Monday, November 10, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

Has winter arrived? It did in Calgary Sunday morning as I looked out the window of the hotel at 530 AM as I awakened to catch an early flight back to the Queen City after calling what was a disaster of a playoff game for the Regina Rams on Saturday. In fact, that pic was from my seat on the flight that was delayed by almost an hoour as they de-iced the craft.  Why do they let you on the plane when they know you are going to sit there for an hour. I never understood that!
I'm glad what they had in Calgary isn't coming here. It may be mid-November, but I'm not ready for snow yet and I think I speak for many when I say you aren't either.

As mentioned it was a disaster for the Rams on Saturday in Calgary as they were embarrassed 56-0 by the 4th ranked Dinos and embarrassing may be a kind word. It was the worst effort of the year for the Horns and while they didn't dress the lineup they wanted to defensively because of injury, they just didn't come to play while Calgary did.  I had some people ask me what its like calling a 56-0 game when your team is on the bottom end of that score. Its not a lot of fun, but it wouldn't be a lot of fun being on the other side either. I think all p x p guys come in wanting a game to be at least close going into the 4th quarter or 3rd period. Sadly, that doesn't happen all the time and you have to keep motoring on which is what Marco Ricci did on Saturday. With the game being online because of the Rider broadcast, I'm sure the only one listening at the end was our operator Grant Biebrick and that's because he had to.

If I learned one thing from the weekend, it was the fact that the Dinos have learned well from another team that plays at McMahon about what its like to be cocky and have a lack of class. I don't mind a guy celebrating a touchdown, but when its 49-0? That shows a distinct lack of class as far as I'm concerned and I had no problems letting people know about it. As Marco knows and I think those that know me as well, I would ripped a Ram on air as well had he done that in the same position. You win with class and you lose with class. As mentioned, perhaps the Dinos have gotten that trait from another football team that calls McMahon home, but like the Stampeders. the Dinos have done very little when it comes to winning titles.

I couldn't help but wonder what was going through Frank McCrystal's mind as his coaching career ticked away in one-sided fashion. There is a lot of talk about what this Rams team will look like after Frank. I don't know when his replacement will be named, but I know there are many names being tossed about. Former Rams now Stamps assistant coach Marc Mueller tried to make it sound as if he wasn't as interested as some think he is during a half time interview Saturday night. I like Marc. but I didn't believe him one bit. He was politically correct with his statements and that is what he has to do at this time. I still think when all is said and done that the right choice is to go with Mueller and all he has to say is I want the job for it to happen.

I didn't see much of the Riders game, but I did see the final stages of the 4th quarter. Its good to see the team win, but how much are we really going to take out of that game? It will be a much different story next Sunday afternoon at Commonwealth Stadium. Do I think Mike Reilly won't play? NOPE! Do I think Darian Durant will play. NOPE! The Riders have some confidence underneath them though so I am expecting a good football game. I do believe the Eskimos are the class of the West going in, but we all know in the CFL how things can change on one play----especially this year,

Who had the Pittsburgh Steelers in their survivor pool and who is cursing them today? I just about raised my hand in that one but at the last second changed my mind to Seattle. How can you lose to the Jets after playing as well as they had over the last two weeks. It just shows that on Any Given Sunday anyone can win in the good old NF of L.

How much longer will Marc Trestman be with the Bears? That clubbing given to them by the Packers on Sunday Night Football had to perhaps be the final straw. I can't see Chicago removing Trestman before the year is over. but I can see it happening. Its too bad he had to be saddled with Jay Cutler because if he had a decent quarterback, he would be fine. Cutler is a disaster and so is the defence as Aaron Rodgers proved last night. To those who think Trestman will come back to the CFL, think again. He will roam the sidelines of some NFL team as an offensive co-ordinator.

Wrestling fans---it was 18 years ago yesterday that the Montreal screwjob happened. Its hard to believe it was 1997 when the WWE decided to "strip" the belt away from Bret Hart and give it to Shawn Michaels in the fashion they did. Its something the wrestling world still buzzes about to this day. If you see Bret's documentary "Wrestling with Shadows", you see a "young" yet still grey-haired Kelly Remple in the tunnel underneath the Bell Centre holding Bret's jacket with the Silver Fox uttering the line "You just punched Vince McMahon". I was so shocked and laughed so hard when I saw that for the first time. For those that don't know, Kelly, who besides being a great co-host and junior hockey analyst on "Sportscage" is extremely tight with Bret and he went to a lot of events and saw a lot of backscene stuff.

