Thursday, May 1, 2014

This And That

--The weekly collection of thoughts going through my muddled mind in no particular order

--What a great first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs! It seems they always are and that the level of play descends a little bit from there, but with Boston-Montreal, Pittsburgh-Rangers and LA-Anaheim meeting in Round 2, will it this year?

--It looked dicey, but my prediction of a Kings-Boston final lives on!

--The San Jose Sharks are considering changing their name to the "Sharts" after this year's playoff performance because they came up with one big "shart".  I have to think the dynamite is about to be placed under that team and its time to start over. I will be shocked if Todd McLellan is behind the bench next year and I will be just as shocked if Patrick Marleau, Joe Thornton and Dan Boyle are there. The Sharks still have young talent in Pavelski, Couture, Vlasic, Irwin and Wingels so you don't have to start from square one, but you do need to give that team a serious overhaul.

--Playoff disappointment will be a valuable learning experience for a Colorado team that I think may be the best team in the West next year. What's not to like about them?

--Wouldn't it have been ironic if considering the state of Colorado's marijuana laws, Clayton Stoner would have gotten the series winner for the Wild instead of Nino Niederriter.

--The World Hockey Championship roster has been out for a while and while David Perron and Ben Scrivens will be on Team Canada from the Oilers, I don't see the name of Jordan Eberle. Was he invited and said no? Was he invited? Was he hurt? Did I miss something?

 --Kudos to the Riders for doing a DVD on the championship season. The 70 minute long piece will be selling for 14.99 at Co-ops across the province and the various "Rider Store" outlets.  Its good to see them pick up the ball that the CFL fumbled by not doing such a thing. I can't wait to see it.

--Some people ask me if my appearances on "Sportscage" are scripted because Rod and I end up having great discussions. The answer is NO! Its called chemistry and the two of us have it more times than not. I just sit down and away we go. Last Friday, a great discussion started with Locker Talk co-host Pete Paczko about the 2013 Grey Cup and how no one is really ready for 2014 to start because we then have to truly say goodbye to 2013 and start making new memories good or bad. I haven't talked to one Riders fan this off-season who hasn't watched the game again and still has it on their PVR (guilty on both accounts). They still get goosebumps when watching it because of everything that game meant and how well TSN brought it to us that November night. That game may be truly be "Rider Nation" at its best. Can it get any better? If so, please explain because I don't think you can get any better than winning it on your home turf in a stadium that is a Canadian treasure that will soon be no more.

--Word is new Pats owner Anthony Marquart will be in the CKRM building next week to meet with the bosses and start dialogue towards future Pats broadcasts. I can't wait to meet Mr. Marquart and congratulate him on being the new owner. I think this guy and QCSE is exactly what the starved Regina Pats fan is looking for. I don' t know if he can turn it around in one season when it comes to the on-ice product, but he's going to give it his best shot. Rod and I were discussing off-air (and some of it on-air) what we would like to see. If even some of those ideas come to fruition, I think we will see the start of a successful relationship.

--News stories out of Alberta say a measles outbreak has hit. It only has me wondering if Cougar womens basketball coach Dave Taylor is on a recruiting mission to our neighbouring province. I keed Dave, I keed!!!

--I am still choked over learning "Fine Frames" in the Northgate Mall has closed up shop. That place provided an excellent stop for Christmas gifts in the past. It looks like more online shopping may have to be done unless I can find a new place that sells the stuff they did. I am hoping they have relocated somewhere.

--Is it just me or is the size of some potholes in Regina bigger than in years past. There are some that if you put a cover over top of it might be able to house a family of two. Lets just say the city has some work to do this year.

 --The WHL makes a big deal about its bantam draft and why not. It might be the only time some kids hear themselves getting drafted. Yeah, I wish we could see the fruits of a draft quicker than what we do, but the rules aren't changing any time soon.'

