Thursday, May 8, 2014

This and That

The weekly set of thoughts going through my muddled brain in no particular order

--Kory, Kory, Kory. What the hell are you thinkin? Kory Sheets isn't the first football player to be caught with marijuana nor will he be the last, but again what the hell are you thinkin? You have wanted to get back into the NFL for a long time and a great opportunity presents itself to you and you perhaps flush it down the toilet by getting caught smoking dope. The NFL is cracking down on players who do this type of thing and Sheets hasn't even gotten there yet. I still expect the Oakland Raiders will have him at training camp, but he already has a big strike against him. What's the spin-off should he not make it? I would think his leverage with the Saskatchewan Roughriders has gone down a little as the team will make him an offer and if he doesn't want it too bad. I'm sure teams would jump to throw money at him, but will the CFL step in and take some action against him, If the CFL were smart, they would have some kind of enhanced drug policy in its new deal with the players and Sheets could feel the wrath of that policy. I have no problem with him doing what he did, but he has to suffer the consequences and those consequences may cost him his dream of playing in the NFL. I hope that joint was worth it.

--As expected, the NFL draft was full of intrigue and drama Thursday night and it all centred around Texas A and M quarterback Johnny Manziel. When you thought he might go, he didn't. When you were hoping he would go, he didn't and when the opportunity came around again for Cleveland at the 26th pick which they traded up for, you knew they weren't going to let one pass by.  Twitter may have blown up had he gone to Dallas at pick 16. That would have been great theatre watching Jerry Jones and today's version of Joe Namath together. If you saw "Draft Day", did you see any similarities into that movie and the events of last night?

--What has happened to the stud running back in the NFL? For the 2nd straight year, there was no running back taken in the first round. There are many good quarterbacks ready to come out, but right now the only running back being considered as a first round prospect is Todd Gurley from Georgia and he is projected to be a late round pick. What has happened to the running back?

--What is TSN going to do without the NHL and five channels? Is TSN Jets going to become a thing of the past with Winnipeg games on one of the five channels. The same can be said with Ottawa. Will the relationship with Hockey Canada be extended meaning perhaps more Esso, Telus and RBC Cup games on. Will more curling be on? How much ESPN programming will we be getting? What expanded CFL coverage can we expect?  I would think you can expect to see a lot more NBA, NCAA and MLB. but how much? What properties will Rogers drop because of the NHL and will TSN pick it up. If so, I would have to think there could be some Canadian university sports on and that would be a good thing. One thing for sure is TSN isn't laying down after losing the NHL. They have sent a message.

--Speaking of TSN, have you seen the "Go for a Rip" video featuring a lot of the TSN personalities including Brian Williams and Vic Rauter. Check it out! Its these humourous things TSN does that keeps them on top. I can't see Sportsnet coming even close to doing something what TSN has done because of their "dry" personalities. Then again, I don't want to see a video of any kind with Hazel Mae in it. 

--The Jays bullpen needs work, but the team got through the first six weeks of the season and they are still in relatively good shape in a tough AL East. Can Alex Anthopoulos find a 3rd starter to go along with RA Dickey and the resurgent Mark Buehrle. If he can, Toronto could make some noise. There are several guys out there Anthopoulos could pursue including the Cubs Jeff Samardzija, Wade Miley of Arizona or the Phillies Kyle Kendrick.

--The WHL final between Portland and Edmonton is once again a dandy. It will likely go seven.

--I still think the Raptors got jobbed by officiating in Game 7 against Brooklyn, but its time to move on. I just wonder now how much attention Canadians will pay to the Raptors when next season comes along after what they did this year. Did their playoff performance and the TV numbers have any impact in this country or province. I know a few people here who became NBA fans watching Toronto play. Time will tell.

--It really doesn't look good when the government is trying to promote safer driving and introducing tougher legislation for those who text and drive and then having one of their high-profile cabinet ministers get caught with cellphone in hand while driving. Lyle Stewart says getting caught was embarrassing. I should hope so!

--The CFL has now made it official. Pass interference calls can be reviewed. I am afraid they have opened up a Pandoras Box on this one. I just see more negatives than positives.

--I spoke with Riders president, CEO and damn good guy Jim Hopson Wednesday afternoon it was revealed the economic impact of Grey Cup 101 hit 93 million dollars. I asked Jim if the amount would have been that high had the Riders not been in the game and he didn't think it would have been. It begs the much of GC 101 festivities would you have taken part in had the Riders not been there. Would you still have gone to the game? I would think Riderville and the other hospitality rooms would have still been buzzing and there would have been a lot of excitement, but there would have been some kind of hangover effect. The other question is if we had an economic impact of 93 million for this game, what will it be like in seven or eight years when we host it again with a brand new stadium and a city that will have grown again. I would say 100 million is a certainty.

--Best of luck to Scott Flory in retirement. The classy Reginan didn't get the chance to go out on his terms because of injury, but it doesn't diminish what was a great career. There were two no-better linemen in the 2000's than Flory and Gene Makowsky and both were U of S boys. Both are hall of famers and both had careers they can be definitely proud of.

--Golf's unofficial major is this weekend as the Players Championship is happening at the famed Sawgrass layout---famed because of the signature 17th hole. I shudder to think what I would get playing that hole. Its less than 100 yards I believe which means pitching wedge, but I would be closing my eyes and praying to the golf gods. That being said, I would love the opportunity to try it out for real and not on the PS3.

--Just when you think perhaps the Wild, Bruins and Ducks are out, they come up with huge wins. Can the Rangers do the same?

--If you see a number 60 out there with the LA Kings, that would be Jordan Weal. The Kings have called up the former Regina Pat. I would love to see him get an opportunity, but I doubt he will unless the injury bug hits.

--24 Live Another Day had me hooked within the first 10 minutes. When will the world learn you just don't f### with Jack Bauer. I've been a fan of that show from year 1.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

the message is get ready to see sportscenter repeating 19 times a day on FIVE channels.

dennis said...

24 was great,hoping the ratings are good and it comes back for another season.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I've said since Rogers got the NHL contract is they will need better people. Duthie, McKenzie, Miller, Cuthbert, Ferraro etc. etc aren't going anywhere and that leaves us with a lot of baaaaaaad p x p guys out there. I'm sure Mark Lee will resurface somewhere in the Rogers consortium, but Cole should be done. Rogers should be looking for talent and if Peterson isn't part of the mix then there is something wrong.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

5 TSN's are a little extreme if you ask me.

75flyersbestteamever said...

Five TSN channels may bring three big things...
1) "Mitch Ventura's' wrasslin' TV show goes national

2) HARD KNOCKS -Lingerie Football League version

3) 2015 Tim Hortons Brier-after dark coverage

Anonymous said...

"Go for a rip" is very very funny.

Anonymous said...

Sheets needs to grow up. No doubt about it. He will likely spend the rest of his football career in the CFL and hopefully its in green and white.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your Monday and Friday columns, it always a good read