I thought it was very classy of both the Leafs and Senators to appear at the same time at the National War Memorial to honor Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was shot down a couple of weeks ago while guarding the area. The Leafs and Senators don't like one another on the ice, but they share the same feelings of it off the ice. I hope a lot of teams and players do this while travelling through Ottawa this year. Its not even close to the enormity of ground zero, but many went there and still do after what happened at 9/11. I know if I ever get to New York, that is one of the first places I want to go.

I don't know why, but I think Montreal getting another baseball team is picking up some steam and if Montreal hosts another great weekend just before the 2015 season starts when the Reds and Jays will play two at the Big O, it may happen as early as 2016. They have to get ground broken on a new stadium before they come though. Baseball can't be played at Olympic Stadium for more than two years.

If you can, honour our vets tomorrow by going to a Remembrance Day service or something. I've seen a lot of poppies being worn this year ---especially by the younger demographic and that is a great thing to see.

Have a great week!


Keith said...

You have seen the Dino's field goal place-kicker (and Rider draft choice) perform this year, and I am wondering what your thought is in terms of whether he will be good enough to become the Rider's kicker in 2015. Milo has not had a good year.

Anonymous said...

I will take the cold, but not the snow.

You didn't miss much Saturday, but you obviously didn't see anything great either.

Don't see how you can rip Cutler when he's not on defense. That is just disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Lest we forget.

Anonymous said...

How can the Rams beat a Manitoba team that beat Calgary by 19 and then lose by 56. Did Frank have them ready? It seemed as if all the post-game hoopla last weekend was the final hurrah. The season wasn't over like it is today.

Mitchell Blair said...

Johnny Mark has a good leg. I expect Milo to have competition at camp next year and I expect Mark to be part of that competition. I think the kid can be a CFL kicker.

Anonymous said...

Between this blog and RP's, I get all the info I need to know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Stamps keep winning because they have a great GM, a true football man, not a bean counter. They were hit with as many injuries as us and just plug in the next player and never miss a beat.

Anonymous said...

Any winning organizations can trace it's success to the top people within. The Stamps have the best GM and scouts hence they are high end every year. Their scouting under Huff is light years better than the Riders.

The Kelowna Rockets are championship quality every year because they have Bruce Hamilton and Lorne Frey running the show. The Pats can only dream to be 50% as successful as Kelowna is.

The Rams have had McCrystal forever, and forever this organization has done the square root of nothing. The Dinos don't know how to lose with class because they seldom ever lose. The Rams should be good at losing with class because that's all they have ever really done. It's time to smash the mild and the old boys club at the UofR . It's time to bring in a high quality coach with big time connections. In US College football you will find ex-NFL coaches in all capacities. This time the Rams had better get someone to change the losing culture. Someone with professional experience and football knowledge. Junior hockey does it with success and it's about collegiate football do so as well.

75flyersbestteamever said...

Have to agree with Ryan,(misery loves company right? was hilarious reading fellow fans twitter comments)regarding the Bears.
Cutler may not be having an "MVP season" but playing from behind from the opening series, or matching TD for TD instead of the Defense clamping down from the start sure makes it tough on any Offense.
Holy cow how can ANYONE associated with the Bear's Defense keep their job following the season. Even last year the defense let them down at the end.
Trestman will get the hook but the Monsters of the Midway better get a "Defense First" guy to at least become an 8-8 team and build from a strong D outward
...a loss is a loss, but 55-14 to your rival is too much; one more blowout to the Vikes and the hook swings faster than expected.

P.S. to borrow a famous John Hufnagel saying (before Calgary's GC win vs Als)and apply it for the Riders. the Riders "got them right where we wanted them" to walk thru to the GC. Edmonton hurting and the Stamps more nervous than guys on the "Who's your Daddy?" episodes on Maury Povich.

Anonymous said...

The Stumps scouting is light years ahead of the Riders on both sides of the border.