--The youngest daughter plays her first softball game of the year Sunday. Once again, that first game happens in the month of May. SIGHHHHHH!!!! Global weather girl Tiffany Lizee said the 20 degrees we hit Thursday was the first time in over 200 days it has been over 20 in the YQR. Really?

 --Rob Ford. Oy vay!

--I'm beginning to wonder if he will see some kind of work stoppage in the CFL. It seems to me neither side is in a big hurry to get this done and training camps are coming. I think it will be a huge disaster for the CFL if they allow some kind of labor disruption to affect them. There has to be more money for the players after the massive deal signed with TSN. The league has perhaps never been in as good a shape as it is now and there seems to be a realistic chance that all the momentum that has been built is going to go up in smoke.

--The debate is on after it was revealed the U of S is getting 52-grand from the Riders 50-50 which as we know is the bread and butter for the U of R Rams. Some wonder why the Huskies should get that much money when they do nothing to help sell tickets. That is a debate I'm not wading into.

--Biggest surprises in the first month of baseball----Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins
--Biggest disappointments in the first month of baseball ---Pittsburgh Pirates,  Boston Red Sox

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Blair, you have already waded into it by bringing it up.

$52 grand ain't that much, what I'd like to know is, what did the Rams get last year??

Anonymous said...

A work stoppage will kill the CFL in some places. You think there ie excitement for CFL in Winnipeg, any excitement in Toronto will be squashed, the same can be said for Hamilton. The players can not afford to walk off the job.


Anonymous said...

To anon 1:

How much do the Rams get from 50-50? I don't know the exact answer, but they should be getting more. How many Rams personnel conduct the 50-50? How many Huskies personnel help? To not do a damn thing and get 52 grand is a crime if you ask me. THe Regina Riot do more than the Huskies and they don't see anything.

I don't know what the exact breakdown is, but the fact anyone in Saskatoon sees a cent from this is asinine. I know people who don't buy 50-50 tickts because they are from Stoon. That's fine! I wouldn't buy a ticket to help the Huskies program if in Saskatoon either. Bottom line is its a joke the Huskies get anything from a campaign that is 100 percent Rams.


Anonymous said...

The Rams get a bulk of the 50-50 money because of their involvement. It isn't fair for the other teams to have their hand out when they don't want to work the 50-50 unlike Rams volunetters, but the Riders want to share the wealth amongst the university and junior teams as well as Football Sask.

If the Riders stopped the Rams from doing this, it would be disastrous for football in this province thus I'm OK with the current equation. That being said, it would be nice to see some people get off their ass in Saskatoon and help out.

Anonymous said...

Another "Grade A" move by the Riders by producing a DVD of the 2013 season. I would like to have a DVD copy of the game and the Western final, but perhaps I'm asking too much.


Anonymous said...

The Riders have taken a share of the 50-50 sales since it started. Huskies,Rams and Hilltops were given the option to sell tickets at games. Hilltops and Huskies had trouble providing workers and opted out because the return was'nt there. As the Rams built the 50-50 into a successful fundraiser the whining started from Saskatoon. The Riders have split there portion and supported the Thunder,Huskies and Hilltop programs. Is the Rams portion fair? They built the program,volunteers walk up and down the stairs and stand in the parking lot selling tickets.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked they were the Saskatchewan Roughriders, not the Regina Roughriders, the 50-50 is supported by people from all over Saskatchewan.

The Rams get the majority of the money so stop you bellyaching

Anonymous said...

What's Obama's take?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha lol. Don't encourage the court jester.
On 2nd thought, I haven't heard my daily joke yet.

Anonymous said...

And all the heavy lifting is done by Ram volunteers! Instead of taking handouts maybe chip in some volunteers.

Anonymous said...

The Sharks are the team that can get it done in the regular season and can't get it done in the playoffs. They are one disappointment after another. It must be killing your old buddy Remenda.

Anonymous said...

The potholes are horrible. This might be the worst year for them I've ever seen.