Monday, January 12, 2015

Something To "Mitch" About

Where to start, where to start, where to start.

Yes, I am completely biased, but sorry John Harbaugh, the best quarterback in the game doesn't reside in your clubhouse because Joe Flacco isn't the guy, but this guy pictured above is and certainly elevates his status with each and every outing.  Russell Wilson was absolutely phenomenal Saturday night against Carolina. The Panthers had a game plan to keep him from getting outside where he can kill a defence by either making him run or pass. They made him a pocket passer and all he did was throw for 268 yards and 3 TD's. When his team needed a scoring drive, he manufactured one. He just continues to get the job done.

Give Tom Brady and the New England Patriots credit----and a lot of it. The Patriots were slapped in the mouth early by Baltimore going down by 14 and while they came back, they found themselves down 14 again in the 2nd half. I didn't think they were coming back, but they did thanks to Brady who ran an Arena Football style offence in the 2nd half. He just called pass play after pass play after pass play completely ignoring the run to take that game.
The Dallas Cowboys lived by the sword last week on a controversial call and they died this week on a controversial call. Should Dez Bryant have been awarded with a catch that may have gave Dallas a win over the Packers? Yes he should have, but the Cowboys were guilty last week and got away with it due to officiating so what goes around comes around.  
Aaron Rodgers had a performance to remember on one leg. He couldn't do half of what he wanted to do and he still managed to do enough to beat Dallas. If you didn't know it before, the guy is special and dare I say Packer fans, he might be a tad better than that guy who wore 4 for many years in Green Bay.
As for Peyton Manning, it was yet another playoff collapse. As great as Manning is, this was his 9th one and done when it comes to the playoffs. His failure to get it done come playoff time is inexplicable, but he certainly isn't the same quarterback in the crunch that he is in the middle of the season when he can seemingly throw touchdowns with his eyes closed. Some suggested late in the season if age was starting to catch up with Manning as he struggled through some games. I don't know if that's the case or not, but there is already talk that perhaps Peyton walked off the field for the last time. I think he's back next year because he wants to go out a winner like John Elway and he wants to have as many Super Bowl rings as his brother. 

From the NFL to the CFL, and the big news Friday in Riderville was not the fact Terrell Maze and Korey Williams had signed new contracts with the green-and-white, but the news from Sportscage Insider Arash Madani that Mike Benevides had told the Riders thanks, but no thanks to their offer of being defensive co-ordinator. You may remember Benevides had said before Christmas he wanted time to think about the offers put forth and talk it over with family. He obviously did before saying no which makes me wonder how much Mrs. Benevides had to say about the whole thing. Think about it!! This should pave the way for a Richie Hall to Winnipeg announcement. Could that come as early as today?

Someone has me mistaken with someone else. A gentleman asked me the other night at a local watering hole why I would say the Riders should sign SJ Green ahead of Weston Dressler. ????  I never said that! Who did? Anyone who thinks the Riders should do that aren't thinking clearly. Green is talented and he would look great wearing green, but not at the expense of WD7.

I am guessing those who lost their home on Friday due to a fire at an apartment building in south Regina could care less about whether or not the Riders sign Dressler, Green, Brackenridge or anything else connected with sports or life for that matter. They've lost everything and from what I understand, a few of them are newcomers to our country. Call the Red Cross and donate what you can. I'm guessing many got a lot of new clothes over the Christmas holidays meaning the closet and t-shirt drawer needs an overhaul. A lot use those bins all over the city or take their stuff to Value Village which is great, but maybe just wait to see if some organization is accepting donations.

This is what this year's NHL all-star jersey will look like. No thanks!! These things look like something I would wear to a paintball game!  Do we really need an NHL all-star game? Why? I could say the same for every sport though.

I'm guessing Roberto Luongo took some satisfaction in beating the Vancouver Canucks and being named the game's first star in his first appearance back in Vancouver. I still can't believe how badly that team botched their goaltending situation up by losing both Bobby Lou and Cory Schneider. It brought up a great question though and that is who is the best ever goalie in Canucks history. Is it Luongo? Richard Brodeur? Kirk McLean? All three have been in net for Stanley Cup appearances. I don't think the names Alex Auld, Kay Whitmore or Ken Ellacott fit into the argument...and to steal a line from the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons. Whatever happened to Dan Cloutier?

Who gets another job in the NHL first? Ron Wilson or Randy Carlyle? If you answered Wilson, you do not advance to double jeopardy. FWIW,  Mike Babcock isn't going to be the next head coach of the Leafs. I like the chances of him coaching in Edmonton more than I do Toronto and he isn't going to Edmonton. 

Oregon and Ohio State meet in the first "true" US College Football title game tonight. I have to go with Oregon, but I think this will be a dandy. In the useless trivia, but you may want to know category, the first true NCAA mens basketball championship back in 1939 saw Oregon beat Ohio State.
That's all I got. Have a great week. GO SEAHAWKS!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so against all star games in any sport.

Anonymous said...

Taking SJ Green ahead of Weston Dressler? Who would suggest something that dumb!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Benavides said no!!! HA HA HA HA. You might be closer to the truth than you think. Living in Regina or Winnipeg or Vanccouver. HMMMMMMM!!!

Those NHL all-star uniforms should come with a snowboard or something. The kids will love it.

No one is beating Seattle except Seattle. Chancelor was unreal on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

As soon as the Bombers announce they've hired Richie I'm heading for the Rider store to stock up. I swore off buying 'green' until Richie was gone about three years ago.

Anonymous said...

The official made the right call BASED ON THE RULE. Dez almost had it, but almost does not matter. It is unfair to accuse the official of a bad call when all he was doing was applying the rule.

Anonymous said...

No team wants Ron Wilson and if they do, they are crazy. Your Oilers aren't even that desperate!

Anonymous said...

Those jerseys are hideous!

Anonymous said...

Put me down as someone who is glad Benevides isn't coming.


Anonymous said...

As soon as the Roughriders announce they've fired Taman I'm heading to the Rider store to stock up. I swore off buying 'green' until Taman was gone about six years ago.

Anonymous said...

SJ Green over Weston Dressler? Scruffy has said some dumb things before, but not that dumb!


Anonymous said...

What is the idiot talking about regarding Taman being GM for 6 years? He became GM after he Taman debacle and made his best move in hiring Chamblin as coach in 2012 and delivering a Grey Cup in 2013. 2014 will be the START of his 5th year as GM.

The Rider Store won't miss this brain dead Taman hater. It will be a long while before Taman decides to retire, so get over it.