Friday, January 23, 2015

This And That

--The usual assortment of thoughts running through my muddled brain in no particular order

 --Kavis Reed is back in the CFL and as a special teams co-ordinator. I'm sorry, but the last department I would have Kavis Reed in control of is my special teams. 2009 still stings. Yeah, he fell on the sword, but did he have any other choice.

 --What do the Calgary Stampeders have in store for Drew Tate this year? There are openings for Tate in this league to be a starter and he chooses to remain the backup for Bo Levi Mitchell, Does that say something about his desire to play?

--John Hufnagel is the coach of the year in the CFL and that's no surprise considering his Stampeders won the Grey Cup, but they were favoured to do that at the start of the year, Did anyone have the Eskimos finishing 2nd in the West winning 12 games? I don't think many people did which is why my vote would have gone to Chris Jones.

--Those whining about NFL overtime in the wake of Sunday's Seattle win over Green Bay make me sick. The onus is on a defence to stop the other team from getting a touchdown on the first drive. Most times these days that means 80 yards because of touchbacks. Make the defence make a play to get the ball back where their team can score just a field goal and not a TD to win. I have no problem with the CFL or NCAA style of overtime, I just wish teams would start the ball at midfield so they have to at least work for their field goal by getting a first down or two.

--Are the Leafs trying to make a late run at Connor McDavid?

--I found out this week I will be bringing you the Sportscage from the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw at the fabulous Mosaic Place from Feb 16-20. (GULP!!)  I have no idea if the usual assortment of co-hosts will be tagging along or not. I may have to put a call into Don Duguid. Who's kidding who, I'll have a plan up my sleeve.

--Masterchef Canada has a kids program. I had to ask if Fergie Olver would make a cameo since his "Just Like Mom" show was basically like Masterchef Canada Junior. Do you remember that show with Fergie and his wife? If that show came on today, he would come off as the creepiest individual on TV today----creepier than Darrell Romuld!!!  (Shot fired Patriots fan). Then again, Ferg was creepy then too.

--This winter or lack of it has been fabulous after what we've endured the past few. I still think we've got a few more days of arctic-like conditions in front of us, but its just about the end of January and we've gotten through it with flying colours.

--The New England Patriots or "Deflatriots" as one person said they should call them on Twitter are in trouble over deflating footballs for the AFC Championship game. There is talk about what type of punishment the Patriots will get for this after getting slapped for "Spygate". If the league suspended New Orleans coach Sean Payton a year for Bountygate, I would think an 8-10 game suspension and the loss of a draft pick or two would suffice here. Talk of suspending Belichick for the Super Bowl is absurd. Was it just me though or did Belichick throw his star quarterback under the bus on Thursday morning as he spoke about the situation. Was it also just me or was Belichick more believable than Tom Brady?

--I don't mean to rub the salt in the wounds of Green Bay Packers fans, but how the hell did your team lose that game Sunday? Watching it again, the Packers didn't play very well either, but they should have won the football game and would have were it not for several dumb decisions from Mike McCarthy. What the hell was he thinkin? In watching the game again, Seattle's defence played awfully well and had to to give Russell Wilson a sniff at the end.

--The Brandt Centre and the Regina Pats unveil their new scoreclock tonight. Its also a special night because after a long time away from the broadcast booth. Rod Pedersen and Al Dumba team up tonight to do another game. RP won't admit it. but he has had a twinkle in his eye as he gets set to do play by play this weekend with Phil Andrews away on family business. Nothing against Phil. but RP is one of the best behind the mic when it comes to hockey. I will be at the U of R doing the Cougar basketball games, but I may have to turn my CKRM app on at half time and in between games to hear how it sounds. By the way, I'm looking forward to seeing some great basketball at the University this weekend as the University of Alberta comes in. Dave Taylor will have his girls ready and Steve Burrows' improving mens team will give the Bears a good fight too. If you're going to the Pats game to see the clock on Friday, come to the CKHS Saturday night.

--Tweet of the week comes from the soon to be Mrs. Jon Ryan---comedian Sarah Colonna. Sarah sent this tweet to Mrs. Tom Brady---model Gisele Bundschen.

