Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

Its pretty quiet on the blog beat these days. There isn't a lot going on. Many thoughts continue to whirl through though. Here are some of them

--Why hasn't the hammer been brought down on Patrice Cormier yet?
--If he does not get the same punishment that Michael Liambas received, what will it say for hockey?
--While this might be an unpopular statement amongst those at City Hall, downtown Regina really does need some life injected into it. I had a lunch appointment downtown today and as I was walking past the Cornwall Centre, I realized I haven't been in there in over a year. In fact, I have not spent a dollar downtown(parking meters excluded)in over a year. There is nothing downtown that I desire. I can find everything I need in my part of the city. In talking to some other people today about this, they tell me the same thing.
--One thing about downtown Regina that is good though is the Newtown Chinese restaurant buffet. I used to visit that place about twice a month when I was at CJME, but I got back there for the first time yesterday to chow down and chat with a good friend of mine. If you haven't tried it, I'm telling you to do so.
--Are the men taking over the weather desk? JC Garden at CTV and now former CJME co-worker Dan Reynish at CBC, nothing against Twylla West at Global, but maybe its time for Tom Vernon and the weather over there! Come to think of it, Tom is the only male reporter over there....I'm guessing Tom isn't complaining, but I'm also guessing he gravitates towards Woodsy and Meyers quite a bit.
--I heard someone bemoaning the loss of John Chick the other day and belittling Cal Murphy for stealing another one of our players for the Colts. I don't know about you, but I would rather have players worthy of stealing than having players that will have no shot at the NFL. I know it doesn't make Rider fans happy, but if Chick is that good he deserves to take a shot at football's premier league making a helluva lot more money than he is now. When you are good, you must realize that other teams will start plucking players off your roster or your coaching staff. Its how you rebound from those moves that is key. The Riders managed to do it last year and they will this no matter who is the GM.
--Until Chick signed with Indy, I didn't think Stevie Baggs would be back. I'm thinking he will be now but knowing Chick is no longer here, has his price gone up and if so, how much!
--If Brendan Taman is going to be the Riders GM, why is he still a candidate in Winnipeg? I'm thinking his name would be off the table in Winnipeg if he was going to be Eric Tillman's replacement. has named its 99 most desirable women of 2010. The number one woman is Emmanuelle Chriqui. Who is Emmanuelle Chriqui? Is this just a sign of me getting old?
--Fox Sports Radio told Steve Czaban his show was no longer needed as they replaced him with Stephen A. Smith. Stephen A. Smith's show might be the worst sports talk radio show I have ever heard. Thank god Colin Cowherd is still on ESPN at this time. Of course, there is no better show on satellite radio right now than "The Dan Patrick Show".
--Should the Pats retire the number 7 jersey worn by Jordan Eberle when he is done. As much as I like Jordan, has he had the impact in a Regina uniform that guys like Doug Wickenheiser, Dale Derkatch and Dennis Sobchuk had. Then again, it might be a long time before Regina sees another player of Eberle's calibre so maybe they should. I wonder what type of year Eberle could have had back in the 80's when the game wasn't so structured and defensive. Could he have surpassed Ray Ferraro's 108 goals set back in the 83-84 season. I doubt it. If Ferraro were playing junior today, would he have had a 60 goal season. Once again, I doubt it!
--Why can't we see hockey the way it used to be played in the 80's? We will never, ever see numbers like that again unless a major overhaul is done to the game.
--I love NFL mock drafts. I would love CFL ones too if there were more than eight teams.
--The Seahawks have hired John Schneider to be their new GM. Was he Bo or Luke Duke?
(Yes, I know its not the same person)
--Where in Regina can you still buy "Pro Football Weekly".
--If you were to encounter a genie that said you could have three wishes, would you ask one of your wishes to be "I want a thousand wishes!" Then you'd have 1002 wishes at your disposal.


Anonymous said...

Ummm Mitch u need to start watching 'Entourage' on HBO. Emmanuelle Chiriqui plays Sloan. She is unbelievable!

Weaver said...

I think they have a independent panel for suspensions in the Q so their process takes longer.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the first poster on here. You need to start watching Entourage. You would then know who Emmannuelle Chriqui is and yes, she is a level or two above hot!


Anonymous said...

Players are judgeed by what the do in the playoffs! Start there for your answer.

Anonymous said...

Downtown Regina is dead. If you don't want to go to the Casino, there is nothing to do after 6 PM and there's not a lot to do before 6 either.

