Monday, December 15, 2014

Are Rams Close To Hiring McCrystal's Replacement

On Monday's Sportscage, U of R Dean of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Dr. Harold Riemer joined me to talk about the search for Frank McCrystal's replacement with the U of R Rams. This is what came out of the conversation.

--They are right in the middle of the interview stage with more coming this week.  The hiring committee will meet Friday morning to see if they are at a consensus as to who will lead the team forward.

--Asking candidates where they see program going in next five years and what they would bring to that. What are their plans short term and long term. What type of culture would they be bringing in which is tied to their coaching philosophies, how do they interact with other organizations inside the University and provincial community and what type of recruiting style do they have.

--A lot of resumes have crossed his desk which is no surprise because the Rams relationship with the University is a positive one and is considered one of the more attractive positions in Canadian University Football

--Those they have spoken to are interested about the relationship between the two sides and the unique partnership. You want to understand how the relationship works if you want to come.

--The University wants someone to wants to come to Regina and not using this as an Option B. He wants someone who can take advantage of the opportunities that exist in what is an unique environment and that he can make the Rams what the University of Calgary are now.

--The goal is to have a person in mind by the end of the week and that the potential head coach is spoken to over the weekend and early next week with the new person being announced before January 1.


Anonymous said...

A complete joke. Are they hiring some type of Executive Officer or a Coach that can win games. As for not using the job as a stepping stone, then you've now relagated yourself to the B pool of candidates. U of R is not even Louisville in the football world so don't get grandious ideas.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost they need to hire someone who can coach. Someone who has won a championship at the CIS level or higher. Hiring someone because he's a charter member of the good old boys club won't cut it. They need to loosen the purse strings to attract someone with superior credentials to come here. They also need to have someone who can recruit with vigour and be successful. His qualifications and reputation should entice young men to come here. This program will not survive another mediocre coach with substandard teams.

Anonymous said...

canwest will be down to 4 teams when ubc goes ncaa div 2 and the u of r shutters the rams program.

Anonymous said...

If you can spell your name, you can attend the University of Manitoba. That is becoming an issue with schools in CanWest. As academic standards keep rising, there are less and less top notch players that meet the rising standards, which makes recruiting for the same player difficult for Regina compared to Calgary, UBC, UofS. Where do the players that can’t qualify for all the other CanWest schools go? Manitoba