Monday, May 12, 2014

Riders Extend Hopson's Contract

Saskatchewan Roughrider Chairman of the Board Roger Brandvold announced today the contract extension of President and CEO Jim Hopson. The one-year extension will see Hopson continue in his role with the organization into 2015.  
Jim Hopson came on board in 2005 as the Roughriders’ first Chief Executive Officer and over the past nine plus years, fans have seen many changes on and off the field. The changes and a focus on excellence in all areas of the operation have seen the Riders reach the Grey Cup four times in the last seven years, winning championships in 2013 and 2007. A new level of expectations has been set and Jim continues to focus on building long term stability with championship level football supported by strong business acumen.
Off the field the Riders continue to excel as a business and achieve record profits. Over the past few years, the organization has won Paragon Awards for both marketing and community involvement; been named as one of Saskatchewan’s Top 100 companies: selected one of Saskatchewan’s Top 20 Employers; a regional winner for Most Admired Corporate Culture; and an Honorary ABEX Award Winner. These have all been steps in achieving the level of excellence Jim desires for the organization.


Anonymous said...

When the day comes Hopson is no longer with this club, they had better find someone who can even come close to being the type of businessman he has been. I shudder to think where this team might be and who could be running it if he hadn't come around.

Anonymous said...

The new prez and CEO of the Riders will be the one the only Pat Fiacco!

Son of Obama

Anonymous said...

2011 was a major screw-up for Hoppy as he gave Ken Miller wayyyyyy too much power, Four GC appearances and two GC wins more than make up for it though.

Anonymous said...

I can only wonder where this team would be had it not been for Hopson. He certainly wasn't perfect with every decision, but the track record shows the brilliance he has brought. It will be interesting to see who his replacement is.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Setting everything else aside he should still make it to the "Plaza" just because he fired Roy Shivers!

Anonymous said...

The new CEO won't be Pat Fiacco. He's found his niche with the Hospital's of Regina Foundation....a softer position where he can use his name and charisma to raise money.

Anonymous said...

Pat Fiacco will not in anyway, shape or form be considered for this job. He was all talk and very little results. He could perhaps be looked at for Mazurak's job, but what CEO would trust Fiacco?

Here is the plain truth. Prior to getting elected Mayor, Pat was a Salesman. He kissed the ring of Darlene Hincks and was provided the blessing and machine to run.

Glen Davies the City Manager has said elected officials can say anything to get elected, but it's his job to close the gap. When Pat left his political buddies dumped Haverstock at Sask Tourism for no reason other than to get him into the fold. Sask Tourism worked fine and there was no reason to fire her and create this new treasury board crown corp.

Long story short his short tenure as CEO was one mistep after another, and rather than fire him he was told it's best for him to move on.

He is now running a much smaller organization with the title of CEO where in all practicality it's an Executive Director for a not for profit charity. Hospitals of Regina has been run very well so the only place to go is down.

He doesn't have the executive ability or gravitas to take over for Jim Hopson. He's also upset a lot of people politically, and he doesn't have clue one about what it takes to report to a Board.

Marty Klyne would be an outstanding candidate for this job.

Anonymous said...

Charisma? He has no charisma, he looks like a unshaven bank robbing character from the Flintstones, with greasy hair to boot. Dumb as a boulder from the Bedrock rock quarry.

Anonymous said...

Setting everything else aside he should still make it to the "Plaza" right alongside Mr Roy Shivers!