Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nets vs Raptors Preview

The Toronto Raptors are in the NBA playoffs. They had their best regular-season ever and now it is time to see if success in the regular season can be translated into playoff success as they begin a best of 7 at home against the Brooklyn Nets

The games were close in the regular season with not a lot separating the two teams.

November 26th: 102-100 Nets

January 11th: 96-80 Raptors

January 27th: 104-103 Raptors

March 10th: 101-97 Nets

In the playoffs, in order for the Raptors to claim dominance, they will have to use their young players to their advantage. All of the Raptors starters are below 30 years, while the Nets start 3-5 players above the age of 30. The Raptors are slightly inexperienced, and need to push that fact to the side. Game 1 will be huge for the Raptors, as they need to finish the series early. The Nets veterans know how to close out series, and they know how to win close and pressure games. The Raptors, on the other hand, have never been in close playoff games. If they can win game 1, and maintain the lead the entire series, the Raptors will have a great chance of advancing to the 2nd round.

PLAYER TO WATCH: For the Raptors, there are two. Forward Terrence Ross is explosive, but some nights he for whatever the reasoning of head coach Dwane Casey does not become an option for the offence. You can't go from scoring 51 one night to limited minutes and single digit scoring the next. Ross has the potential to score 20 a night if the game-plan is there and be becomes a great option if plays are designed for him, The other player is Grevis Vssquez. The bench player can heat it up at times and change a game, If he is on fire, Toronto gets a much-needed additional weapon. For the Nets, the player to watch is Paul Pierce, This guy can still get it done and with the playoff experience and championship experience he has had with Boston, he may be able to single-handedly turn close games into Brooklyn's favour.

PREDICTION: Raptors in seven hard-fought games where the margin of victory in each is less than 10.

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