Friday, January 30, 2015

This And That

The weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled brain, and as always there is no particular order

--The Edmonton Oilers had the three sons of the fallen RCMP officer in St, Albert drop the puck Tuesday night just one day after they witnessed a full regimental funeral for their father. It was an extremely classy move by the Oilers and an extremely classy move by Oilers captain Andrew Ference to actually take time to speak with each of them instead of the obligatory handshake.

--Unlike a lot of you, I am not worried about the fact Weston Dressler has not signed yet with the Riders. He will!

--Tell the truth, you had no idea there was a Kris Bastien on the Riders until he was traded Thursday. I see Watson being a backup behind both Dressler and Getzlaf inside and while some think his arrival may mean the end of Rams receiver Addison Richards being drafted, I still think the Riders grab him if they can. However, I don't think they move up to get him anymore and that may mean they're out of luck.  Speaking of Getzlaf, with all due respect to #89 and to Montreal Gazette beat writer Herb Zurkowsky. I don't think Getz is making 225-thousand dollars.

--It won't matter because Shea Emry has told Tyron Brackenridge he will get a new number, but how about those two stepping into the octagon with the winner getting the number, That would be a great battle.

--The Regina Pats played baseball on Wednesday before leaving for Cranbrook in an effort to change things up. What a great idea! I'm guessing some of the Euros had no idea what they were doing,

--A decision by Regina council Monday night showed that as progressive as we think we are, we are still in the stone ages. When someone does all the paperwork needed and has everything approved, it should be rubber-stamped yet council took a business opportunity away from someone. I realize that business is a controversial one, but if people want to support said business they should be allowed to and if they don't, they don't. Will this happen the next time someone wants to bring a strip club into Regina? Will they be cut off at the knees and if so why bother because the message has been sent. As for those outraged at this idea, where were you when the government changed liquor laws and don't tell me you didn't know because you did.

--What the hell happened to Mike Richards?

--On the other end of the spectrum, what the hell is happening to Gordie Howe because that stem cell treatment he received has done wonders for Mr. Hockey it would seem. I can't imagine what it will be like in Saskatoon when he is introduced at the Kinsmen Sports Dinner. What's the world record for a standing ovation?

--Could the Leafs send either Dion Phaneuf or Phil Kessel to Arizona and get Max Domi in return? Domi should be a Maple Leaf.

  --I'll just say it right now. If I am a team in the Western Conference and I am going to the playoffs, I am hoping my opponent is not the Winnipeg Jets.

  --Why Budweiser Why? Why must you make commercials at Super Bowl time that get my allergies going. If you haven't seen what the beer giant has put out for this year's game, you will Sunday and your allergies might start up again too.

--Imitation is indeed the greatest form of flattery.

--Some woman from Ontario said she needed to get a pizza brought to her in Regina from home because she's not down with Regina pizza. ??????????. Wait a minute, ??????????????????????With all due respect, this woman has no idea what she is talking about. There are several great establishments in this city for some 'za and for me the discussion usually starts and ends with Tumblers which is the crème de la crème of za's for this cowboy. They just don't make them any better than what Jimmy Baiton and the boys do.

--Sportscage NFL insider Jim Lang said it the best on Wednesday while doing his weekly NFL appearance regarding Marshawn Lynch. There are many other players and coaches for both teams that you can talk to so why don't you. Reporters are just egging the Seattle running back on and he loves every second of it. He has talked to many people. Would I love to get a crack at talking to Lynch. Hell yeah! Would I rather do it in a scenario other than Super Bowl week----absolutely!

--Speaking of Super Bowl Week, how about the garb worn by the author of the Monday Morning quarterback column that can be seen at and a regular on NBC's Sunday Night Football, Mr. Peter King.

You may remember King was at Mosaic Stadium for the season opener. Thanks Peter! Many are reppin the /=S=/ throughout North America and the World and we can add your name to that list. I think this makes him a member of Rider Nation, 

--It was great being on Twitter Wednesday and seeing the #BellLetsTalk hashtag. Mental health is an issue that should be 24/7/365 instead of one day, but that one day is awfully powerful by seeing how many used that hashtag. Its on days like Wednesday  that Reginans should remember the likes of Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien.

--Martin Brodeur had a shutout just about once every ten games. That is just one reason why he is the best all time in my books. I do find it surprising though he is staying with the St. Louis Blues and not taking a position with the New Jersey Devils. Is there some animosity there?

