Sunday, July 14, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

Did you get to Craven? Did you spend the weekend? Are you going to work today? I am guessing there are quite a few people who may be taking an extra long weekend after spending it at the Craven Country Jamboree. With the exception of a Saturday afternoon rainstorm, it sounds as if everyone had a good time again out there. I'm sure stories will once again be told about activities on the grounds---stories that will last a lifetime. Then again, there are people out there that may not remember a lot about what happened over the past few days and will have to be told of what took place.

There's a shot of CKRM morning duo Jamie Lewis and Gloria Evans doing their thing. Look at those shades! Does that prove right there that Jamie may be the coolest man in radio today. They were out at Craven doing their thing Thursday and Friday morning. In fact, all the RM announcers were out there all weekend long. They won't know what to do back in their confined studio this morning.  I was going to head out there on Saturday, but that afternoon storm made me re-think my plans. Its been a few years since I wandered into that mayhem, but I do have to get back because it is a great time. If it wasn't for the fact, I was getting my little munchkin back from the grandparents on Friday, I may have snuck out with Pedersen and Schultz for Four Seasons Football Friday.

Everyone is talking about the Riders and why not? They arguably are the story of the CFL after the first three weeks. The offense is clicking, the defense is clicking and the green and white look great. It is only three weeks in, but is there anyone across the country that doesn't feel Kory Sheets has been the best player in the league. He can't keep up the pace he's on can he? If he does, he will absolutely shatter the single season record for rushing yards in a season. As I've said before though, the better he is, the more likely it is he's not in green as at 28, he has some yards left in the tank and any American player that can take a shot at the NFL will jump at it. He might not be a starter, but he would be in the NFL and he would be making a lot more $$$$ than he will make in Saskatchewan. I hope he stays and I hope GM Brendan Taman is trying to get him to sign another contract, but why wouldn't you peddle your wares south of the border if you're having the type of season he is.

There's a lot of concern about Darian Durant's foot, but he seemed to put a lot of people at ease with a tweet on the weekend saying x-rays came back negative. I can't see Durant on the field practicing normally with his teammates today, but I see him under centre for Sunday's game against Hamilton.

With Hamilton being here, it means the return of Kent Austin. This game means more to the fans than the organization in my mind. The fans haven't forgotten Austin and how he has run away from this team twice after leading them to a championship. Some think he betrayed the team by going to Ole Miss after the Grey Cup win thinking he could have won another championship or two while here while others had no problem with him going. Some believe he carries that Midas Touch and that championships will follow and that's fine. I'm happy with Corey Chamblin and so are a lot of others. 2007 was a long time ago and I don't think there's anyone on the active roster except Darian who was here when Kent was here as coach. To the players, it will just be another game. I just hope Coach C nips it in the bud early this week as far as going up against Austin.

Watching the games this weekend, I've come away with one thought. That is that the Eastern Conference teams have a lot of work to do compared to their Western counterparts. The Alouettes are no longer what they used to be, the Argos don't seem close to being at that championship calibre they were at last year, the Ti-Cats have a long ways to go--especially on defence and the Bombers have a long ways to go--especially on offense. The best teams are Sask, Calgary and B.C and I think you can flip that coin every week to see where those three land. Things can change as we get into September and October, but right now three teams are way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Does Lions  kicker Hugh O'Neill know he is kicking with a muskrat attached to his face. That guy should be on the Canadian rugby team. FEAR THE BEARD!

Kavis Reed, how ya feelin!! That was a blatantly honest assessment of his team and I applaud the honesty!

I'm in the Co-op on Sunday and I see this...

If you have Dressler chips and Simon chips, who are the "big game" chips for. If its a big bag, they should be named after an o-lineman or something. Cmon Co-op, don't let this opportunity slide by!

Is it true that a media member in this town went to the airport on Friday to greet the Argos wearing his shirt inside out? That is so vintage Mitch!

Whatever happened to Gainer's car? A gopher needs wheels!

Does Regina have a mascot? No, Chad Novak doesn't count.

I have seen bad commercials before, but the latest Mio "Squirt" ads are without a doubt the worst. As I have said in the past, who approves these?

Has anyone had the "Poutine Pizza" from Pizza Hut. Sorry, but that's not for me. The same can be said for the butter chicken pizza.

Did you catch "Sharknado" on the Space Network this weekend? What a cinematic treasure! It makes me wish for a "Gophernado" on the Prairies!

The best sports nickname remains the Lehigh Valley IronPigs---that is the Philadelphia Phillies double A affiliate.

