Monday, February 13, 2017

Something To "Mitch" About

There is still a lot of buzz about the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Johnny Manziel. Did they work him out? Is Justin Dunk's story wrong? Did White House press secretary Sean Spicer give the news to Dunk? OK, that's my thought as to how that might have happened.  It doesn't matter what sources Dunk had for the story, the bottom line is it has tongues wagging not only here, but across the nation and really across the football universe.

ESPN was talking about it. NFL Radio was talking about it and even TMZ was talking about it. By the way, credit the above pic to U of R Rams quarterback Noah Picton. Well done!

Do I think Manziel worked out for the Riders? The answer is no! I put up a poll on Twitter asking if you thought the Riders had done it and over 60 percent of you said no as well.  Yes, Chris Jones has not played by the book, and he has been punished for it, but Jones isn't that stupid.  He would know Manziel's rights are owned by another club and that working him out would be a huge violation and one that would rightfully see the CFL come down on the organization in harsh fashion. If it is discovered that it actually did happen, then some serious questions have to be answered.

If there is one positive, it has people talking CFL before free agency because there hasn't been a lot of CFL talk for whatever reason as the league has seemed content to let the other sports have the spotlight while hibernating.  That will obviously pick up on Tuesday though as free agency begins.

As for CFL Week, we will get some information on that later today as the CFL is holding a news conference in Regina to give some details on the event which goes next month.

LET THE FREE AGENT FRENZY BEGIN -  Valentine's Day takes on a little more significance for CFL fans as they hope their team can get some "sweet treats" delivered to them Tuesday.  Will the Riders be a big player in free agency?  I would think they would try to get some o-line and perhaps a running back. You would have to think that in saving money after the Durant trade, there might be some money to throw at guys like Derek Dennis and Nolan McMillan.  Could some money be used to upgrade the secondary? I don't know how big of a splash the Riders will make in free agency, but I would think they will be active.

RUNNING BACK TO SASKATOON -  Rider assistant GM Jeremy O'Day let it slip while appearing on Saskatchewan's #1 sports show that training camp will go in Saskatoon. O'Day made the revelation on the Sportscage while discussing the schedule. Nothing against Saskatoon and the facilities at the U of S, but I thought with the first year at the new stadium that training camp would be in Regina. I do have to wonder though when Regina will once again be the training camp home for the green and white. I would have to think this is the last year in S'too, but I'm not making that call.

WELCOME BACK -  The Regina sports scene suffered a blow a couple of months ago when Leader-Post reporter Ian Hamilton "retired" as did several others.  Ian has re-surfaced though as the senior writer for That's a solid pickup in free agency by the green-and-white. A solid pickup indeed.  Welcome back Hammy!

IS THE SHIP STILL FLOATING?  -  CFL free agency is upon us, and the Toronto Argonauts don't have a general manager or a head coach! Who is going to do their bidding for them? Moving to BMO Field was supposed to save the Argos, but ever since that move happened, the situation has gotten worse. How much longer can this last?  Maybe TSN's Chris Cuthbert was right when he said the Argos should trade for Manziel's rights and then try to lure him north of the border.  There may be more wrongs than rights to that scenario, but there would certainly be more eyes on the team. By the way, whatever happened to Michael Sam?

CMON HENRIK!!  - If you haven't seen what Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist did to Minnesota's Jared Spurgeon on Sunday, go check it out.  After you have seen it, listen to Henrik Zetterberg when he tells a reporter "I don't think he meant to spear him in the face." Really?  Henrik, what was he trying to do then?  By the way, what type of suspension will Nyquist get.  I am thinking a minimum of five, but these days who knows!

ON TO THE PLAYOFFS -  There was no doubt going into the weekend that Dave Taylor's U of R women's basketball team was playoff-bound. They got ready for the playoffs with a couple of dirty beatings to Thompson Rivers.  The men's team had to sweep Thompson Rivers just to get in. After winning Friday, it looked like the Wolfpack would earn a split as Regina just couldn't get their game together missing some easy baskets. However, Steve Burrows' squad showed some character as thanks to some big efforts by 5th year Travis Sylvestre playing his last game at home, Brian Ofori, Johneil Johnson and Alex Igual, the Cougars came back to get the win they needed.  They will be in tough next weekend in Winnipeg as they play Manitoba. They can pull off an upset, but it won't be easy. The women will wait to see who they get as they have a first round bye with their playoff series at home starting Thursday, February 23. I hope on that night that A) the gym is full  and B) Dean Kleisinger--father of Cougar super soph Michaela and all around good man does not wear the same sport jacket he wore Saturday as he took some good-natured and dare I say well-deserved grief. You knew that jab was comin Dean! :) The only thing worse was the warm-up garb for Thompson Rivers!

BACK TO WORK -  Pitchers and catchers report this week. Another baseball season is here! I have no problems with that whatsoever!

That's all I got.  Have a good week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Do you really think Chris Jones knows where to draw the line? I don't.

Jim Bob

Anonymous said...

There are some quality o-lineman out there. Riders need to get some of those guys and then hope Labatte, Best and Clark are fine.


Anonymous said...

What a great pic!