Friday, August 21, 2015

Higgins Out, Popp In as Alouettes Make A Change

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Montreal Alouettes owner Bob Wetenhall announced on Friday that he has relieved Tom Higgins of his Head Coaching responsibilities.

"General Manager Jim Popp will take over the duties of Head Coach at this time. Our management and I have full confidence in Jim, as do our players," said Wetenhall.

"We have made this change as we believe it is in the best interest of our team, and especially our fans. We all wish to express to Tom our affection and respect, as well as our appreciation for the contributions he has made to the franchise."

(Alouettes Football Club)


Anonymous said...

And people thought the Riders were dysfunctional.
Something is going on behind the scenes or was going on.

Anonymous said...

Jim Popp ....#oldhabitsdiehard

Anonymous said...

Lazy azz 3 -5 mediocre teams not condoned by Mr. Wetenhall.