Do we have a wrestling turf war in Regina? There is the established High Impact Wrestling that moves into its new home at the Hungarian Club on Friday night and now, one of the wrestlers from High Impact has drifted off and started his own promotion---Central Canadian Wrestling with a show at the Austrian Club next month? Two promotions!!! This can only be good can it not?

Damien Sandow won the "Smackdown" Money in the Bank match meaning he will likely at some point in the next year be the WWE heavyweight champ. Damien Sandow? Cmon Vince, what are ya thinkin?

I would have loved to see Mark Henry beat John Cena, but all WWE fans knew that wouldn't happen especially with one of the major PPV's coming next month.

Remember Sean O'Connor. The former Moose Jaw Warrior is playing in Germany. His antics in the playoffs at the Brandt Centre that year has to be one of the top 3 moments in the rivalry between the Pats and Warriors. Then mayor Pat Fiacco had the ceremonial opening faceoff and for some reason even though the home team is supposed to "win" the faceoff, O'Connor had it in his mind to start being a pest before the series had even started by winning the faceoff. Curtis Hunt was the Warriors coach at that time and he tells a great story about that saying he never game permission O'Connor to do so, but O'Connor thought he had. I thought Fiacco was going to punch him out. The crowd would have gone nuts.

How many of you cringed watching David Hearn miss a five footer for his first PGA win. That will leave a scar and its one that may not properly heal until he gets his name in the winners circle.

If the Blue Jays are going to salvage their season, John Gibbons must be removed before the team re-convenes.

Weidman-Silva 2 will be a must-watch!

I am hoping Sportsnet or Sportsnet 360 will give us Onrait and O'Tooles show on Fox Sports 1. Like Vanstone, I want ESPN and I also want Fox Sports 1. I'm not greedy. If I was, I'd be asking for the NBC Sports Network as well.

Here's one to take with you this morning....whats the difference between arguing with a woman and a knife. Your answer----the knife has a point.

Have a good one!


Jordan P said...


I've been watching Speed TV over the past few weeks. They're promoting how their network changes and becomes Fox Sports 1 in August.

So for at least a brief period, Canada will still get to see Jay and Dan. That is, until TSN and Sportsnet complain to the CRTC about FS1 being too much like their own networks and put the Kybosh on it.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with ya more on the power shift between divisions. The East might have better QB'S as a whole, but the West have better teams. Edmonton gets a crossover again with Toronto and Hamilton being the playoff teams.


Anonymous said...

Hearn will see that putt for a long time. I had a bad feeling when he walked up to it. Tough break!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I can guarantee you that SPEED won't be on your cable package come September 1. A few years ago, TBS suddenly turned into Peachtree and we still don't have TBS again. Expect the same thing here.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Blue Jays hired Gibbons in the first place. Something definitely has to give with the Jays because the team IS talented with arguably the best bull pen in the the league and first class hitters like Bautista, Ecarnacion and Lind.

Admittedly, starting pitching could use some consistency, Buehrle being about the only exception.

And as sad as it makes me, the Jays need to talk a stronger stance with some of the guys not quite living up - and yes, that includes my one and only Arencibia. With Thole more than capable, Arencibia may need to talk a few weeks in the minors and get himself back on track. I believe in his capabilities and give him the benefit of the doubt more often than not, but something has to give there.

I also like the idea of Lawrie at 2nd. His strength as a fielder will be helpful in the centre. Hopefully he can keep his emotions in check.

I'm going to stop - I haven't even gotten to CFL yet.


Anonymous said...

Im going to Germany this winter and it is now my intention to find a game where Sean O'Connor is playing and boo him. I HATED THAT MF! Do you know what team he is on?


Anonymous said...

Kavis Reed is somewhat pouty I would say. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Anonymous said...

We is screwed without DD!

75flyersbestteamever said...

Love the idea of the Gophernado but,...
..Ranchers get ready when freaky snowstorms and cows blend to make
CALVE-A-LANCHE!!!. You better "BEEF" up your property.

Sharknado was the worst flick I'd seen since the "SY-FY" channel down south made some crapola movie last year starring Greg Brady, Danny Partridge and...BIGFOOT I think the finale had Brady shooting a Bazooka from a Hang Glider and wiping out Bigfoot on the face of Mount Rushmore
(I/d love to have the meds these filmmakers take to make such "fromage") totally made my kids weekend to see these films

Anonymous said...

Jamie Lewis a Bono wannabe with a pot belly.On the lighter side things today, what's up with Kavis Reed ? Did he have a mental breakdown after the game at the media scrum ? Wow, never seen a human being act so strange and weird, not healthy.

Anonymous said...

-Arielle, please tell more, don't leave off there. You had a good opinion going until you stopped at CFL ....