Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What Did You Miss Tuesday?

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--The CFL is taking the unique step of instituting a cap on football operations which will start at the beginning of the 2019 season.  Teams will be limited to a coaching staff of 11 and other football operations staff to 17. The total compensation for those 28 employees is not to exceed $2.738 million. "Our players’ salaries are capped, but we had some other expenses that were growing significantly faster than our revenues so we started to dig in and look at those." CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie said to TSN. " Our non-player football operation costs have been growing much more quickly than other expenses.”

--Chip Cox is heading back to Montreal.  The 34 year old linebacker will be spending his 12th year in the CFL--all with the Alouettes.

--People are snapping up Grey Cup tickets. The Edmonton Eskimos say 51,000 were sold in the first four days of ticket sales meaning there are less than 5000 remaining.

--Lou Lamiorello is making his impact be known on the New York Islanders.  Lamiorello, who became president of hockey operations two weeks ago, made himself the new general manager after firing Garth Snow and head coach Doug Weight.

--A cardboard souvenir of Connor McDavid's rookie NHL season has fetched enough money to buy a luxury car.

McDavid's ``2015 Upper Deck The Cup'' rookie hockey card, which includes the Edmonton captain's autograph plus a small scrap of an Oilers jersey, sold for US$55,655 at a recent online auction.

According to a release from vendor PWCC Marketplace, that's the highest sales price ever for a ``modern'' hockey trading card. To put it in perspective, the card sold for about the same price as a lower-end Porsche.

PWCC defines modern cards as those produced from 1986 to present.

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Anonymous said...

CFL head office need start looking in their own backyard and cut their bloated operations expendatures. Le5s start with Ambrosie and his over inflated excessive salary.