Monday, June 28, 2010

Cates Gets The Nod

At least that is what Rob Vanstone is reporting after today's practice.

REGINA — Wes Cates will likely be the starting tailback when the Saskatchewan Roughriders play host to the Montreal Alouettes in Thursday's CFL regular-season opener.

Cates and Hugh Charles have been battling for the No. 1 job. Cates has been the Roughriders' featured tailback for the past three seasons.

After Monday's practice, head coach Ken Miller said that a final decision between Cates and Charles had not been made. However, Miller is leaning toward the incumbent.

"My gut instinct is that it will probably be Wes in this particular game because, in order to replace someone, somebody has to demonstrate that they're significantly better — not just the same or as good,'' Miller said.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Wes Cates whining? He hasn't done the job for the last two years and looked terrible for most of last season.
I don't know why Rider fans can't embrace change. They would still want Joseph as the quarterback if he was still here thus stunting DD's growth. Having Charles back up Cates again stunts his growth and development. He should start with Wes backing up. Doing that might get Wes hungry again.

Terry C