Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lions Fire Benavides

The BC Lions Football Club announced today that Mike Benevides has been relieved of his duties as head coach.

“Today, we made the very difficult decision to relieve Mike Benevides of his duties as head coach of the BC Lions,” said Wally Buono, GM and VP of Football Operations. “Our football team experienced a very tumultuous season. Still, we believe as an organization that the team we had assembled was capable of more than what we accomplished in the regular season and in the playoffs. In short, we underperformed and failed to meet both our own expectations and the expectations of our fans.”

Benevides served three seasons as head coach for the Lions taking the reins from Buono following the club’s 2011 championship season. In that time, he led the Lions to a 33-21 regular season record.

“Mike is a very good coach as well as an outstanding husband and father. His commitment and loyalty to our organization was endless and we wish him the very best in the future,” added Buono.


Anonymous said...

Not a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Wally has to be blamed here. What did he do to set up Benavides for success? He didn't add players the way Taman did in 13 with championship experience.

Anonymous said...

Next head coach of the BC Lions----Danny Barrett! Wait and see!

Anonymous said...

The Lapolice to the Rams talk can stop, because he will be taking a resume to BC when he goes there for GC.

Anonymous said...

Is Wally's vacation over? I'm guessing we will see him on the sidelines again in 2015,

Anonymous said...

Danny Barrett?!! Please explain!