Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thoughts Before The Playoffs

With the puck about to drop on the Stanley Cup playoffs, here are some random thoughts in no particular order

--A couple of weeks ago I would have taken Boston to play St. Louis in the Cup final for the fact they were the best teams on the ice. Injuries have decimated St. Louis now to the point I don't think they can get past Chicago. I am now taking L-A to play Boston with the Kings winning because of their defensive play---especially if they go into the 3rd with the lead.

--If you are going to beat Boston, you will do it in the first round. They have gone to a Game 7 the last three years---of course they have won two of those series. Remember last year Leafs fans?

--Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are rested. That should spell good news for Chicago

--Anders Lindback won his last four games, games Tampa needed to clinch home ice against Montreal. If he goes in place of Ben Bishop, the Lightning are just fine.

--I could care less if there is one Canadian team in the playoffs.

--Patrick Roy is easily the coach of the year in my mind this season. How far can he take the Avalanche in the playoffs.

--Is this the year for the Sharks? A sentence uttered every year it would seem for the past seven or eight at this time of year

--Where is Maggie the Monkey?

--How long until Jeff Zatkoff replaces Marc-Andre Fleury in the Pittsburgh net

--How ugly will Sid's playoff beard this year be

--The Stars/Ducks series might be the best one of the first round. The Flyers/Rangers might be the most intense

--I can't decide if I like the new playoff format.

--Enjoy the run to the Cup!

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