Friday, February 24, 2017

This And That

Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--Regina lost a true great this week. Gord Currie was a great football coach, a great educator and a tremendous man. The words of wisdom that he gave to many in this community will not be forgottten by those he spoke to. Many that played with him for the Rams know what type of individual he was as he shaped them to be the person they are today. His departure leaves a big hole in our community.

--We are in the homestretch of the WHL season, and it is safe to say someone has some explaining to do in the scheduling department.

Wednesday night's Pats game in Saskatoon was the end of a 5 game roadie which saw them play 6 games in 9 days in 6 different cities. On the March 3 weekend, they will play three games in three days with that third one being an afternoon game in Brandon.  That's insane!  I realize the league tries to do things in mind with keeping education at the forefront, but what the Pats are going through right now is just stupid as far as I am concerned.  I am sure if I looked at other teams I could find anomalies in their schedule too.

--Since when did NHL goalies become unable to play back-to-back nights?  Several times this year I have heard coaches say they didn't want their guy playing on back-to-back nights  because of the toll it would take on them.  I'm sure the legendary Glenn Hall laughs at that when he played over 800 consecutive games.  Goalies do need nights off, but I think its OK if you play them in back-to-back games.

--I have said before I think its ridiculous when a guy gets laid out in open ice with a hard, clean check that he then has to drop the mitts and stand up for himself as someone comes in.  The idea was floated out this week on NHL Radio that if a player comes after someone for delivering what is a clean check, he should be given a 10 minute misconduct and a game misconduct. I could not agree more!

--The Seattle Seahawks held a media combine this week for you know whats and giggles. I can truly hope the Saskatchewan Roughriders do not try to do the same thing. Then again, training camp is in Saskatoon and I won't be there so go ahead and do it up there.

--The Arizona Coyotes told their fans to stop doing the wave.  1) God bless the Arizona Coyotes and 2) They have fans??

--Baseball is back!!

--FS1 is getting rid of Jay and Dan. ?????   How that network can release those two and keep Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe around is beyond explanation.  I can't see it being much longer till TSN snaps them back up. Would they go in where Dutchy and Hedger are or would they take over their old slot and bump Kate and Natasha.  Can they go head to head against Tim and Sid doing the same type of show and rid of us of those two?  For that matter, would they go to Sportsnet? No matter where they go, many Canadians will follow including this guy.

--Thank you Chris Best!

--It may only be one win, but Penny Barker has one at the Scotties. It has been a tough week for the Moose Jaw rink, but at least she can take one positive away from the week. Maybe she can finish things off with another "W" today to finish off round-robin.  As for Michelle Englot, she just continues to roll along. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her game as this week has shown. I'm not betting against her in the playoffs.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris Best is right. Played in 4 Grey Cup games. I'm guessing that is a franchise record because we all know we don't get to that game very often around here.


Anonymous said...

Hope Michelle wins the Scotties this weekend for Saskatchewan, I mean Manitoba

Anonymous said...

NHL goalies for the most part are S-A-W-F-T.....SAWWWWWFTT!

Anonymous said...

4 Grey Cups. Does that mean Best would be the all-time leader in that catgory?

Anonymous said...

No doubt the Pats are in a bad part of their sked right now, but I am guessing all teams have had stretches like this or will before the season ends.


Anonymous said...

Pats destroyed Speedy Creek last night and out shot them terribly