Terry C

Kevin K said...

I believe Global has a new male reporter - Ryan Sang - he is the one that looks like a deer caught in the headlights most nights.

Anonymous said...

Hockey the way we saw it in the 80's are gone forever. Those were the good old days. Remember when you had hockey pools and you split Gretzky's goals and assists. You can't do that now with Sid or Ovechkin. I'm guessing no one in junior hockey will come close to Ferraro's 108 goals. That is literally amazing!

I can't believe you don't know who Emmannuelle Chriqui is. I know you love Stacey Keibler and for good reason, but expand your horizons.


Mitchell Blair said...

You are correct Kevin. I forgot about him. He can do weather then! I'm guessing when Vernon gets wind of this, I will hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Cormier's days in junior hockey must be declared over after this. The guy has embarassed hockey with his actions. If he doesn't get a suspension equal to the kid in Ontario, it will definitely say something. I think the Devils are what team he belongs to. If I were them(or whoever he belongs to), I would also suspend him by not allowing him to play in the A or whatever league he could be sent to. That was simply disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Emmanuelle Chriqui? She's hot, but she is nowhere close to Charlize Theron. Where was she on the list? It had better have been top 3.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuelle Chriqui is a 90 pound waif with jet black hair. She's no knock-out. Tons of hotter chicks out there than her. If you don't watch Entourage you would have no clue who she was. She's not a high profile actress.

Kevin K said...

I meant to add - Stephen A Smith is the Shannon Sharpe of radio. Brutal in every sense of the word. I only started listening a few months ago but the Czabe was great.

Anonymous said...


Nice to see you weigh-in (no pun intended)softly on the Eberle jersey retirement debate. I read between the lines Mitch, I think you know and realize that Ruffled Rodney is just playing the Tom Foolery card.

Ruffled Rodney opened the door saying that Eberle has all the stats to merit this prestigous honor, and I disagree. Jordan has had some solid years as a Pat, but his stats are not what will raises his jersey to the rafters. Perhaps one day when we look back at his NHL/WJHC accomplishments, the jersey debate will be a no brainer!!!

He is no doubt a good one and will definitely have a lengthy career in the NHL one day soon. But the comparison was made with the name of Dale Derkatch. Oooooops, The Ruffled One, he did it again!!!!!

Punch up and enter the name Dale Derkatch. Just look at what he did as a 17, 18 & 19 year old. I think you know the numbers, they are quite amazing. What is equally amazing is what he accomplished in the play-offs!!!

Yes he was protected, but he was the first to mix it up, he never once backed down from a challenge. This guy was sensational, some say one of the best WHL'ers EVER!!!

If you ask a few people in the hockey world and or media such as Barry Trotz, Ross Mahoney, Barry Trapp, Bob Strumm, Gregg Drinnan, Rob Vanstone....They should have some very good insight and thoughts on the topic. I would love to hear what they have to say.

It is not a debate on who is/was the better player, rather it is on who made a bigger impact to the organization. We are not talking about Jordan's WJHC scoring feats, Derkatch also represented his country twice at the tournament in 1983 & 1984, it is all about impact to the Pats organization.

For sure the 1980's was a different era, some say it was better, that is for another debate, but Derkatch filled the building night after night. People all across the league went out to see this 5ft 4.5' 130lb dynamo. The Rat packed arena's and to this day they talk about him as one of The Greatest Juniors to never play a game in the NHL!!!

When Dale turned professional and went to Italy as a 20 yr old, who came calling at season end and asked him to return to the Pats for another Play-Off run, Strummer!!! When they came to an agreement and it was announced he would return for a regualr season home game against the LAST PLACE BRANDON WHEAT KINGS, the place was PACKED TO THE RAFTERS!!!!

I still have the Leader Post newspaper with the headlines saying....THE RAT IS BACK!!!! It was a different time, different era, there was not as much competition for the social dollar and ontop of it all, The Pats were a league contender!!!

It's a non-issue and it is very unfair not to mention very unprofessional for someone to even bring this comparison to light. Both Dale and Jordan are/were phenomenal players and off the ice a dream come true for any organization.

Jordan Eberle is no doubt a star and perhaps one day will get his jersey retired to the rafters. To compare Jordan to Derkatch is just one of the reasons why I think you should apply for the play by play job for the Pats.


Anonymous said...

Dan Patrick's show is very good.

But Chris Mad Dog Russo's is even better

2:00 pm to 7:00 pm est. XM 144