Friday, December 12, 2014

This And That

The weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled mind in no particular order

--Its the story that made national headlines and I'm guessing some places in the U-S picked up on it too. Two women get into a fight at an elementary school Christmas concert. Oy vay!! Its just terrible this happened, but I gotta feel for the kid who for ever will be scarred with the fact his mom got into a fight at the Christmas concert. It couldn't have been easy for that little guy or gal to go back to school the next day. That's the person I feel sorry for the most in this whole episode. That one will leave a mark.

--Like it or not, Corey Chamblin is leaving his mark and firmly stamping it on the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Chamblin put it the best when talking to reporters this week when he said I'm not in this game to go 10-8 and not win a championship. I am here to win championship after championship after championship and I will make the changes necessary so we are in position to win year after year after year. That is going to mean some unpopular moves, but Chamblin cares about one thing and one thing only and that is winning. Is he to be faulted for that?  Corey isn't going to make all the right moves and I'm sure he would be the first to admit that, but he is going to do what he thinks is the right move and so far, I have seen more good ones than bad ones.

--Sportscage insider Arash Madani is reporting former Riders quarterback Jeff Tedford is ready to return to Canada after a solid NCAA and NFL career and become the coach of the BC Lions. If that is the case, could Rider fans get Paul Lapolice as the new offensive co-ordinator under their Christmas tree? If it doesn't happen before Christmas, I don't expect it to be long into 2015 until the announcement is made.

--Kaillie Humphries is more than deserving of winning the Lou Marsh award as Canada's athlete of the year and its refreshing to see the honor go to an amateur athlete instead of a professional one, but I thought Eugenie Bouchard would win that in a slam dunk.

--Week 15 NFL Lock Of The Week  --- Lions over Vikings
   Week 15 NFL Upset Of The Week  ---Chargers over Broncos

--Kelly Remple and I debated the situation regarding the Pats and whether or not Morgan Klimchuk should be traded with the team playing so well on Thursday's Sportscage. I say you have to do it, but it would be tough to do considering it would hurt the team in the short run,  I'm guessing there is a lot of debate as to whether or not a deal will come. As for the fan, it would suck because it could mean no home ice advantage in the first round and perhaps a first round defeat, but as good as the team is playng right now, they should be better next year.

--A question for fans of the Green Bay Packers....longtime fans. Who would you rather have for one game. Favre or Rodgers? I think I would lean to Rodgers. His resume isn't as padded as Favre's whose ink is dry, but Rodgers has many more good years in him and he is simply smarter with the football.

--I don't know how much longer we're going to see weather like this and we know we will see -40 at some point, but to have it be like this and we're in mid-December is good news,

--Belated congrats to Wavell Starr for capturing the belt at HIW last Friday night in the Kings Challenge, Wavell's part of the corporation, he has the belt and he has Lady Luck on his arm, It must be good to be Wavell these days. Can't wait for the Access tapings to start in January. It should be a lot of fun again.

--Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

how about the best green bay quarterback ever, but your like the rest mitch, only remember present day......MR. Bart Starr

Anonymous said...

Sportsnet reports Riders extend Tearius George. Good signing Taman, now go find some linebackers!

Anonymous said...

As tough as it would be to trade Klimchuk with Pats playing so well, I don't see rational way you can keep him. I just hope Paddock can make a better deal for Klimchuk than what dough-head Parker made for guys like Harding and Stuart. Those did nothing for us!


Anonymous said...

You either A) trade Klimchuk and get youth back or B) trade your youth and get some guns that can compete with Brandon and Medicine Hat. Its obvious the answer is A)

Anonymous said...

Rodgers in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

Wavell Starr in a heartbeat