Thursday, May 15, 2014

This And That

The weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled mind. Here we go in no particular order

--I saw the start of the CFL draft on TSN Tuesday night, but I only saw the first few picks. It wasn't THAT bad was it? Where did commissioner Marc Cohon go? He was there one minute and gone the next never to return. Did he get whacked by Scott Flory and thugs from the players organization? Did he accidentally walk into Jennifer Hedger's dressing room and well........? Did he perhaps do us all a favour and beat the hell out of Cabbie? Whatever it was, he disappeared for some unknown reason.  Why would TSN then alienate many by not having the rest of the draft available. The fact is was only available to those on Rogers or Bell just reeks and there are many fans who have a legitimate reason at being po'ed with TSN.

--We are less than a month from the Riders opener against the REDBLACKS at Mosaic barring CFL labour woes. Sadly, I don't think that game materializes as something I never thought would happen appears to be reality. I think a CFL players strike will be disastrous, but it would seem as if the players firmly have the  public on their side going in. It baffles me as to how the teams can think they can keep a majority of the money they are getting and not share the wealth.

--I think Rider fans are going to LOVE 2nd round draft pick Alex Pierzchalski. The wide receiver, out of Toronto, has a swagger to him already and it sounds like he loves having an opportunity to play for Rider Nation.

--Right or wrong, Maurice Price of the Calgary Stampeders was free to tweet whatever he wants in this a society of free speech. However, if I were to go into a full movie theatre and yell "FIRE", I would pay the consequences for my free speech. So is Price! There are just some things better left unsaid Mo. You can feel that way if you want (and many disagree), but don't be surprised if there's a backlash and punishment of some kind. This whole situation has brought the social media and the athlete debate back into the spotlight because some NFL'ers were also fined for offensive tweets regarding Michael Sam. I don't think a league can tell a player what he can and can't say and that ultimately its up to the player to convey his thoughts. If those thoughts are deemed wrong by someone, he will have to own up to them in some fashion.

--If you caught the Sportscage Tuesday night, you heard what was first rate commentary and analysis from former Rider Luc Mullinder. He took his game to a whole new level with his commentary on the players who were drafted. Luc is one of the reasons why Rider Radio and CKRM's sports coverage is off the charts and its only going to get better.

--Best wishes and speedy recovery  to Al Ford after the cowardly attack on him outside the south Albert liquor store Monday afternoon.

--It sounds like CJFL player of the year and former Thunder quarterback Asher Hastings may get a solid look at being the number 1 pivot at MacMaster this year. I say ALRIGHT!!! Go get em' Asher!

--Is Sidney Crosby the Peyton Manning of the NHL? They can both get it done in spectacular fashion in the regular season, but the playoffs are another story.

--The San Jose Sharks continuously collapse in the playoffs yet they stick with Todd McLellan while the Pittsburgh Penguins immediately think its time to gas head coach Dan Bylsma in the wake of the Penguins elimination to the Rangers. Is this an indictment on the Sharks and a sign they don't care about winning or are the Penguins pushing a panic button? The best coach in the NHL is Mike Babcock and he isn't winning the Cup anytime soon so is it time to think about making a change in Detroit. NOPE! It makes me wonder about the agendas of the Penguins and Sharks and what they want for their future.

---Hey Vancouver fans, your old head coach could be going back to the Stanley Cup and is at the worst one of the final four teams in the NHL. How does that feel?

--I'm guessing the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year award won't be going to Milan Lucic.

--Should there be some concern over the fact one Regina kid went in the recent WHL bantam draft and his selection wasn't well into the 200's--231 to be exact! Add that to the fact only 7 Saskies went in the first 5 rounds or 110 picks and it makes me think something is terribly wrong. Is there anything to worry about when it comes to producing future NHL'ers from this province?

--Mosaic Place converted many mens rooms to female washrooms on Tuesday night to accommodate the "ladies" in attendance at the Backstreet Boys concert. One can only wonder how many "cougars" were prowling the streets of the Band City Tuesday night. I can only hope Rob Carnie is in one piece this morning.

--One last thing and that is my deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Crystal McGregor (Heisler). After a long battle with cancer, Crystal could not fight any more and left us Thursday night. Her fight was an inspiration to many and it is with tremendous sadness that I write this. I was hoping a few weeks ago to get a quick chance at saying  hi and giving her a hug telling her to fight on at an exhibition basketball game where monies raised went to her fight. When her husband Paul said she couldn't make it and that she wasn't doing well, it left me with an empty spot and I didn't even know her as well as many others. Dance in the rain Crystal! Your courage and resolve was second to none. Your pain is gone now, but your memory will live forever with many.  My good friend Rob Vanstone has a very good story on Crystal in today's LP. You can see it here


Anonymous said...

creepy jennifer hedger comment perv

Anonymous said...

Great comparison between Crosby and Manning. Can't deny it though.


Anonymous said...

Dance in the rain Crystal! The pain is gone now.

Anonymous said...

RM has many great football analysts but Mullinder might be best one.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting take on Price comments

Anonymous said...

Creepy comment ^¥€}ert! Next to you go to a 7-11, see if you can buy a new brain!

Anonymous said...

Where did Cohon go? I like the Hedger line...its like that Klondike commercial perhaps.


Anonymous said...

I never thought of Crosby and Manning in that light together, but you can't argue it.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100 percent on Mullinder. A lot of the RM analysts assembled are great but he may top the list.

Anonymous said...

Crystal is an inspiration to many. Her battle was tough, but many are stronger because of it.

Anonymous said...

maybe... wich one do you beg for change & smokes in front of?