Friday, July 7, 2017

Jonathan Newsome Explains Exit From Riderville

On Friday morning, the Ottawa REDBLACKS announced the signing of former Riders d-lineman Jonathan Newsome.

Riders head coach/general manager Chris Jones had said a difference of opinion led to the release, but he wouldn't say what it was.

Newsome took to Twitter moments after he had signed with the REDBLACKS to give his side of what went down.


Anonymous said...

"messed up around here" - he is not the first player to say that about life with jones. Must be truth it it !!!

Anonymous said...

"Messed up around here" is an understatement. The wrong guy left town.

Anonymous said...

Sure only idiots think that the players should run the team. Newsome has not excelled beyond ordinary during his time in Riderville & it didn't help when he decided his opinion was more important than Ed Phillion (Defensive Line coach) & DC/HC Jones. In pretty well every football team anywhere at any level. If you're not a team player & willing to do your job, you're gone! JN was a disruptive influence within the team & had to go.

Newsome's comment is his attempt to save face so that he can get signed by another team.

My prediction - Newsome will be cut by the RB's 1 1/2 weeks from now.

Bailey BBB said...

New’s still with Ottawa! Looks like your prediction was as stupid as your take on the situation :)