Monday, July 17, 2017

Lulay Gets Start for BC This Week

The news about Jonathon Jennings’ wounded shoulder probably couldn’t be much better for the B.C. Lions.
After an MRI, the Leos’ star pivot appears to be in clear.
Jennings told reporters Monday at the team’s training facility in Surrey that his range of motion was already better than the day before.

Head coach Wally Buono said he was “relieved” at the news.
The Lions host the Blue Bombers on Friday; Travis Lulay is slated to start.
The veteran put up the best-ever performance by a backup on Saturday, after he came in early in the game in relief of Jennings.
Lulay threw for 436 yards after relieving Jennings, who hurt his shoulder on the first play from scrimmage.

(Vancouver Province) 

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Anonymous said...

This stat is so messed up. He was basically the starter except for one play. Most other people come off the bench after several plays. He should get a * beside that stat