Speaking of Jon, its been an absolute pleasure to catch up with his brother Steve and his mom Barb this week. If you do not know this family, you are missing out on something because like Jon, they are  stellar, first class individuals. They are some of the best people I know and I'm sure it must be a little tough for them to get dragged into Jon's fame at this time of year as was the case last, but they are always ready to pick up a phone and have a conversation.  Steve was mistaken for Jon in the Seahawks dressing room after the win in the NFC Championship. He politely informed reporters he wasn't who they thought he was. but those reporters still asked him some questions and he ended up being the subject of a USA Today story. LOVE IT!

--I've got Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble. John Cena will beat Brock Lesnar in the main event but Lesnar will snap on Cena when its over and that will allow Seth Rollins to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase setting up Rollins-Reigns at WrestleMania.
--Falling oil prices are great for the wallet when filling up, but not so great when the dollar falls to 80 cents American and you were planning to make a trek to Wrigley Field this year. How much longer can one wait?

--Those getting antsy about the fact we are inching closer to free agency and there hasn't been word on Tyron Brackenridge or Weston Dressler resigning in green. I am going to quote Aaron Rodgers for you.......R-E-L-A-X!

--That's all I got. Its going to be a great weekend so enjoy it!


Rod Pedersen said...

Thanks for the kind words Scruffy.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Alouettes to get a too many men on the field call while defending a punt or field goal. Why Tom Why?

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones shouldn't even have been on the ballet. Any coach that intentionally disrespects the anthem of the country he works in (3 times)should be blackballed. I don't think our veterans that fought for freedom so we can play football would be very impressed with that no-class SOB.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, I usually agree with most of what you say but....

The OT rules in the NFL are a farce, and you know it. Sure Seattle scored, and according to the rules they win but...and it is a big but...If GB wins the toss, marches down field and scores, I think you are singing a COMPLETELY different tune.

No team should ever, ever win on a coin toss. Green Bay at the very least deserved a shot to answer. It is beyond ridiculous that holding the opposition to a FG earns you that right, but a TD means end of game. Whether your team win or not, you should agree this is absurd.


Mitchell Blair said...

HM....I invite you to check out a January 2012 column when Tebow beat the Steelers in overtime. Thanks for the input.

Anonymous said...

Read said article so I recant my statement in regards to your opinion.

That being said, I still stand by my thought that the NFL OT rules are absurd. If you want it to be first score wins, fine but don't have a discretion between TD and FG.

I can understand a safety ending the game as the Offense has had their chance, but other than that it just isn't right. The Steeler's got a raw deal in 2012, the Pack got a raw deal on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Chris Jones. That team was going nowhere and he turned them into a GC contender.

The guy is a jerk, but so is Belichick and he was won the NFL award a time or two.


Anonymous said...

I'm more excited about Rod calling hockey games this weekend than some clock.

Anonymous said...

Fergie Olver!!! I do remember that show. IT WAS TERRIBLE!!

truenorthern said...

Champlin should have won coach of the year. He got to the playoffs haveng lost: Durant, Willie, shoot an, sheets, Simon,sanders,Evans, Newman, Williams, Anderson, Schmitt, butler, Mcelveen , kromah, and many others
and missing or injured: dresser, getslaf , Hughes, McHenry, stein Hauer, Bartel

All key players all starters.

75flyersbestteamever said...

What's the worst thing the league will seriously do to the "Pats?" They'll maybe get fined and draft picks lost...the problem is who do you blame and unless that individual comes and swears "____ told me too" that's about all that happens..
It boggles the mind that someone probably right now is scrutinizing the AFC championship frame by frame to get "clues" what happened.
---Paging Oliver Stone, Paging Oliver Stone!!!
...this shouldn't be all that surprising considering Hockey always had guys with illegal sticks and baseball has the corked bat and other enhancers used to not playing by the rules.
...good thing something wholesome like wrasslin' remains always knew how it would end.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but Cena can win the Rumble as far as I'm concerned

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scruffy, see you at the game

Anonymous said...

Arash Madani was on Sportsnet with Bob McCown (spit) discussing Deflategate.
Two official NFL balls on display, one @ 13.5 psi, other @12.5 psi.
Passed around, Madani opined that 'this one' was a couple of ounces lighter.
It had to be explained to him that the balls didn't weigh differently, but only the pressure i.e. firmness was the issue. (sheesh).
Of course they skimmed over his obtuseness.

Anonymous said...

MasterChef mention on sports blog , love it Scruffy !

Anonymous said...

Pats got whooped last night at Brandon and somewhere, old Lee-Anne is smirking on the streets of Downtown Regina.