Monday, November 7, 2016

Chris Jones Discusses a 5-13 Season

The Saskatchewan Roughriders officially closed the books on the 2016 season Monday afternoon as head coach and general manager Chris Jones addressed the media.

The main topic of discussion was the future of Darian Durant. The 34 year old quarterback said Sunday talks aimed at keeping him a Rider have come to a standstill and that his agent has presented the club with an offer they think is reasonable for both sides.

Jones says he does want this to evolve into a Chris Jones vs Darian Durant situation and re-iterated it is the club's desire to have Durant continue his career with the organization he has spent his entire 11 year career with.

Other items of note from Jones

--When asked to grade his team, he gave them an "F" saying when you win 5 games, you aren't very good.

--Several free agent camps will be held before Christmas as the team looks for players who can help them moving forward

--The wording of contracts will be restructured in the wake of the Bruce Campbell and Maurice Price "retirements"

--The entire coaching staff is expected to return

--The team needs to find a couple of defensive backs, some defensive linemen who will give them a push up the middle, a younger quarterback should Darian not return and a couple of offensive linemen.

The entire Jones news conference will be on Monday's Sportscage starting at 4 on 620 CKRM. If you miss it, go to the podcast at www,


Anonymous said...

Gives the team a grade of F? I hope that applies to the coaching staff as well!

Anonymous said...

If Jones lets Durant walk, he can hop a railcar out of town to wherever. Maybe Toronto can take him and his staff off our hands.


Anonymous said...

perry perry perry quite contrary,

Let Durant walk - affirmative - YES!
Hop a railcar out of town to wherever - negatory - NO!
Toronto - negatory - NO!
Let Mr. Jones run his team the Saskatchewan Roughriders anyway he wants - affirmative - YES!