Sunday, May 25, 2014

CFLPA Issues Statement

This letter from Scott Flory comes at the same time the two sides announce they will go back to the bargaining table on Wednesday,

CFLPA Statement to Facts 

(STONEY CREEK, ON)  The CFL Players’ Association and President Scott Flory feel that it is important to clarify a number of points and outline specific information from 3 separate documents issued by the CFL.  The first was a direct letter to every Veteran Player, the second ‘An Open Letter to Canadian Football League fans’ and the third ‘CBA Myths and Facts’, the latter 2 posted directly to   
I have also included other information as per the links below, where the League has made statements that are now contrary to their negotiating position.  In spite of the League ambushing the PA Executive and strategically breaking the trust of our media agreement during our last attempt to negotiate a new deal on Wednesday May 21st, the CFLPA Executive Negotiation Committee have utilized our time wisely and are now anxious to get back behind closed doors to negotiate in good faith, a deal that will get both parties a fair and equitable CBA that will stand for many years to come.   

FACT: Mark Cohon boasts about 6 of 8 healthy franchises at Grey Cup 2012.   
FACT: Players’ salaries are the only regulated form of spending on the teams.  Profitability varies due to differing business models, which is why our proposal is based on revenue.  
FACT: The Commissioners argument that we cannot compare ourselves to the other major professional sports leagues is just not true, we are all the same, just on a different scale. Their real issue isn’t a salary cap tied to revenue, it’s a league wide system of revenue sharing so all the teams can exist through good times and bad.   
FACT: Our initial monetary proposal would still allow for a distribution of an additional $1M per Club.   
FACT: Winnipeg’s revenues grew by $7.5M to $24.2M with a new stadium, a rise of approximately 45%. We can only assume Hamilton’s and Ottawa’s revenues will be comparable.   
FACT: The standard set by the other North American sports leagues is the salary cap is approx. 50% of total gross revenue.  Our initial ask is for 25.7% of Winnipeg’s revenue, 33.6% of Edmonton’s revenue, and 18% of Saskatchewan’s revenue!   
FACT: Our proposal provides for a salary cap of 35% of revenues. This percentage is based on a league wide average that excludes the high and low teams as outlined in the 2013 financial statements provided by the CFL.  This does not include the new TSN TV revenue!!!! 

Scott Flory - CFL Players’ Association – President 


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott:

Quit being a greedy SOB. The league is offering you a nine percent hike. Get that to 10 or 11 and strike a deal. This league can't afford a walkout and it would appear owners are willing to share the pie somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Scott, but you guys aren't going to win this PR battle. Get to work!

Anonymous said...

Teachers get a seven and a half percent increse over four years from government and they do a helluva lot more than football players who have been offered an immediate nine percent increase. If you don't want to play football, go get a real job.


Anonymous said...

I'm a CFL fan. I give a rat's a$$ about the NFL but I find myself silently hoping Dressler makes it down there just to shut up those that keep preaching the NFL gospel. I figure it would be worth losing #7 if the CFL got a bit of respect from those 'American worshippers'

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