Sunday, July 7, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

Impressed by the Riders, not impressed with my golf game. That about sums up the weekend.

The green-and-white certainly have a lot of people talking and for good reason. Their 2nd half performance on Friday night was a dominant one. However, Corey Chamblin remembers how his team started last year and how they finished. He isn't going to let the fact that his team is the only team that hasn't got a number in their loss column disturb his gameplan any. This will be where we see how much Chamblin has matured as a head coach. I'm not saying he got cocky or the team got cocky when they started 3-0 last season, but they learned some lessons after that happened and now its time to see if what they learned will translate to their performance. I think it will, but it will be tough going into Toronto on a short week of rest and battling the Argonauts.

I LOVE the intro on the Maxtron before the Riders come out with the countdown now. That was great!

Is it safe to say that after two weeks of play that the Riders are the best looking team out there? They are certainly the most complete football team, but it is two weeks and there is a long ways to go before this book will be written. There should be some excitement though, because I think this team is a lot better than the one we saw last year at this time.

How about yesterday's game in Guelph! Was the story the upset win by the Eskimos or the fact that the teams played the game in monsoon-like weather. I haven't seen a game played in conditions like that for quite a while. It was downright ugly at the end. In the end, do you go the Eskimos aren't as bad as you thought or the Ti-Cats aren't as good as you thought. I think Kent Austin has a lot of work to do in Hamilton----a lot of it.

Kavis Reed gets a contract extension in Edmonton. That's ummmm......ummmmmmm.....OK The mmoving on.....

Former University of Regina Ram Brett Jones looks like a seasoned veteran out there and not someone who is just starting his rookie season. The guy was phenomenal on Friday night and he's only going to get better. The Riders and those that missed out on Jones made a mistake there. In fact, Jones perhaps should have gone number one overall the way he has started.

TSN is the exclusive home of the CFL and I understand that. What I don't understand is why TSN would devote a full 15-20 minutes on free agent frenzy day before even getting to a CFL highlight or preview. That is just wrong on their part. I know they can't be perfect, but surely there has to be someone there to realize that they should perhaps stick with the CFL after Friday night football instead of going to Sportscenter. In fact, I had someone ask me recently why TSN doesn't do a post-game show. That's a great question and its one I can't answer. They should!

Should the Riders take a page from Guelph and put in some green and white checkerboard endzones??? Those are hideous!

Now that the CFL season has started, you should follow "Fake Marc Cohon" and "Fake Arash Madani" if you aren't already. The two are gold!

The movie Despicable Me 2 is outstanding....especially if you love the Minions and how can you not love the minions??!!

I won't get into specifics, but I have had a number of people ask me if I have listened to something recently because its so bad. I finally had the opportunity to last week and those people (including some who read this) were 100 percent right. I don't know is all I can say. I just don't know.

Anderson Silva got beat??

I caught 5 minutes of Big Brother on Sunday night and saw Aaryn. Is she good or is she bad?? Me likey!!

The Blue Jays send three players to the all-star game and maybe a fourth yet they are last in the American League East. Methinks the all-star game would be a perfect time to send John Gibbons packing.

Sports needs more people like Munenori Kawasaki. How can you not love that guy?

The vibe around the Regina Red Sox seems to be different this year and so does the standings. The team has seemingly lost its hitting touch. That needs to get turned around in a big hurry if mission threepeat is to be successful.

Jarome Iginla---you are going to Boston a little too late, but as the guys at TSN pointed out, you at least finally made Aaron Ward right albeit two months late.

CKRM Rider Radio analyst Matt Dominguez apparently said Friday night that its time to get a new look for Gainer the Gopher. There is no need for that to happen. Gainer is great just the way he is.

As I said on Twitter over the weekend, TSN is now showing CFL ads with Buck Pierce playing chess. Why wouldn't they film a commercial of Buck getting his vital signs taken or in a hospital bed?

I once again have this desire to see someone smoke Worksafe Bob during the 3rd quarter stretch. It would at least make that stupid song more bearable. Am I the only one creeped out by Worksafe Bob?

I remain adamant that "Pud" from Dubble Bubble comics is a visionary whose greatness has not yet been seen.

I still wonder who made the decision to allow Arsenio Hall back on late night television.

Am I the only one who wants another day between Saturday and Sunday? I thought not.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

also creeped out by Worksafe Bob - totally

Anonymous said...

Big test of Chamblin as a coach the way he prepares the team for a big game on a short week.

Embrace the song! Its a great one.


75flyersbestteamever said...

Hey MB
Watched a bit of Big Brother too Sunday and Aaryn is the chick amongst a couple others who probably have a nice natural gas fueled ornamental cross on her lawn to speed up her KKK meetings.

--These meatheads forgot the microphone catches EVERYTHING they say so the world will change for her when she gets out. (TMZ reported she already has lost her job in the real world)

That being said people can change (like into a string bikini and zips her piehole for a long time)and all may be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

The Regina red Sox have done a poor job constructing the 2013 team. Very poor management to assemble a group that can't even play .500 ball. It appears the Red Sox are returning back to the also rans they were in the past. very disappointing indeed.

Anonymous said...


Just a quick point – I find your (occasional) cryptic, passive-aggressive musings such as today’s about being asked to listen to something because it's bad, confirming it's horrible and then refusing to go into specifics – a bit annoying. Either fill everyone who reads your blog in or text the four or five people who actually know what you’re talking about.

Really enjoy the blog and appreciate all the time you put into it!

Robb E.

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah Robb E.