Sunday, February 1, 2015

Something To "Mitch" About

For this blogger, Super Bowl 49 will go right up there with Steve Smith, Steve Bartman, the 13th man and Tony Gabriel.

The end of Super Bowl 49 was about as devastating as the comeback win against the Packers was thrilling. I guess its evened out.

Like many of you, I have no answer as to why the Seahawks decided A) not to give the best power RB in the game the football and B) not let Russell Wilson keep it and go around the end as he has so many times. It makes no sense and either did the explanations after the game from the Seattle coaching staff. Some are calling it the dumbest play call in football history and while I don't know if that is the fact, I can't really argue it right now.

In the end, congratulations to the New England Patriots. Tom Brady showed why he is one of the greatest if not the greatest quarterback of all time. He needed to lead his team down the field for two touchdown drives against the number one defence in football and he did it with a calm, cool precision that is rarely seen. 13-15 for 121 yards and two touchdowns on those final drives. Championship numbers by a championship quarterback.

For the Seahawks, how do you bounce back from not getting "The Longest Yard". Teams change over the off-season and that team won't look the same in September, However, how much will the scars of what happened last night affect this team moving onward. Hey, the Riders got back to the 2010 Grey Cup game after losing in 2009 so I can look at it that way.

Other odds and ends from SB Sunday

  --Did anyone catch the "Football America" program on CTV/NBC at 11 o'clock where they profiled many with whom football has played a major part of their life for whatever reason. Six were profiled with two going to the big game. What a tremendous show. Its something the CFL and TSN should blatantly steal and do for themselves for Grey Cup. There are many great stories in Canada that need to be told and I'm guessing some are in our backyard.

 --The halftime show did not entertain me. WTF was with the dancing sharks? I thought for a minute I was watching an adult version of "Dora The Explorer".

 --NBC's presentation was tremendous as one would expect. I wasn't really sure why former US figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir were part of the game day package though.

 Just some other thoughts

 --I told you Weston Dressler would be back in Rider green and to be patient. In fact, I think I said relax. Dressler knows where his football home is and he told Rod Pedersen he couldn't imagine coming back here as a visitor because of all the good times he has had in green. This guy loves it here and this province loves him. Why leave?  The only sad thing about Dressler signing (at least for me) is that by inking a four year deal, his dream of being an NFL'er won't come to fruition. Its what he wanted and he deserved an opportunity. I think if he could have latched on with a team in the lower bowels of the league right now, he might have been able to do it. We'll never know now.

--As a St. Louis Blues fan told me this weekend, they may have the most talented front office for an alumni game now with Brett Hull, Al McInnis and Martin Brodeur all getting paycheques.

--Did Gainer see his shadow today? He's the closest thing we have to a groundhog in this province isn't he?

--Tiger Woods shoots an 82! An 82??!! Methinks he's got a long ways to go before he is the Tiger we used to know if indeed we ever see that Tiger again. Meanwhile, another solid showing from Graham DeLaet as he finished tied for 7th. Premier Wall tweeted over the weekend to CBS that perhaps they might want to get a camera on the Weyburn product who got hot at the end. Oh, Mr. Wall have you not realized by now that unless there's an American flag besides DeLaet's name or he is in the last grouping that he won't see a lot of air time.

--That's all I got. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

you gained respect from me Mitch for at least posting that.

Anonymous said...

Why would they not give the ball to Lynch or fake it to Lynch and have Wilson take off around the end? Even the Pats probably thought Lynch was getting it so the would have dove down hard to the middle of the field.

1 bad call ruins a great season. On the plus side, the Hawks will be hungry next year to make up for this heartbreaker.

Anonymous said...

suck it seahawks you got what was coming. i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Does that loss hurt more than the SuperBowl final to Pittsburgh Scruffy ?

75flyersbestteamever said...

I think the Pats were ready for either option you mentioned, however,
...ready for it and stopping it are Two different things, at least run the pass play to the flat..
..calling it the worst play in history is wrong, or, at least reserve judgement until you have watched all 2014 Chicago
Bears games. I think
Cutler has that style of Pick every game.
--great ending to a decent game which many SB's aren't.

Anonymous said...

Seattle lost the way they won over Green Bay a couple weeks prior, a bad decision.