Monday, January 29, 2018

Something To "Mitch" About

--What an uneventful weekend!  Not a lot to discuss from the sports world with the NHL on its break, the NFL getting ready for Super Bowl and the tap running dry from the CFL after the situation in Toronto.   However, some things do change and some things do stay the same as Saskatchewan got a new Premier in Scott Moe and Calgary fell to 0-2 in games where they have a problem with the visiting team's mascot.  Looks good on ya really does! Especially when you bitch and moan because you didn't like the fact the RUSH were going to put the Hulk fist on their uniform as a sign of support. Can we be more petty?

--When we talk about Tom Brady and Michael Jordan being the "GOAT" for their respective careers, we forget about Roger Federer.  Federer won the Australian Open on Sunday for his 20th Slam win. He has won more major tennis titles than any man, including a record-equaling six in Melbourne.

--Justice got served in Louisiana,  and I truthfully did not know if it would.  I don't think I am alone in making that statement. Ronald Gasser is going to jail for the shooting death of Joe McKnight. That case sparked a lot of racial tension because Gasser is white and McKnight was black.  The Riders running back obviously helped intensify the situation that led to his life being taken, but the jurors in the case made the right call. I can only imagine what would have happened if they hadn't.  The facts were right there.  There was no debating Gasser knew exactly what he was doing and his reasoning was as flimsy as could be.

--This little tidbit of info from the SUN's Steve Simmons made me cringe a little.  With the right kind of drafting and without a trade or two made, the Edmonton Oilers could have a defence of Morgan Rielly, Charlie McAvoy, Josh Morrissey and Ryan Ellis and an offence that includes Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Gabriel Landeskog, Matthew Barzal or Brock Boeser. And that was possible. That hurts just a little. Can't lie!

--Gary Bettman's 25th anniversary as NHL Commissioner comes on February 1.  Let that sink in for just a moment!

--While speaking at the all-star game, Bettman said a conversation has been had on goaltender interference. GOOD!  Goaltender interference is as confusing in the NHL as what constitutes a catch in the NFL.  Ryan Kesler could pry the pads of Cam Talbot open in last year's playoff with the goal counting, but Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews brush the goalie as many players have done in the past and the goal is taken away.  I'm still for instant replay, but we can't slow it down frame-by-frame.  If a team wants to challenge for goaltender interference and it fails, why aren't they penalized. Wouldn't this cut down on challenges when teams making them having no repercussion against them when it fails.

--Saturday night was a special one at the University as the Cougar basketball teams honoured their 5th year players with six in total being recognized by Dave Taylor and Steve Burrows this year.  "Seniors night" is always special as you find out a little bit more about the players who are representing the Cougars while trying to forge their future and how busy they are in life.   When you've been doing public address as long as this cowboy, you also start feeling old as you remember players like Brandon Tull, Charlotte Kot and Caitlin Zacharias when they started.  Some have asked in the past what connection I have with Cougar athletics and in particular the basketball program.  Some are stunned when they discover I have zero and didn't even go to the U of R.  It's nights like Saturday when I realize why I do.  Hope to be a part of many more-----and maybe a celebration at this year's Nationals.

-Ronda Rousey in the WWE!!  We knew it was coming and it did as she made her appearance at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV.  One that I don't think really surprised anyone with the end results. I know Vinnie Mac and the rest of the WWE wanted to showcase the first ever women's battle royal, but having it as the last match after the triple-threat match was a mistake as the buzz was seemingly gone.  That and bringing back wayyyyy too many from the past.  That's what you get though when you don't have enough on your roster to fill out the 30 you were looking for.

--Are the Pats improved enough to beat Moose Jaw or Swift Current? The early returns would suggest no as they are 0-3 against the top two teams in the East since the trade deadline. Time will tell! Speaking of the Broncos, there aren't many junior hockey jerseys that are sharper than the whites they wore at the Brandt Centre on Sunday.

--I know Curling Canada wants to include every province and territory without eliminating everyone as was the case at the last couple of years, but is it really good for the sport when Jennifer Jones is beating the Yukon 14-1 and the team from Nunavut has been pasted twice in three tries?  The same thing is expected when the Brier hits Regina.  I guess if the World Juniors is going to have a couple of free spots on the bingo card we should expect this here too, but is it really what the sport wants or needs?

--That's all I got. Have a great week!


Unknown said...

I will have to respectfully disagree about your assessment of the Royal Rumble. Yes there were a lot of past talents, but they all equated themselves quite well in the match. it was a fantastic merging of the past, the present and the future.


Marc said...

And junior hockey has a guaranteed spot in the memorial cup. Sorry but so far the Pats do not deserve to be there this time as well as the last time they hosted

Anonymous said...


I am going to respectfully disagree with you. I thought the PPV was great in itself, but I question why WWE would overshadow a match they promoted so heavily by bringing in Rhonda at the end.

The women's RR match was fantastic, but all people will remember is Rhonda coming down at the end. Introducing her on RAW would have been the best thing to do.

As for the men's match, at least it wasn't Reigns or Cena winning, and I think everyone thought that would be the case.


Anonymous said...

Love 3 on 3 hockey, but I absolutely hate the NHL all-star game. Do we really need it?

Anonymous said...

Saw the two games this weekend between Pats and Broncos. Let's just say Regina has a long ways to go to even get close to the level where MJ and SC are. Does anyone think they will come within 3-4 goals of Sault St. Marie?