--Comedian David Spade (and I use that term loosely) was on the Dan Patrick show Thursday where his relationship with Heather Locklear was brought up. David Spade and Heather Locklear were an item? David Spade??!! Someone needs to explain that one to me.  Heather is first ballot material in the Scruffy Hall of Babes.. Who can argue?

The story about the Quebec gentleman who is not getting his share of a Lotto 7 Jackpot because the ticket was seven seconds too late is a load of crap. The ticket was bought in time and there is proof of that so just because the ticket was printed late should mean diddly. Of course, the question needs to be asked what took the gentleman so long to get his ticket. I am guessing Grandma was in front of him checking out her 20 dollars of tickets and was too obtuse not to use the ticket checker. I HATE THAT!!!
Back to Gronkville! High Impact Wrestling returns Friday night at the Hungarian Club and its the start of year two of HIW on Access with Pete Paczko and myself.  I wonder if the Gronks will realize that the Crown Corporation should be embraced and not ridiculed. If not, I will once again have to preach the message. The bell rings at 7.
That's all I got. You know I have the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl Sunday night and unlike last year, this will be a game that gets decided late.  I'm taking a 22-20 Seahawks win with kicker Steve Hauschka nailing one from about 40 yards out within the last two minutes to take the Vince for a second straight year. Win or lose, I'm thinking there won't be a Monday column.
Have a great weekend everyone!! GO SEAHAWKS!!



Anonymous said...

Funny how there are no strip clubs in Regina when at the same time there are all these seedy "massage" parlors popping up all over town. Why not regulate the rub and tug and the strip industry so it is in the open and in designated parts of town? The City needs a plan, not a decision to hide its head in the sand.

Old Hankeroo

Anonymous said...

Two great pictures for entirely different reasons.


Anonymous said...

if getzlaf is making 225 he needs a 100 haircut.peter king must have been out of clean shirts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scruffy, I respect your stance on the strip club, but just letting you that I was one that was against it. I know I’m in the minority here, but that’s ok. The reason I am against it is because going to strip clubs was an innocent thing (I thought) that nearly cost me my marriage. I started going to strip clubs when I was 18 and I thought what’s the big deal? The women are just making a living and we’re just here watching them, what could be the harm? Well it got me hooked on porn and by the time I was ready to marry a girl at 26, my view on a woman was so warped. I thought they had to look a certain way and perform a certain way in bed, which was just a fantasy, therefore almost costing me my marriage. Anyways, I’ve seen and heard about a lot of marriages that have ended from the same thing, so that’s my reasoning if you wanted to know (probably not, haha)


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not Scruff, lots of fans keep regular tabs on the Rider roster, including injury list and practice roster, so we're quite aware of who Kris Bastien is, even if some sportscasters aren't!

Anonymous said...

Fougere and company dropped the ball on this one.

Moralists can complain about any business.

I'm not someone who would frequent the strip bar because I'm too old for that, but when someone does all the work needed to establish a business only to have the city say no at the end because of what some groups say is completely hypocritical when it comes to the "growth" that council speaks of.

Anonymous said...

Don’t know why the voice of those who object to a strip club should carry so much weight.

Those people haven’t left their house, turned to a tv channel other than CBC before 12am and are repulsed by the sight of their own image

I laugh at the point that it will attract drugs, like they don’t already exist in the city or your kids high school....

If there truly wasn’t demand for this type of business, it will go broke and go away on its own.

Anonymous said...

I've had season tickets since 86 and I had no idea who Bastien was.


Anonymous said...

Mike: Like it or not, stripping is a thriving underground business in Regina and has been for decades. They most commonly take place at stags and I saw many at stags I went to since the 80's. The men getting married come from all types of backgrounds; cops, firefighters, media, blue collar, you name it. Same things for females with male strippers at the brides due. As for porn, the internet now serves as the gateway there, not a strip club in Calgary or Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Octagon???? Breckenridge giving Emery one punch to head and into concussion confusion la la land not conducive to his playing career with the Roughriders.

Anonymous said...

2nd last anonymous, I agree with you. I've been to strip teases at stags in the past and I know they are still around and I know having a stripper at a stag is still commonplace for many marriages. In my opinion, not the best way to start the marriage, but hey whatever, it’s their choice. Could be one of the reasons the divorce rate it is what it is today, not sure. All I know is that I ain’t perfect either!


Anonymous said...

Agree that Getzlaf needs a $100k reduction per year if he's making 225k. Best days are long behind him.

Anonymous said...


Quit your whining and crying, she left, she's gone!