Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank God That Wasn't On TV

Rod Pedersen and Carm Carteri were the eyes and ears for the Rider Nation on Sunday seeing the pre-season finale from Calgary was not televised. What they painted for us was not a flattering picture.
Carm said after the game there weren't many positives to take out of the 41-17 loss. There was no running game, there was seemingly no pressure on the QB from the defensive line, there were too many penalties, etc, etc.
Coach Miller said after the game he liked the way Darian Durant, the receivers and the o-line that started the game played, but after that the compliments were few and far between.
I know pre-season results don't mean anything, but after this game there might be more questions than answers. Some cuts are happening Tuesday with the rest occurring Thursday. It will be interesting to see who stays and who goes.
Imagine if Weston Dressler had words with Ken Miller and was promptly told to go home. That prompted the team to not practice. Its a scene that would create absolute chaos on so many levels. That is what is happening right now with the French soccer team. They have not played well at the World Cup and it prompted a heated exchange between star player Nicolas Anelka and his coach. It resulted in the coach telling Anelka to go home. The French team responded to that move by not practicing. Yes, the French have seemingly given up on the World's biggest stage. I can only imagine how this is playing out back home. I know how it would play out here. SACRE BLEU!
Sunday's final 18 at the US Open might have been the worst final round in a major I have ever seen. It was just one bad shot after another with 3rd round leader Dustin Johnson completely falling apart. If you watched, you knew early on it was not going to be Johnson's day. He finished with an 82. Tiger, Ernie, and Phil all had chances, but none of those three could capitalize meaning Graeme McDowell gets the win just because he had enough of a cushion to capture the trophy. It was good theatre, but it was not good golf.
I am hearing plenty of rumours leading up to the NHL draft. I'm hearing Boston wants to trade Tim Thomas somewhere to get an additional first round pick. I'm hearing the Oilers are about to part with Ales Hemsky, the Lightning will move Martin St. Louis, the Flyers will send Jeff Carter elsewhere, the Habs are ready to deal Scott Gomez and Chicago will move players like Kris Versteeg and Patrick Sharp. Who knows what will happen, but I'm guessing it will be an interesting week leading up to the draft on Friday night. Where is Jordan Weal going to go? An NHL mock draft that I saw had him going midway through the 3rd round to Carolina. I think Weal will be a late 2nd rounder, but the fact he didn't get an invite to the National Junior camp might hurt. That mock draft also had Moose Jaw's Quinton Howden going to the Oilers with the first pick of the 2nd round. I wouldn't mind that. I think Howden goes late first round, but it wouldn't bother me one bit to see him go with the first pick of Round 2.
The debate is on as to whether or not Eric Lindros will be named to the Hockey Hall of Fame when the class of 2010 is announced later this week. Why would Lindros be considered a hall-of-famer? He wouldn't get my vote. Would he get yours?
A "Gilligan's Island" movie is being made with Michael Cera of Arrested Development and Superbad said to be playing Gilligan. I ask you who should play Ginger and Mary Ann.
That Blue Jays bullpen showed why it is likely the team's Achilles heel this year. That group does not instill confidence. Still with the Jays, it had to be an emotional trip around the bases for shortstop John McDonald. The light-hitting McDonald hit his first homer of the year on Father's Day just days after laying his father to rest after he passed away from cancer. A sad story, but a touching story in a way.
What the hell is Lady Gaga trying to prove? Read this.
Another week is upon us. Hope its a good one. Remember this.....Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little worried about the Riders performance. Could last year's loss still be haunting them?

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to discuss the Rider game.
Why is Eric Lindros and hall of fame even mentioned in the same sentence?
Dustin Johnson may never be the same. It was painful to see him play that last 18!


Anonymous said...

Lindros most certainly should not get a Hall of Fame vote, but he will. Sad that Doug Gilmour, Dave Andreychuk, and Pat Verbeek sit and wait. Dino Ciracelli scores over 600 goals, and he isn't in the Hall of Fame. Dale Hunter should have been in there a long time ago, but he won't get a sniff either.

Never mind the NHL draft. High Impact Wrestling on Friday night. Be there or be square.

On a side note, watching the Red Sox on Saturday night, and sipping a few beverages with Scruffy.....good times. Thanks man.


mongo said...

i kinda like the suggestion i read of rachel macadams as ginger and ellen page as mary anne...

thank goodness the long CFL pre-season is seemed to take forever!!! by the way i'd rather follow a team whose fans read far too much into meaningless exhibition losses than a team whose fans couldn't care's what bleeding green and white is all about...

it's a shame both lindros boys were stricken by question about their talent...

good for john macdonald...that's a nice story...

what a combination of excitement and anxiety it must be for not only the players but their parents going into the NHL draft...a life-changing moment with the announcement of their name...or worse with no announcement...


Mike from Vita, MB said...

It is evident that some guys played themselves off the Riders in Calgary. It is unfortunate that many talented guys will be let go, but performance is the bottom line. Will be interesting to see who gets cut, not only from the Riders, but from the other teams too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchell,

Didn't Quintin Griffin complain about having to play in a pre-season game last year in Edmonton and was cut on the spot by Coach Miller ?

Russ from Saskatoon