Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rider Roster Changes


The Saskatchewan Roughriders made the Blake Sims signing official on Tuesday. Sims quarterbacked the University of Alabama to the national semi-final where the Tide--then ranked #1 in the nation--lost to eventual champion Ohio State.

At the same time they announced the signing of Sims, the team announced Canadian receiver Scott McHenry and import linebacker Telvion Clark have been released.  Head coach Corey Chamblin then announced after practice Jamel Richardson is no longer with the team as it is time to look at some younger players. While Chamblin would not say who he is looking at putting in that spot, one would have to think the role will go to either Naaman Roosevelt or Devin Wilson.

Richardson leaves the Riders having caught 19 passes for 266 yards and no touchdowns.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought.

Do you tinker with the ratio and put Demski into Richardson's spot to put another American on the defensive side of the ball where the help is needed.

Anonymous said...

Cue the "should have kept Pierchalski" comments. What has he done in Ottawa anyhow? Has he caught a pass?


Anonymous said...

Word is Wilson got JRich's reps at prakky today.

Anonymous said...

Taman signing Richardson was a joke in the first place. But it gets worse. The defense is broke so Chamblin cuts a receiver. That'll fix things. When will this nightmare end?

Anonymous said...

Nope, Alex Pierchalski (spelling?_)hasn't caught a single pass