Friday, January 16, 2015

This And That

The usual weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always they come in no particular order

I love this city, but there are times I just shake my head and wonder what the hell goes through the minds of some people. Numbers from SGI this week show 47 hundred people were captured by photo radar going over the speed limit in a school zone in the first 17 days of the program. 47 hundred!!! That's just the amount going through photo radar which makes one wonder how many are going through uncontrolled school zones. This really should have the community shaking its head and finding a solution to solve this because if not, we are going to have some dead kids for no reason at all except someone's "hurry" to get somewhere. C'mon Regina, we're just a little better than that aren't we. There are some idiotic drivers out there, but this takes the cake.

OK, back to sports..

The Riders tweeted out on Tuesday the schedule should be here in late February-early March. Can the CFL not just give its fans a date?

I will admit I thought Weldon Brown was a guy the Riders might not keep. Nothing against Weldon because he is a good player, but you have to lose some good ones to keep others at time and I thought Brown would fall into that category. It sounds like he wanted to be back and that he wants to be here for a long time. Nothing wrong with that.

John Fox is out in Denver and it would appear as if there was something about Peyton Manning that he and John Elway had differences over. John Fox isn't going to win that argument thus he is gone. One has to wonder what his problem was with Manning.

Speaking of Peyton, his 9th one and done in the playoffs has a lot of people talking. At his age, is he a guy that can only get it done for three quarters of a season before fading away. While he was hurt. that was the case this year, He's not getting any younger.

Rex Ryan is the new coach of the Buffalo Bills. With Kyle Orton retiring, it leaves him with 3rd year QB EJ Manuel who lost his job. Would Ryan reach out and grab a quarterback he knows---a quarterback that took him to two AFC Championships. A quarterback who is a free agent....a quarterback named Mark Sanchez. Hmmmmmmmm.

Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl----Lock It Up!!

The Ohio State Buckeyes are champions of US College Football as a "true" championship game was played. Under the old model, Ohio State would never have had a chance to be in a game like that. The NCAA got it right with this formula., Why did it take so long!

If you heard new Riders defensive co-ordinator Greg Quick's interview with Rod Pedersen on Monday, it is fair to say his crew will be a fast and hard-hitting unit. The question for Quick now is what tools will he have to work with and where will those tools be. There is talk of returning Tyron Brackenridge to safety because the team wants a Canadian in that position similar to Craig Butler in 2013. It is this blogger's opinion Brackenridge will be a disruptive force no matter where he is, but safety is where he should be.

Great discussion on the Cage Wednesday as to why the NHL teams closest to us (Oilers, Flames, Jets) don't do a good job in marketing themselves in this province. There are many fans of the three teams in Saskatchewan so why don't the three teams try to capitalize. Are they secure enough in the fact games are sold out so they don't have to. If that is the prevailing attitude, its time to change it.  The three teams should be battling to get hockey fans in this province by some means.

I am shocked to hear the Weyburn Red Wings are in a situation where they may have to fold. If the Weyburn Red Wings can't cut it, how the hell can teams like Nipawin, La Ronge and Flin Flon do so??!! This is coming from someone who worked in the league for a year, I'll just bite my lip on this one, but lets just say it will be interesting to see if the league has anything up its sleeve. I am confident the people of Weyburn will do what it takes to save their team---a team that has had so much tradition over the years.

Macho Man Randy Savage is getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Its about time! OOOOOOOO Yeah! 

Locker Talk co-host Pete Paczko and I had the distinct privilege of handing out the 2014 Access Communications Locker Talk Regina amateur athlete of the year to speedskater Kali Christ on Monday night. Kali accepted the award via Skype from Calgary while her proud dad Bill came in studio to talk about his daughter, his son Keegan and the latest goings-on at the Regina Speed Skating Club. Hours before Bill came in. Speedskating Canada named Kali to the Canadian team that will compete at the World Cup in the Netherlands. Congratulations Kali! She joins former U of R runner Kelly Wiebe and Thunder quarterback Asher Hastings as award winners.

The Anaheim Ducks did a first rate job in retiring the jersey of Teemu Selanne. It was no coincidence they did it on a night when they were playing the Winnipeg Jets. The question I have is should the Jets have a Selanne sweater retirement night. Remember. he wore 13 in Winnipeg. I think it would be a tremendous gesture.

Regina's Target store will soon be no more. I don't know what I will miss more---will it be the fine customer service one would receive, would it be complaining to the cashier because the scanner had the wrong price, would it be wondering where all the supply was. Suffice to say, Target's entry into Canada is one of the biggest business blunders we've seen in a long time. The question now is what does Northgate get to put in there. I would suggest they do what Southland has done and get two or three stores into that space.

Baseball is instituting a pitch clock at Double A and Triple A games this year.  I don't like the idea of it, but baseball needs to find a way to keep games from going so long. Pitchers standing on the mound forever is one way to turn a 9 inning game into a marathon. I'm guessing this will find its way to the majors for 2016.

Reality TV needs to get a hold of Kurt Busch and his former girlfriend. They sound like a lovely couple. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.  (Cuckoo..Cuckoo)

That's all I got. Have a great weekend. GO SEAHAWKS!!!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps taking a license away for 48 hours would stop some of these d-bags from speeding through a school zone.

Anonymous said...

Weldon Brown can be replaced, but Dressler can't be. What is taking so long? I think its obvious he wants to be here. If Taman and the club is trying to lowball him, its embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

The Red Wings situation is quite surprising. How places like Nipawin and La Ronge can survive if Weyburn can't is a very good question. Is the league siphoning money into some of these teams and if so, where is the money coming from.

I'm confident Weyburn will come through.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, Al. Get off the conspiracy theory crack pipe. Just because they're not telling you about it, doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Go outside. Enjoy the weather. Everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Two words as to what has happened to Weyburn and the SJHL for that matter.


Mitch, you know exactly what I am talking about.


Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 1. Taking a licence away might smarten some people up.

Anonymous said...

Weyburn can't stay afloat, yet La Ronge can? There's something wrong with that statement!



Anonymous said...

Peyton can't get it done for a whole season. He's good until the 3/4 mark and then he starts to tire out. I think he knows that and he could retire at season's end.


Anonymous said...

Mitch, do you think Peters is worth more to team that Brown? Sounds like it if you didn't think he was a guy coming back.


Anonymous said...

There is a definite speeding problem in Regina. All one has to do is look at these numbers and spend a Friday night on the Ring Road. If police crack down now, it will stop.

Anonymous said...

Photo radar on the ring road is a cash grab, photo radar in school zones is a safety initiative. Put them up in every school zone and double the amount of existing ticket fines.

Pitching clock in the minor leagues is a great idea. It doesn’t need to be instituted in MLB. As players develop in the minors getting used to pitching under a time limit, it will eventually make its way to MLB as pitchers will use to the same routine (pitching faster) that got them there.

Anonymous said...

the ring road will be a great source of city of Regina cash revenues for the future stadium and roads.