Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vince Young's Agent Starts Negotiations With Riders

And with that from Leigh Steinberg, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have people in the football universe talking about them again.

Last week, it was Johnny Manziel, and now it is Vince Young as Leigh Steinberg has confirmed talks are underway on bringing the soon to be 34 year old to the Riders and the CFL.

Chosen as the third-overall pick in the 2006 draft by Tennessee after taking Texas to a national chapionship in a dramatic win over USC at the Rose Bowl, Young had his moments under center for the Titans. Compiling a 30-17 record, Young threw 42 touchdowns and 42 picks in Tennessee before later starting three games for the Eagles during the  2011 campaign.

Young later emerged to sign a one-year deal with the Browns in 2014, but Cleveland released him less than two weeks later. The 6-foot-5, 230-pound passer announced his retirement from the NFL soon after.


Anonymous said...

The stupidity of jones and murphy is absolutely mind boggling.
They are making the riders the laughing stock of the cfl
this is absolutely stupid of jones and murphy.

Anonymous said...

Why? There is no valid reason as to how this is a positive. Roddy and you accurately and fairly dissected this from many angles today and there is no good reason.

Anonymous said...

If it weren;t for Toronto, Anon 1 would be right.

Jones is out of control. He has too much power. He needs someone like Hervey to rein him in. He is destroying this football team one day at a time with moves like this.

If this team is 2-7 at the break, send him packing! Send Reynolds packing too. He made this mess!


Anonymous said...

Vince Young can't be the only washed up former NFL quarterback out there. C'mon Jones, keep em comin!