Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anderson Fined/Simon Sits Again

Defensive back Dwight Anderson was fined for objectionable conduct Wednesday by the CFL.

The league fined Anderson for making a "throat slashing" gesture towards the Edmonton bench in Saskatchewan's 39-18 season-opening win Saturday.

Anderson was also penalized for being abusive towards officials during the game.

He received two objectionable conduct penalties in the contest for his actions.

As per league policy, the CFL didn't divulge the amount of the fine.


Riders head coach Corey Chamblin has ended the speculation early. Even though he said he would be ready to go by Friday, receiver Geroy Simon will not play against Calgary on Friday night. Simon continues to recover from a leg injury suffered two weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes Joe Sixpack knows a bit. Rider management is getting exactly what Joe warned of when they signed Simon and Anderson. An old has-been and a trouble maker.


Mike MN CFL Fan said...

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