Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm a little confused by the actions of two coaches whose teams are playoff bound in the NFL. Let me explain
1)Bill Belichick is seen by many as a genius. His track record with the Patriots can't be ignored. He is one of the top coaches in the NFL. Belichick had many scratching his head with his decision to gamble on 4th and 2 deep in their end in what turned out to be a loss to the Colts. His rationale that evening was that he didn't think his defence could stop Peyton Manning so he gambled in an attempt to keep the ball out of his hands. Even though I wouldn't have done that, I know what he was trying to accomplish. I don't know what he was trying to do yesterday though.
Tom Brady is his marquee player. We hear before the game that Brady has some broken ribs. Despite this, Belichick plays him. New England had really nothing to gain in their game against Houston as they knew they would get one home playoff game before going on the road. Brady could have sat and healed. He didn't. However, once Houston came back to take the lead with two minutes left, Belichick decides to let Brady sit on the bench to let backup Brian Hoyer run the two minute offence. Why? If you are going to play Brady for that long, why not keep him in for a two minute offence that he is very experienced at. I can't explain that.

2)Indy coach Jim Caldwell got everyone talking when he benched his star players and ended up losing to the Jets thus ending their chance at a perfect season. Caldwell didn't want players like Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney to get hurt. They go to Buffalo yesterday and play in a snowstorm, yet Manning and Wayne get the start as does tight end Dallas Clark. Manning does nothing but throw short screen passes to Wayne and Clark until each reach 100 receptions on the season and then they are pulled. Why? If you didn't want your players getting hurt last week, why even dress them this week. Its obvious that in Indy getting personal goals is more important than team goals. Wayne and Clark should have been happy with where they are instead of getting to the milestone 100. Could Curtis Painter not have been the one throwing the passes instead of Manning. Again, I can't explain Caldwell's actions.

If you can stick up for either, comment away!

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