Friday, January 10, 2020

This and That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order.

--I get the feeling that Sunday night around 6:30, I should just put my phone away or turn it off.  With all the Green Bay Packers friends that I have (yeah, I need better friends), I will be spending more time texting trash than I will watching the game.  It's going to be a lot of fun either way.  It will be better if Seattle moves on to the NFC title game against either the Vikings or 49ers.

--We all knew Cody Fajardo was a tough SOB, but we found out how tough this week.  Fajardo revealing to Derek Taylor on Wednesday's Sportscage that not only did he battle through a torn oblique, but he also had a dislocated shoulder that he suffered in the Thursday night win over Hamilton on his last second touchdown and that he broke a finger on his throwing hand later in the year.  Its stuff like this that just makes the love affair this province has with him grow.

--I love the fact that Gary Stern, the new co-owner of the Alouettes, said he thinks the Argos suck when the announcement was made about the purchase of the club.  Get that rivalry going!

--Congrats to former Rams alumni Marc Mueller for getting promoted to quarterbacks coach in Calgary.  Now when Bo Levi struggles we will know who to blame.  :)

--Former Pats captain Adam Brooks is making it tough for the Leafs to send him back to the American Hockey League.   He has three points in five games since being called up by the Marlies.  Not bad for a 4th liner.   Keep it up Brooksy!

--I wasn't surprised to see Max Paddock get traded, but I did think the Pats would get more for him than what they did.  Word is the team was seeking a first-round pick in the bantam draft, but teams seem reluctant at this point to part with their first-round pick.  Could the Pats have gotten more if they waited until Friday.  We'll never know. Best of luck to Max in Prince Albert.  Sadly, the Raiders won't be back at the Brandt Centre this season so Regina hockey fans will have to wait until next year to see him in another team's jersey.

--The firing of Tim Hunter in Moose Jaw did not surprise me.  As someone told me at the Brandt Centre on Wednesday night, he never should have been coaching to start the season. I think there may be a lot of skeletons in the closet that will never be revealed in Moose Jaw.  I've heard stories, but none of them have been confirmed so we'll leave it at that.

--I have many friends who root for the Bruins, Leafs and Canadiens.  They have been quiet this week after losing to the Oilers.  By the way, the Connor McDavid goal in Toronto was the goal of the year and the highlight goal of his career.  He will have to do something extra-special to top that.  I hope he sent a card to Morgan Rielly who "conveniently" announced the next day he has been playing through injury.

--There are rumours suggesting both the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are leaving Sportsnet at the end of this year with both heading to TSN.  If true, it is another example as to the disaster the NHL deal has been for Sportsnet.  It is only one that has 10 years left on it.   Whoever crafted that deal on SNET certainly wasn't a visionary.  I am guessing those at the three-letter are just sitting back and warming their hands by the fire.

--The Cougar basketball teams are home this weekend to Brandon.  If you have never been to a Cougars game or even if you have been, this is a great weekend to come down to the CKHS to check out some U of R athletics.

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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