Monday, November 24, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

The combatants for Grey Cup 102 are known. It will be the Hamilton Tiger-Cats versus the Calgary Stampeders in the big game as Kent Austin will try and win in Vancouver what he couldn't win in Regina last year. He can thank punt returner Brandon Banks for having one more game to play. That guy was unreal on Sunday. His second touchdown was just sick and really it should have been his third as one was called back due to penalty.  Meanwhile, the Stampeders used some big plays to sink the Eskimos who were sunk when Mike Reilly's foot gave out late in the 4th.  The Stamps will be heavily favoured as they should, but I'm guessing around these parts the Ti-Cats and Austin will be favoured.

Speaking of Grey Cups, I am guessing we aren't forgetting about this little event that occurred one year ago today....

I don't know about you, but I still get shivers watching that. I've watched that game four or five times now and I still think my favourite play in the game is the Durant fumble that Sheets snatches out of mid-air and runs with. There was no way the Riders were going to lose after that was there. Fast forward to present day and the body still hasn't cooled with everyone offering an opinion on everything Riders. It seems like the offseason from Grey Cup win to the start of this season was the off-season no one wanted to end and the off-season we are in now is one the Rider brass and many of the fans would like to end in a month so we could get going again.

Just some other odds and ends...

 --Are we seeing a changing of the guard at the CFL's most important position? The final four quarterbacks last year were Darian Durant, Henry Burris, Ricky Ray and Kevin Glenn. Yesterday, it was Jonathan Crompton, Zack Collaros, Bo Levi Mitchell and Mike Reilly. Although, I think we all know Durant would have been part of the equation last year had it not been for what happened.

 --How much longer can the Edmonton Oilers fanbase go before they see a team that is competitive. The excuse that was Friday's game against New Jersey and Saturday's debacle against Chicago has to be close to the last straw when it comes to Dallas Eakins. In fact, I was surprised Sunday morning to find out he hadn't been given the heave-ho.   It goes higher than Eakins though. Kevin Lowe needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Its obvious he can't get the job done. Owner Daryl Katz must see this and with the team getting ready to move into a new building, the time is now to start showing Edmonton hockey fans there is a future to look forward to. The waiting is over. Who's kidding who, the coach on those Boston Pizza ads is a better motivator than Eakins. 

--If this isn't one of the best smack signs ever, I don't know what is. It comes from a Texas high school football game over the weekend...

--OK, maybe its time to start noticing the Toronto Raptors.

--The whole Maple Leafs salute to the fans/not saluting the fans after the game is the biggest non-story out there. WHO CARES???

--Its sad that political correctness cost the PA Raiders their mascot after just one game. No one had a problem with "the Raider" 20 years ago when it donned their jersey. It just makes me shake my head.

--From the UFC, Paige Vanzant made her debut this weekend and it was a success. If you don't know who Vanzant is, you may want to. Why?

Ohhhhh. I don't know.
Giants receiver Odell Beckham had what might be the best catch I have ever seen. If you didn't see it, check this out and watch it over and over again.
Sorry Arizona, when you can go into CenturyLink Field and beat the Seahawks in a meaningful game, you've done something. You still have a ways to go to beat the champ! That effort by the Seahawks D shows they aren't ready to give up defending the crown.
The Atlanta Falcons just continue to make me scratch my head. It is just one brainfart after another with them and it will cost them a playoff spot or a playoff game. That is three games this year they should have won, but gassed it at the end.
Thanks to the Colts, I am still in both of my Survivor pools, I was hoping for help from Miami or the Rams, but both blew it in the end.
It was just a matter of time till Sting showed his head in the WWE. I thought it would be at Royal Rumble or this Monday's RAW. I thought Daniel Bryan would come back to surprise "The Authority" at Survivor Series, but nope. Was it at least a good PPV?
Fred Stamps says he has played his last game for the Eskimos. I am guessing the REDBLACKS have already contacted his agent.
There are Rider fans hoping the team throws great gobs of cash at Weyburn's Brett Jones who will be a free agent. Don't bother. If what I heard this weekend was correct and I'm guessing it is, he is off to the NFL with word around the campfire being the Patriots might have the best shot. Lets see where that goes.
Danny Macioccia is one win away from coaching a Grey Cup and Vanier Cup champ. How many times has that happened?
That's all I got. Enjoy your week!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Brett Jones if he makes the NFL but at the same time I'm really bitter at Taman because Brett never played those two years for us. What a screw up.

Anonymous said...

How did the Ti-Cats score 23 points when they hardly ever had the ball in that game a year ago? Oh yeh, a Richie Hall defense. That'll do it.

Anonymous said...

Favourite part of game waa the final few moments ticking down and my seven year old son looking at me saying 'Dad, why are you crying, the Riders are winning? I will never forget that.


Anonymous said...

Big time screw up. Every team passed on Jones in the first round. EVERY TEAM!! Jones told scouts he was thinking about giving up football didn't he? It scared a lot of teams off including Calgary in the first round. Nice try Taman hater, spin the wheel again!

Anonymous said...

The day of the draft I kept watching team after team after team take another player instead of Jones going WTF? Stefan Charles went ahead of him too. That's a collective whiff by all GM's.


Anonymous said...

No doubt the best part of last year's GC was that clueless look on Hank's face when the ball went past him.

Anonymous said...

Falcons owner Snidely Whiplash needs to spend less time hanging out on the sideline and more time demanding accountability from his coaching staff.
The fact that Smith still has a job this morning pisses me off.


75flyersbestteamever said...

I wonder how "Lowe" Edmonton has to stoop before the Axe falls
---FOR PETE'S SAKE look 3 hours south of Oilernation and a team full of nothins are capturing the hearts of fans with their never say die fight in most games.
..when it comes to getting it right behind the bench making an impact refer to the Flames.
...Coaching may be the issue but chemistry is BIG too. The Core of this team isn't making progress.
..MacT's "bold moves" so far must be whether he prefers to pick #1 or #2 at the Entry Draft.

Anonymous said...

Beckham catch was unreal! Had to rewind and watch several times.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paige!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 1.....I think every GM takes blame here and some more than once for not taking Jones until ROund 2.


Anonymous said...

Viktor Vasilievich Tikhonov
( 1930 - 2014 )
CCCP Hockey

Anonymous said...

re: Raiders Mascot

20 years ago no one blinked at this, but then 20 years ago people offended by this now were back in their home country or under a rock. Political correctness has gone way too far. Can we bring some common sense back into the discussion? If it didn't offend anyone then, why now? Its like kids not being allowed to have a "Christmas" concert anymore. Its a joke!


Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 3.

Taman haters can suck on it and so can Durant haters!

Anonymous said...

you and ta man can suck on whatever you're referring to, ditto the ant

Anonymous said...

If you're a Taman booster you're blind. In the past three years how many bona fide CFLers has he discovered? I'm not talking about free agent signings. I'm talking about CFL rookie. The list is pretty short it's Kory Sheets. With the exception of Ottawa (First year) the rest have all brought in several stars.