Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rider News

--Three members of the team were named CFL all-stars today. The three are John Chick, Tyron Brackenridge and Brendon Labatte.

--GM Brendan Taman confirmed George Cortez would not be back for 2015 as offensive co-ordinator, but he would not say defensive co-ordinator Richie Hall is also leaving as has been reported, Taman says Hall is being evaluated.

--Taman blames himself for not having enough bullets in the gun saying the team went on a downward slide in 2013 when Kory Sheets went down with a knee injury and again this year when Darian Durant went down.

 --Durant continues to progress nicely from his torn elbow tendon and there are no anticipated problems about his return to the lineup at training camp.

 --The team may look to putting more money into scouting and adding a couple of more bodies to help himself, Craig Smith and Jeremy O'Day out.


Anonymous said...

Recruitment has been their Achilles Heel ever since Tillman left. I'm glad to hear Taman finally admit it. Now do something about it please.

Anonymous said...

had similar elbow area injury tear 2006 that durant rehabbing, never been the same and still in pain 2014.


Anonymous said...

Fire ta man !

Anonymous said...

your comparing yourself with a pro athlete???? must have been tough laying on the couch stuffing your face

Anonymous said...

Yes and no.
Durant a fat little sausage in his tight lime Roughriders jersey/pants .