boxing was first-rate and its only going to get better as the finals approach. I've watched boxing, but I've never done play-by-play of it before. Lets just say I was no Jim Lampley, but I don't think I'll be called the Rod Black of boxing either.

--As many of you know, former mayor Pat Fiacco is the president of Boxing Canada and he has been front and center at this event. What I didn't realize until Michael Fougere told me the other day was that its been one year on Wednesday that Fougere took office. Where does the time go? He shocked me when he told me that and I think I surprised Pat when I told him the other night. Its tough to do what Fiacco did for this city over his time and Fougere has just started, but I have no major problems with what I've seen in the first year of office.

--Seeing Josh Harding play well for the Minnesota Wild does nothing but make me smile considering the battle he is going through and what he is doing to make people aware of MS.

--What doesn't make me smile is the battle with cancer former Lady Cougars basketball player Crystal Heisler (now McGregor) is going through. I've watched Crystal play basketball for a long time from high school and right through University and I have never seen someone as talented and tenacious as her. To see a young mother fight this horrible disease and have it come back after she thought it was gone is devastating to me and many others. The Cougar basketball teams will have their Shoot for a Cure night November 16. It will mean so much to the girls on the team today and the many alumni coming in and it will mean a lot for the guys team too. It would be great to see a huge turnout at the CKHS on that evening as we do what we can to find a cure for a disease that affects all of us sadly in some way.

--Attn Global's Rustie Dean. You know I love you girl, but I can't say nice things about you when you start talking about that word "snow". Not yet at least!!!

--How was Brad Paisley? He's one of my fave country singers, but sadly Mrs. Scruffy isn't a country fan so we didn't go. She would rather attend Papa Roach concerts than Paisley. Did he do this one?  I love this song!!

Guys, I'm guessing the scenery was something else wasn't it?

--Why wouldn't baseball play a World Series game on Saturday afternoon? Is it because of prime-time or they don't want to go up against college football. I understand not wanting to compete against the juggernaut that is the NFL on Sunday, but I would love to see an afternoon tilt.

--The TV numbers I put up last week were very interesting. I'll have thoughts on that in 'Something to Mitch About" Monday.

--How sad are the St. Louis Rams when they actually consider bringing Brett Favre out of retirement to play for them seeing Sam Bradford is injured. Why not Kurt Warner? Was Vince Ferragamo unavailable? What does this say for their scouting system? Puh-leeze!!!!

--Good luck to the Regina Thunder this weekend as they chase the PFC Championship in Saskatoon.

--Week 8 NFL Lock Of The Week ---Seahawks over Rams
--Week 8 NFL Upset Of The Week ----Falcons over Cardinals (How exactly is Arizona favoured in this game)

--Are you ready for the NBA? Yeah, me too!

--Have a good weekend everyone and remember don't drink the Kool-Aid when you can quench your thirst by drinking some juice or a Coke.


Anonymous said...

If Sheets doesn't get hurt, Cornish isn't close to him.

Nice Durant shot

Go Thunder!


Anonymous said...

The Paisley show was great and the scenery was as you would expect.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch, its supposed to be 16 in Calgary for the football game. Has John Wilson confirmed that? No weather excuses in this one!! GO RIDERS!!! GO THUNDER!! GO RAMS!!!

Keith said...

I have always felt a link between the Pats and Riders since I was young in the early 70's; leaving a Rider game Sunday afternoon and then going to a Pat game Sunday night and in the 1974/75 season watching the great (and young) Bob Polly suit up for the Pats after the Rider season was over. Great fun when the Bronco's Archie Henderson came to town and got in a tussle with Poley.

Anonymous said...

I love the green Rider (Pats ) jersey idea. Its about time the hockey team celebrated the greatness that is the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Vanstone's column today talks about how Brent Parker isn't involved anymore with the Pats. This promotion with the Riders should prove that once and for all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiacco butchered the stadium thing at the end and Fougere hasn't done anything and won't do anything to correct it. Having the facility at Evraz and not having a roof on it makes it useless as far as I'm concerned. Regina and Saskatchewan deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Take your blinders off Scruffy, Cornish is a wayyyyyyy better back than Sheets and he will prove it Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Who is John Wilson?