Thursday, April 24, 2014

This And That

--The weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled brain

  --The big story around these parts is the sale of the Regina Pats.  This doesn't come as a surprise, but the timing does surprise me as I thought the Parker family would wait out of respect for the Western Hockey League for the season to come to an end. I guess I was wrong to think that although I'm sure Russ would have waited had the news not leaked out because I have always found Russ to be a classy individual. It leaves the question about what type of legacy the Parker family leaves with this organization. There are two---there is the one off the ice in which their committment and their passion for Canada's oldest junior hockey franchise could not be questioned. They fostered their relationship with the Princess Patricias Light Infantry Unit and I think educated a younger generation about that relationship. They were good community partners as they were front and center at many things. However, on the ice, I think its safe to say it was disastrous. Wins are the benchmark and this team simply did not win---at least not consistently. When you get as far as the 2nd round of the playoffs only three times over 19 years and at no time reached the 3rd round, the tenureship can't be considered a success. Does that completely fall on Brent? While some will say yes and make a good argument for doing so, it wasn't Brent's fault that Garnet Jacobson ran Chad Mercier, it wasn't Brent's fault that Linden Rowat soiled the linen in a first round playoff series against Swift Current after winning the East. While Brent was not there this year, one wonders where the team would have finished had Daniel Wapple not been hurt. However, many (and for good reason) can question the non Jordan Eberle-Colten Teubert trade and many can also question what this team might have been able to accomplish had Russ not made his son the general manager. They are all valid questions. They are all ones that many Regina hockey fans have already answered.  As for Anthony Marquart and his group, I think these guys are all business and when they say they are committed to bringing winning hockey to Regina, I will believe them because that's what everyone wants. These guys are local and they know what the Pats mean to this community and what this community will do if success follows. I get the feeling these guys aren't in this to have fun. They mean business and we will see that very, very soon. I am excited at seeing what the future of this organization holds and I hope you do too. The Brandt Centre has been a ghost-town most nights and that was a definite message being sent to ownership both before and after Brent left the equation. I think the Regina hockey fan needed and wanted fresh blood calling the shots and now they have it. They will respond and in turn Queen City Entertainment will reward that response with a product Regina hockey fans will embrace. It may not come in year one, but the building blocks will be set.

 --The other big story this week was those (tongue firmly in cheek) dirty rotten cheating Saskatchewan Roughriders. How dare they go over the salary cap by 18-thousand dollars! Who the hell do they think they are? Yes, I'm being sarcastic. 18-thousand over the cap. So what, a couple of guys had an extra bonus or two for winning the Grey Cup and it put the team over the 4.4 million figure. Who really cares!~ If this team had been 50-100 thousand over the cap, I might have raised an eyebrow or two, but they were 18-thousand dollars over. WHO CARES? There are some out there who obviously do a little too much since they are saying this was a dastardly deed and changes are needed. I laugh at those people by the way. I can tell you the Riders aren't happy with the fact they were over---by even a dollar, but they weren't and because there were many salaries with a Grey Cup bonus on them, they went over. Would you rather the team had lost the Grey Cup and stayed 50-thousand under by not paying Durant, Dressler, Sheets, etc. etc. etc a Grey Cup bonus. If you are saying yes to that, absolutely no member of the Rider Nation believes you.  Jim Hopson should have no problem writing that cheque to the league and there should be no problem or no suggestions of the team winning by nefarious nature. If there are some, its just pure jealousy in my mind. I would think the Rider Nation would not complain if Calgary, BC or Edmonton won the GC and were 19 thousand over. That's pocket change. Lets move on!

  --Hey, this guy looks familiar albeit its strange to see him with that Chiefs logo.

As someone said on my Twitter account, better that be Chiefs red than Stampeders red. Amen brutha! Amen! I gotta be equal so here too is Kory Sheets with his new Oakland Raiders teammates...

 --I am fighting the urge to watch the new Avril Lavigne video. It can't be THAT bad can it? Don't answer that. By the way, I read a story today which said Avril is 29. She's been around for a decade? Really? 

 --If you aren't enjoying the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, you are not playing with a full deck. There hasn't been many bad games. 

  --Should I be surprised on a day where they celebrate the 100 year birthday of Wrigley Field that the Cubs would blow a three run 9th inning lead to the only team in the National League worse than them. Its soooooo Cubs! 

  --There are many better ways to spend a day than having to spend it with a pinched nerve in your lower back. That is NOT fun!

 --A story is circulating saying the Super Bowl champion Seahawks were only given one prime time home game because they destroy teams in night games at CLink and the networks want competitive games. BOO FRICKIN HOO!! Home games against Denver and San Francisco should be night-time affairs and one of those games should be the opener and not against Green Bay. Are you telling me a San Francisco at Seattle game on Thanksgiving night wouldn't be a ratings buster no matter the score. If the NFL truly withheld prime time games from the Seahawks because of this, that's just damn sad and inexcusable. I guess Seattle will just have to win the first prime time game of the year and the last one----that one being the Super Bowl. 

 --When is the WWE coming back to Regina? 

 --I don't think a tux and tails are needed, but its another High Impact Wrestling night in Regina. Its their version of "Wrestlemania" in an event called "Spring Meltdown". Chaos, carnage and entertainment are sure to follow. I think the event is sold out, so you will have to wait for it to come on with myself and Pete Paczko on Access 7. 

 --That's all I got. Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

When is the WWE coming back to Regina?

Anonymous said...

I can't argue with you on the Parkers. The time here on the ice was a huge failure. Gutting the team so it was somewhat credible for the Memorial Cup and then not winning is what I'll remember. If you knew you didn't have the horses, why make the bid? Good read again today Scruff.

Anonymous said...

Lets just erase one Brent Parker and the last 19 years of futility from our minds and welcome Queen City Sports and Entertainment who will likely do more in 5 years than what Brent and Russ could do in 19.

Anonymous said...

FYI...the Seahawks Sea Gals are in Saskatoon this weekend at the Man Show! Can't pass that up :)

Anonymous said...

Well said on the Riders! Could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

One does wonder what Russ Parker's legacy would have been had he not hired sonny-boy to run the ship here. Did Brent have any hockey knowledge?


Anonymous said...

I know its selfish of me, but Weston needs to be wearing clothes with an S on it and not clothes with KC on them.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg SUN is crying blue murder b cuz the Riders went over by 18k. What a loser! P.s. I remind him regularly that he must b blackmailing the SUN 2 keep his job.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Mr. Marquart and crew to start doing their thing. The way Brent went out certainly shows a thing or two about the class he has. Nothing against Phil Andrews, but perhaps this will lead to Rod going back into the p x p booth which is where he should be.


Anonymous said...

Hopson has to start smoking cheaper cigars if Riders are to make cap!

Anonymous said...

I heard all the experts this afternoon on the Cage. You all seemed to think it was okay to go over the cap. Well I'm at least a generation older than any of you and I come from the handshake era and I'm ashamed that they went over. I guess it's just a matter of morals and sadly they've changed over the years.

Anonymous said...

HIW was perhaps the best its ever been on Friday night. That match between El Assassino and Michael Clark was hardcore as hardcore can get. Tommy Dreamer would have been proud!