Friday, August 7, 2015

Ben Heenan Waived By Colts


Ben Heenan could be on his way back to Saskatchewan. 

The injury suffered by the former Rider and U of S Husky at Indianapolis Colts camp on Wednesday has been diagnosed as torn cartilage that will need surgery to repair. He will be on the shelf for 4-6 weeks. 

As a result of the injury, the Colts say they have agreed on an injury settlement with Heenan and have waived him.

Heenan can try to find another NFL job, but it is expected he will return to the CFL and the Riders. However, Heenan is a free agent and can go wherever he wants. 


Sally and the Rider Girls in 306 said...

Come back Ben! We love you! Lots of cap space with Durant and Glenn on the 6 day injury list.

Anonymous said...

Sign with Bombers

Anonymous said...

Once Ben heals, he will be back in green. I think they will try to add Jones as well should he become available. No doubt that locally we produce some of the best O-linemen in the CFL. Could you imagine Heenan, Jones, Labatte and Clark on our O-line. All local guys. Saskatchewan does produce terrific linemen.