Monday, January 11, 2010

Can The Rider Nation Unite Again?

Eric Tillman's guilty plea in a Regina courtroom last week put a divisive split in the Rider Nation. One that started when he was placed on administrative leave by the football club after word of his problem leaked out. Many believed the Riders should retain Tillman after he was given a conditional discharge while many others said the team had no choice but to fire him because of what he had done and how he had embarassed the organization. Both sides have valid arguments. Tillman did the honorable thing by stepping down. He hoped and Jim Hopson hoped the move would pull together both sides and everyone could move on. It appears that won't happen.
If anything, it would appear as if instead of a split down the middle, we now have a three way crack that is winding its way through the passionate fanbase. The argument now isn't should Eric Tillman go or stay, its who will Tillman's successor be. There are people out there for and against Brendan Taman, there are people out there for and against Joe Womack and there are people out there for and against Tom Higgins. Higgins told the LP's Murray McCormick that he is interested in the job. It would appear that no matter who the team selects, there will be some unhappy campers.
I can't remember what it was like three years ago. Was there this much discontent when Tillman was named? When Tillman's name was first brought up, were people against the move or was everyone for it because most everyone knew Roy Shivers' time was up.
We all know Rider fans are quick to criticize and many will say its the organizations fault if they struggle coming out of the gate because they let Tillman go. Many will say its the fault of Taman, Womack or Higgins or whoever else might crawl out of the woodwork in the next few weeks.
Jim Hopson found a pretty good GM the last time and again, I have faith he will find the right one this time. Once again, I have two words for everyone....HAVE FAITH!
The official list of CFL free agents is out. With it appearing as if Stevie Baggs will go to whoever offers him the most $$$ and John Chick off to Colts camp, is it safe to assume that the number one guy on that list as far as free agents are concerned is Lions DE Ricky Foley.
Mark McGwire has finally confessed. Big Mac after years and years of not saying anything has finally come out and said he was on steroids when he broke the single season home run record. This confession surprises no one except for Cardinals manager Tony Larussa who said the statement by McGwire came as a surprise to him. (Yeah, OK!)McGwire had to answer the question because he is getting back into Major League Baseball as the Cardinals hitting coach. If he didn't do this, it would have been a circus everywhere he went. Will this get him a spot in the Hall of Fame. I doubt it! I wonder if Barry Bonds is listening!
Derek Jeter is engaged. Scratch another eligible bachelor off the list. Don't worry ladies, Dan Plaster and Lee Jones are still out there!
NHL Central scouting releases it mid-season rankings and Taylor Hall has surpassed Tyler Seguin when it comes to the number one player. Hall did quite well for himself at the World Juniors while Seguin while invited to camp did not make the team. Pat players Jordan Weal and Brandon Davidson are 45 and 57 respectively. I would expect Davidson to maybe move up a few spots if he keeps playing the way he has. Moose Jaw's Dylan McIlrath and Quinton Howden are 27 and 29. With all due respect to McIlrath, how is he rated ahead of Howden. In the Warrior games I've seen all year, Howden has been impressive. He will be a player for someone. McIlrath is a good player, but having him ahead of Howden is a head-scratcher as far as I'm concerned.
Mike Tyson guest hosts RAW and then just coldcocks Chris Jericho. I love Jericho's character and wonder just what Vince has in store for him. I'm thinkin something good because he has taken a ton of abuse over the past few months.
Do you think "The Rock" is wondering if he should get back into wrestling after doing "The Tooth Fairy". Yes, that is how low your career has sunk Rock!
If you were a fan of the Steve Czaban show that was yanked off satellite radio by those at Fox Sports Radio, he now has a podcast on his website The first podcast deals with the newest Taco Bell ad. I don't disagree with what they say. By the way, there was a car commercial (I forget what car it was)that aired repeatedly during the NFL playoffs this past weekend. It showed a nice looking woman walking up to car of choice and then leaving a note on the windshield followed by another nice looking woman finding that note and smiling. OK guys, are you thinking car at that moment? I know I am!..........................................
Blair Necessities blog readers, you voted on who Regina's baby-face assassin was and it was Weston Dressler just beating out Jordan Eberle. I thought the fact Jordan is from Regina would put him over the edge. I wish I would have known Eberle and Dressler were meeting one another the other day, what a great photo op that would have been. The question now is "Will the Pats make the playoffs". The early sentiment is a convincing "NO!"
As you start your Tuesday, here's a question.

If you are in hell, where do you tell people where to go when mad at them?


Anonymous said...

If you are in hell, where do you tell people where to go when mad at them? grim-rock? :-)

Glenn said...

To Winnipeg !!

Anonymous said...

Mitch, do you think the Riders would make an offer to Reynolds? He would be a huge plus to our offence.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, I think the Rider Nation (at least a majority of them knew a change was needed at the top and that Shivers had to go so that Barrett would follow.). Tillman had a good track record and never gave us a reason to seriously squawk because of the success he had.
Filling Eric's shoes will not be easy and none of the three guys can do that as far as I'm concerned. I think some are hitching their wagon to the best of the three candidates who simply aren't even in the calibre of Tillman. Just because Eric has left does not mean he will be forgotten, especially if this team gets off to a rough start.


Anonymous said...

Thank god for you and Rod so I can get sports info. If CKRM had a decent website I would check it, but instead for some stupid reason I keep going to CJME's.
They don't have on this Tuesday morning
A)anything about Eberle and Teubert staying with the Pats
B)anything on the WHL trade deadline even though the Pats and Blades made moves
C)Amber Holland winning provincials
D)Tom Higgins interested in Rider job

I know you're not there anymore, but really is it too much for an "information station" to give us some information over the web. They keep saying to go to the website for more info. They really are a joke. If this is the responsibility of this Himpe guy, perhaps the station should look at removing him from his position and getting someone qualified.

Keep up the good work!

Rod Carlson

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at Tyson's "punch" to Jericho. He doesn't even come close to connecting.

Don't get the ladies thinking about Plaster. He couldn't land the talent Eberle has rejected! HA HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

"The early consensus is a resounding NO". Would you please give us a reason as to why it wouldn't be this way. Keeping Eberle and Teubert was the wrong move and ensures another year (or perhaps two) of not being in the playoffs. I won't be renewing my season tix next year. I have better things to spend my money on than watching Regina's junior hockey team continue to erode.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if there was a big controversy over Tillman's hiring, but I do know Eric is the best GM we have ever had and that his replacement will not find life easy regardless of the team's record. I would probably lean towards Taman with Womack keeping his current position. I don't have the problems with Taman that others have.


ed said...

It's not like teams were offering up the bank for Ebs and Teubert draft pick and furtures that's a insult. And I'm glad Parker didn't take the bait on any trades for those two.Give your head a shake Parker trades for those offers and everybody will still want his head. Besides draft picks might not turn out to be anything special or come at all. Great move Brent.