Friday, March 6, 2020

This And That

--Welcome to Friday and the weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order

--The argument over "the rouge" has started again.  The CFL doesn't need the single point.  Just abolish it.  You shouldn't be rewarded for failure.. If a kicker misses a field goal whether it be from 25 or 55 yards, you shouldn't have the chance at adding to your score.  I've always thought it was a dumb rule from the time I started watching the CFL and that was a long time ago.   Imagine Grey Cup 2020 in a tie game when the team with the ball at the opposition's 20 with 10 seconds left decides to just punt the ball through the endzone or have his kicker just drill it with no desire of it going through the goalposts.  What a momentous victory it would be!  It would be a huge black eye on the league..  Remove the Rouge I say!

--The UFC is coming back to Saskatchewan much to the delight of many.  I was at SaskTel Centre five years ago when it came here for the first time.  That was a great night and I am guessing it will be this time around as well.

I completely understand there are some who wouldn't walk across the street to watch.  I am the same way with reality television, but there are many who are excited to see the UFC return and the UFC obviously sees a market in Saskatchewan.  They could go to bigger venues like Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton, but they are coming to Saskatoon,  That should tell you something

--The WWE is returning to Saskatchewan as well with some April dates. Chances are you will see me at the Brandt Centre that night.  I've been hooked on wrestling from the days of Stampede Wrestling (RIP Exhibition Auditorium).  Its my Grey's Anatomy! Its a "rope opera" for this blogger.

--Waking up to a fresh covering of snow wasn't a surprise as we can expect that in March and April.  It just makes things so much better though when you can turn on the TV and see baseball highlights knowing opening day is one day closer.

--Is it just me or has the Vladimir Guerrero Jr hype been replaced by Bo Bichette hype?  I am not hearing a lot about VGJ so far, but I'm hearing a lot about Bichette.

--The Twitter account @asterisktour that just trashes the Houston Astros is gold!

--The Warriors-Pats rivalry will never be what it used to, but every now and then you get glimmers of the past.  There were post-game fights after Regina's win at the Brandt Centre Tuesday night that resulted in suspensions.  It all started when one of the Warriors decided to flip the puck into the stands instead if allowing Regina to have it to give to 17-year-old goalie Spencer Welke who had just gotten his first WHL win.   Yes. it was a d-bag move on behalf of the Warriors player who did it, but it shows you that even though the rivalry isn't close to the good old days, there is still a hate on when it comes to the two teams.

   If the situation had been reversed, would a Pats player do the same thing?  Yeah, I'm guessing they would!

--If there has been a Brier with more big highlight reel shots from the skips than this year, I don't remember it.  The curling we have seen in Kingston this week has been spectacular.  The Matt Dunstone rink had a tough Thursday losing both of his games in championship pool play and is now 6-3.  A playoff spot is still there for him though and  many in the  province are cheering for him.

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend.

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