Friday, January 8, 2010

Its Official

40 months after saying hello to the Rider Nation, Eric Tillman said goodbye this afternoon. Tillman has resigned as GM of the Riders after pleading guilty to a charge of sexual assault involving his teenage babysitter.
This situation has torn apart the Rider Nation with many compelling arguments on both sides. This is the best move for all involved. Eric's contributions to this team will never be forgotten which is something that those on both sides of this debate will agree on. Thanks for the memories Eric!

President and CEO Jim Hopson says a search is now underway. One person that will not be on that list is current coach Ken Miller. Hopson says Miller has expresssed to him that he has no interest in being a coach/GM.


Anonymous said...

It is a sad day in the Rider Nation, no matter which stance you stood by with Eric's situation.
Here is hoping that the way the riders have turned things around in the last few years continues and does not revert to the past.

Good luck Eric and thanks for all you did for the Riders.


Anonymous said...

Eric has fallen on his own sword. This is the right decision in my mind. He knows that staying around might have really divided a fanbase, an organization, a locker-room. He is doing the honorable thing. I'm sure if he could take back what happened that August afternoon he would and life would go on. Sadly that doesn't happen. I would hope one day that those in charge of the Plaza of Honor would welcome him in because of what he did.


Anonymous said...

I said Monday that while I don't think "dry-humping" a 16 year old is really not a sexual assault, the courts say it is and Eric pleaded guilty. I said he did the right thing for not exposing this girl to any more unwanted publicity by testifying. I thought the board would remove him, but Eric didnt give them the chance. He is leaving of his own volition and I applaud him for that. It would not surprise me if he becomes Toronto's saviour and does for them what he did for us in a short amount of time.


Anonymous said...

What comes first?
Riders announce new GM or Toronto announces Tillman is their new GM?

Anonymous said...

First Tillman, now Chick. He signed with the Colts today. This sucks the big one!!!!!!!!!!