Friday, September 13, 2019

This And That

Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order

--The Riders will remember and  celebrate their 1989 Grey Cup win on Saturday.  Some of those who took part in arguably the greatest Grey Cup ever played will be in attendance.  Those who remember that game know what a contest it was to watch live  It had everything which was capped off by the Dave Ridgway field goal.  It was a magical November evening in Toronto and across this province.  What is the one thing you remember about that game?  Many like me know it wouldn't have happened had it not been for what might be the greatest upset in CFL history when the 16-2 Eskimos were knocked off in the Western Final.  The Eddie Lowe hit on Tracy Ham resulting in a Dave Albright TD may be one of the biggest plays in the history of the green-and-white. 

--For whatever reason, Jon Ryan has been made out by some to be the Riders whipping boy this year.  The 37-year-old Super Bowl champ has been kicking the stuffing out of the football.  It hasn't helped him that the punt cover team has been absolutely atrocious this season.  As a result, his numbers aren't exactly stacking up in some areas.   While he is averaging over 50 yards a kick, there have been big returns.  Can you blame that on the punter when the first man downfield has made very few tackles this season?

Ryan gets his name near the bottom of the ladder in some areas of the kicking because of the other 11 on the field. He is the quarterback of the punt team.  Has he been perfect this year?  No he hasn't and he will be the first guy to stand up and say so because that is the type of individual he is.   I'm not sure why there has been so much hate directed at JR's way---even before he had kicked a ball, but it is misguided.  I'd rather have him kicking the football than a lot of other guys in this league.  If he had 11 players around him who knew what to do when covering a punt we wouldn't be having this conversation. I have all the confidence in the world in the punter.  Its the other 11 I have great concerns about.  Let's see what happens Saturday.

--After putting in a stinker in Winnipeg, I am interested to see how the Riders come out against Montreal.  Vernon Adams Junior may provide the stiffest challenge at quarterback the Riders have faced since Jeremiah Masoli in Week 1.  I can' t put Mike Reilly in that statement due to the porous offensive line in front of him.   Adams will and should make it tough for the Riders D.  When he is on his game, he is on it.  Just ask the Calgary Stampeders about that.  The Khari Jones influence on Adams is highly visible.  After having their lunch handed to them, I fully expect the Riders to be much better in many phases and they are likely to get the win, but it will be a battle much like the first game between these two.  Let's hope we get more than 43 minutes this time around

--The BC Lions went out to get some offensive line help and signed former Rider Josiah St. John.  I'll just leave that there.

--Thursday was National Video Games Day.  What's the best sports video game you've had?

--NFL Week 2 Lock Of The Week --- Patriots over Miami is tooooooo easy so let's go with Chargers over Lions

   NFL Week 2 Upset Of The Week -- Saints over Rams

--Its the Rams and Huskies from Mosaic tonight.  It's the only time the two teams play this season which is a shame.  In a six team league it is tough to do, but the U of S and U of R should play twice a season every year.  That usually does happen, but this year the rotation calls for one.  Both teams have clubbed UBC to get a win this year.  It should be a great game with Saskatoon fans coming down Highway 11 to root on the defending Hardy Cup champs.  Add that to a good showing of Rams fans and it should be a great atmosphere at Mosaic.   With Josh Donnelly and Mason Nyhus meeting each other for the first in what should be a few battles between the two, I would look for a lot of points to be put on the board.

--Who exactly designed the new Oilers jersey and why?  The orange uni is bad enough, but this one is horrid.  Who approved that?  It's not as bad as the old Captain Highliner Islanders jersey, but its up there.  The worst uni still goes to the lime green things that the Seahawks trot out from time to time.

--Are the Blue Jays going to lose 100 games?

--I wonder if the Mets are regretting the Marcus Stroman deal.  He has had an ERA of over 5 since coming over to the National League.  It must be the balls.

--Are you ready for five and a half weeks of election talk?

--If Antonio Brown disappeared tomorrow, would you care?

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Let's Go Blue Jays lmao

Ya good bye Antonio Brown. Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Have you never heard of 'directional punting'?
It's trying to pin the opposition deep in their end by kicking the ball out of bounds inside their 20!
That's the 'team first' approach.
You know, if any other player was intentionally ignoring the coaches instructions he'd be down the road.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is a question for the ST coach (Dickenson). If "directional punting" is something he isn't asked to do, then why go rogue and do it as Scruffy suggests. There is no doubt JR can still kick the football and the other 11 around him have been brutal in covering kicks, but coaching needs to factor into the equation as well.

Another thing that I think hurts as well is in the NFL players could down it. They can't here so the ball keeps bouncing. How many of his singles have seen the ball land inside the 10 and roll into the endzone.

I'd love to see him have some spin on the ball and have it just die when it lands, but sometimes that can't happen.

Anyone thinking JR is a bad punter needs to get their head examined. He is the victim of poor coverage.


Anonymous said...

Antonio Brown is one knife attack from being this generation's OJ. What a POS!

Anonymous said...

I laugh at how your boy Peterson jumped all over the Ryan story and took shots at his replacement and his former work place. No bitterness at all! Maybe if he kept his mouth shut when a camera was rolling, he wouldn't have lowered himself to doing some Facebook Live show to keep himself relevant.

As for the Riders, I think this is a huge game for them. Can they beat a team with a capable quarterback and rebound from what was a terrible effort in Winnipeg. A win erases last week, but a loss adds some doubt. The last five games won't be easy so you better get this one.

Anonymous said...

Best video game ever

Mike Tyson's Punchout
NHL 94
Tecmo Bowl

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG you're right! Mike Tyson's punchout. Totally forgot about that one. Agreed on NHL 94 too, played hundreds of hours of that game probably.